A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 1435 - Yingluo Awakens

Chapter 1435: Yingluo Awakens

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Xia Yingluo’s consciousness floated. She didn’t know where she was, and there was dead silence all around.

She felt as if she was dissipating. As if something was pulling her, making her barely maintain her current form. She thought vaguely about what happened in the ward. Was she dead now? She wasn’t sure.

What about Wei Lingnan?

Where was Wei Lingnan?

Was he still guarding her body or had he “died” with her?

She searched in this small space, wanting to find the man but also afraid that he really existed here.

But they still met.

She saw a faint light fluttering at her side, and when she got close, she realized that it was the hazy figure of Wei Lingnan. He was in a translucent state that seemed it’d drift away at any time. One leg dragged behind him weakly, grayish-white, as if it had suffered a terrible injury. He turned into a beast shape, had too little strength, and continued to limp forward.

“Ah Luo.” She heard his call in the daze.

She greeted him. “Why are you here? What’s wrong with your leg?”

He didn’t answer and only said, “Ah Luo, don’t move.” With his words, his figure gradually faded into a white light, enveloping her gently.

She couldn’t move and felt as if the light was repairing her body. Her originally fragile body that was on the verge of collapse solidified, but the light was getting weaker and weaker. She was frightened and shouted, “Wei Lingnan, what are you doing?”

He was speechless, however. With the integration, his countless emotions, memories, and messages flooded into her. She saw his past. In the beginning, he was a fruit struggling for survival in the most deserted plain of the Skatana Planet. He was faced with cold, dark, killing and blood every day, without darkness and warmth…

Until her appearance.

A foolish little princess who had cut her hand carefully to claim him.

He always looked at her secretly when she didn’t notice. His eyes followed her, and her every smile touched his heart. When she looked at him, he felt as if he owned the whole world.

For the first time, someone cared whether he was cold or not, if he was in pain or not.

For the first time, someone was worried about him, worried about his life.

He vowed to protect her all his life. He vowed not to let anyone take her away, nor hurt her.

He thought that as long as he launched a rebellion and defeated everyone, he would have her completely…

However, he did not expect the ending to be so tragic. She blew herself up, and the entire planet was destroyed. He was heartbroken and wandered in the boundless universe with her remaining wreckage. Millions of years of regret and loneliness, billions of years of despair…

He hated her, hated her for not accepting him. But he hated himself even more, hated himself for causing her death.

All remorse turned into atonement. He finally found Earth and researched all means of resurrecting her. Experiments failed again and again, and he felt hope and disappointment over and over… Finally, she was really alive. He had been so happy, yet so wronged. All the forbearance, anxiety and anger had erupted at that moment, and he desperately wanted her and would not let her run away.

He had been too anxious, too uncertain, so he had been so cruel to her when they first met.

Later, she finally agreed to be with him. How happy he was, so full of joy he almost exploded. He asked her to go for dinner to watch the snow, but he didn’t expect that in the diner, another woman he never looked at would suddenly call his real name in the Skatana language. The shock he had felt at that moment was so strong. The woman’s voice and even intonation were exactly the same as those of her last life, so he immediately recognized that the woman was the real Ah Luo while Yingluo was a fake.

How could he have fallen in love with a counterfeit good?

He was miserable and punished himself. He deliberately alienated her, but still couldn’t control his desire to embrace her. He didn’t know how he lived during those days with his heart torn in half every day. Half of his loyalty belonged to Gu Jinxiu, the Queen, and half of his uncontrollable love belonged to this counterfeit.

At that time, he was not more relaxed than her.

After his failed wedding with Gu Jinxiu, Gu Jinxiu was going to give the poison that was fatal enough to kill her in the laboratory. At the moment of life and death, he had blocked her desperately. At that time he finally understood that his choice was her… Even if she was fake.

And Gu Jinxiu?

No, he didn’t love Gu Jinxiu. He only loved Ah Luo in his whole life.

“Nan…” Wei Lingnan’s memory penetrated Xia Yingluo’s body and she cried. “Stop, stop… Don’t die, you are not allowed to die, do you hear me…”

But no matter what she said, no matter how she struggled and ran while trying to get rid of the white light that gently surrounded herself, that white light stuck to her tightly like life and penetrated into her body a little, repairing her broken heart.

In the void, a faint chanting sounded. It was Xia Moyan praying, speeding up the repair.

“Don’t do this, don’t do this…” She wept, kneeling.

The repair of the white light continued, and she saw more memories. When the laboratory was cracked, he had severely injured his leg to save her. In order to save energy for her, he never repaired that leg. He watched the grayness spread and endured the pain that ordinary people couldn’t bear. He pretended nothing was wrong in front of her.

[My biggest wish is for you to be okay…] She heard him say.

[I finally heard you say that you love me. I’m very happy…]

[Farewell, Ah Luo…]

The white light completely integrated into her body and disappeared.

She cried heartily. “Nan—!”

Then the sky shattered, all the chanting sounded, and the world in the void collapsed. She closed her eyes subconsciously.

When she opened her eyes again, she was back to reality. Above her head was the ceiling of the healing pool, and underneath it was a transparent potion that had lost its energy and nutrients. On the periphery of the healing pool was a circle of spells drawn by Xia Moyan with white wax and red lines.

“Yingluo, you are awake.” Xia Moyan noticed her awakening first. He stopped chanting and stepped forward to look at her with concern.

She didn’t have any thoughts at all and hurriedly asked Xia Moyan, “How about Wei Lingnan? How about Wei Lingnan?”

Xia Moyan shook his head. “He was badly injured. We put him into the healing pool with you. Now you are awake, but he hasn’t moved at all and can’t be saved.”

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