A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 1434 - Praying

Chapter 1434: Praying

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After finally approaching it, she reached out a trembling hand and grabbed the seed.

The blood-stained kernel of the World Tree seed disappeared in the palm of her hand, and her palm, like Xia Yingluo’s before, appeared with a gorgeous golden-green leaf mark, except that the leaf mark was broken and incomplete.

The seed of the World Tree melted into her palm, trying to drill down her belly with her bloodline, but it did not move an inch. It had long been clear of this result—who could give birth to it except the Queen? It only uttered an unwilling scream and stopped its futile attempts.

[Press the emergency bell! Quickly!] The voice of the World Tree seed echoed in Gu Jinxiu’s mind, commanding her.

Gu Jinxiu’s body shook violently, and she only then realized in disbelief that the seed of the World Tree had actually parasitized on her. However, let alone her weak and dying self, even in her heyday, she wouldn’t have been able to resist the command of the World Tree with her will. Her body, like a puppet, walked towards the bed without her control and she pressed the emergency bell at the bedside.

The harsh bell rang immediately.

The World Tree seed kept ordering her. [Call Xia Moyan!]

Gu Jinxiu instinctively wanted to resist it, but only felt a headache from the angry howling of the World Tee and bled from her mouth and nose. She tremblingly pulled out a small mobile phone from Xia Yingluo, who she didn’t even know if she was alive or dead. She completed dialing under the control of World Tree seed, and soon the call was connected. There came a cold voice from Xia Moyan. “Yingluo?”

“Xia Yingluo is in Ward 1706 of Chang Ren Hospital. Her heart is broken, her energy is exhausted and her blood is running dry. We are not sure about her life or death. Come quickly.” Gu Jinxiu’s eyes were empty and she read from the instructions of the World Tree seed mechanically. Then, she hung up the phone.

It took less than a minute from the moment she pressed the emergency bell until the ward door was suddenly opened. The two nurses on duty rushed in and saw the dramatic change in sight. “Quick! Prepare for rescue!” They surrounded the people with unknown lives and deaths. However, they only gave a glance at Xia Yingluo before they shook their heads. “She’s dead.”

Although Gu Jinxiu’s body, words, and deeds were controlled by the World Tree seed, her self-awareness was still sober. When she had rung the emergency bell just now, her heart had been full of hatred—Why should Xia Yingluo be saved? Why did she have to save Xia Yingluo with her own hands!

At this moment, when the nurse said that Xia Yingluo was dead, she finally showed a happy smile.

Her nerves relaxed, and she felt an unprecedented weakness and dizziness. Her body shook and she fell.

Xia Moyan came soon.

Under his cold gaze, the attending doctor and a few nurses even trembled, but had to bite the bullet and tell him, “Ms. Xia’s heartbeat has stopped. Her pupils have spread, and she has no vital signs. Please mourn…”

Before he finished speaking, Xia Moyan interrupted rudely. “Put her on a stretcher, and take her to the rooftop with the others. Wait for a helicopter to pick them up and leave the hospital.” After receiving the call from Gu Jinxiu, he immediately realized that something had happened to his niece, so a helicopter had been arranged immediately. It should be reaching anytime soon. Sure enough, there was a sound of propeller passing outside the hospital building, and a helicopter flew by.

The attending doctor was taken aback. “Discharged? But Mr. Wei and Ms. Gu are still alive. It’s not suitable for them to be discharged…”

Before he finished speaking, the phone rang. He picked it up. “It’s me, Chairman. Yes, Chairman. Okay, Chairman, I’ll do it right away.” Then, he hung up the phone and ordered the nurse around him. “Do as Mr. Xia said.”

Several nurses glanced at each other. They had all heard the attending doctor receive a call from the Chairman himself. Presumably, Mr. Xia and the Chairman had some relationship and he had settled the Chairman. The people in the workplace all focused on giving face, so the nurses immediately responded, then quickly and methodically put Xia Yingluo on the stretcher and sent her to the roof.

Xia Moyan followed.

At the rooftop, a helicopter hovered.

Xia Moyan supervised them to send up all the injured people. Then, the helicopter set off and flew all the way to the suburbs.

After a short flight, it landed slowly in a hidden abandoned factory. The factory as wide as a basketball court sunk a bit, sinking into a space hundreds of meters underground like it was sitting on a huge elevator—Wei Family’s Biopharmaceutical Base.

The base set off the first-level alert, and many heavily armed guards aimed high-tech weapons of various shapes at them.

The group was headed by a gray-haired man. He looked at Xia Moyan as if he was an enemy. “Preceptor, Mr. Wei has not offended you, why are you here today?”

Xia Moyan turned and revealed Wei Lingnan’s stretcher behind him.

“Mr. Wei!” The old man’s expression changed drastically, and he shouted, then looked at Xia Moyan with animosity. “What on earth did you do to Mr. Wei?!”

“Hurry up and use whatever means you have here to rescue him.” Xia Moyan’s voice was cold, but his speed was very fast. “And Yingluo as well. Otherwise, you can wait for them to die, and then the angry Xia family will destroy everything here—including everyone.”

His murderous tone gave everyone shudders.

At this time, the old man could not care about the offensiveness in his words. He hurriedly instructed the people behind him. “Lay down the weapons! Open all the reserve energy banks! Open the healing pool as well! Quickly! Escort Mr. Wei and Ms. Xia to the healing pool!”

The entire base was busy.

Workers executed orders like worker ants.

The old man walked nervously to Xia Moyan. “Preceptor, what else do you have to command? As long as we can save Mr. Wei, we will do our best to meet your demands!”

Xia Moyan nodded his head slightly. “Give me a lot of open space near the healing pool, 81 pounds of white candles, 81 meters of red thread, paper, pen, water, fragrant flowers, and the more jade, the better. Quickly.”

The old man was distressed. “The healing pool is small…”

“Then remove the obstacles.”

“Okay.” The old man gritted his teeth and hurried out. Let alone removing the outer space of the healing pool, as long as he could rescue Wei Lingnan, he would even remove the entire underground base. After all, Wei Lingnan was the soul of the entire base. Without him, there would be no such exciting scientific research.

The open space near the healing pool was quickly cleared.

Xia Moyan used white candles and red threads, and fragrant flowers to form a large French array. He himself wore a white shirt and stood in the middle of the French array to pray quietly.

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