A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 3

Getting Married

Such news would undoubtedly become the focus of the entire Ancheng City. The media eagerly awaited this piece of information to achieve glory, while the reporters hoped to make a fortune from it.

What kind of person was Xiao Yichen? He was the idol adored by all the women in Ancheng City. Many daughters of wealthy families aspired to be with him intimately.

Who was Xiao Yichen? He was the young master of the prestigious Xiao family in Ancheng City, the heir to the family business, the Eastern Empire. He possessed a legendary status, capable of influencing the city with his decisive and ruthless approach. Graduating with a master’s degree at the age of 24, he took over the Eastern Empire and dedicated the past three years to expanding its reach. Through aggressive acquisitions, he expanded the empire’s presence worldwide, venturing into diverse fields.

A large group of reporters gathered at the entrance of the presidential suite. Some held microphones, while others clutched cameras.

Suddenly, someone produced a master control card and unlocked the door with a beep. The reporters swiftly rushed into the suite.

Xiao Yichen, always alert, instantly became aware of the sound of the door unlocking.

“Someone must have entered,” he thought.

Recalling the events of the previous night, Xiao Yichen, unsure of the intruder’s identity, instinctively reached out his long arm and pulled the woman beside him into his embrace, covering both of them with a blanket.

However, as soon as he completed this action, Xiao Yichen heard a series of clicking sounds.

Clearly, the sound of cameras.

Closing his eyes, Xiao Yichen attempted to clear his mind. Then, he opened his eyes and gazed at the throng of reporters outside the bedroom door.

“President Xiao, who is the lady next to you? What is her name?” one reporter asked.

“Excuse me, those torn clothes on the ground. Did you inflict any harm upon her?” inquired another.

“President Xiao, a man known for his impeccable record and lack of involvement in scandals, why would you commit such an act against this lady? May I inquire if this was an outlet for your loneliness?”


Xiao Yichen contemplated for a few moments and grasped the situation.

It appeared that a conspiracy had been set in motion since the previous night.

In a haze, Lin Wan faintly heard a voice. As she gradually regained consciousness, she realized there was a sturdy chest before her.

Uncertain of the circumstances, Lin Wan instinctively tried to free herself. However, she could distinctly hear the sound of camera shutters clicking and didn’t dare to move.

The reporters waited in anticipation, but Xiao Yichen remained silent. Instead, he posed an even more harshly-worded question.

This time, Lin Wan heard everything clearly and finally comprehended the situation.

Her mind went blank, and her heart ached with pain.

Love, work, and her innocence—all destroyed! It was over!

“The Eastern Empire’s personnel have arrived. The Eastern Empire’s personnel have arrived.”

Suddenly, someone from the crowd shouted. The reporters immediately turned their attention to the entrance, making way for incoming individuals.

Xiao Yichen’s assistant, You Luan, hurried in with a group of people. A few individuals remained in the living room, while the rest rushed into the bedroom, standing in front of the reporters to obstruct their view.

“President Xiao,” You Luan addressed his superior, who lay on the bed. He bowed and expressed his apologies, “I’m sorry for my delay.”

As a subordinate, it was his responsibility to prevent his superior from falling into such a predicament.

Xiao Yichen glanced at You Luan and then slowly focused his gaze on the group of reporters.

Since someone with ulterior motives sought to scheme against him, why not… go along with them?

“You want to know the answer?” Xiao Yichen’s thin lips slightly parted. His words held a weight akin to gold, and his expression remained as indifferent as ever.

The reporters nodded, dumbfounded.

Xiao Yichen took his time and gazed down at the woman in his embrace. Even without seeing her face, the smile on his lips was evident.

Woman, it’s you.

Gradually, Xiao Yichen lifted his head, his expression icy. Confronting the reporters, his tone brooked no doubt. “She, my woman, is also… the woman I am soon to wed.”

Boom! The reporters stood in stunned silence, their hearts sent into turmoil.

Was Xiao Yichen truly getting married? When did this decision occur? Why was there no prior news at all?

But wait, wasn’t today the day his nephew, Li Muyang, the CEO of Li Corporation, was supposed to be engaged?

No, something was amiss. Did they mishear Xiao Yichen’s words?

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