A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 4

You Want to Marry Me?

“You Luan,” Xiao Yichen spoke calmly, his disinterest evident as he refrained from glancing at the reporters.

“Yes,” You Luan understood her superior’s intention from his tone.

After acknowledging, You Luan shifted her gaze towards the group of reporters and instructed her accompanying personnel, “Escort them out.”

Within a mere three minutes, the reporters were cleared out. You Luan stood at the bedroom door, awaiting further instructions from her superior.

Curiosity and doubt filled You Luan’s heart, leading her to steal a glimpse at the woman in Xiao Yichen’s arms. However, all she could discern was the woman’s black hair, as her face remained hidden.

“Do you wish to meet your demise?” A cold voice suddenly pierced the air.

You Luan hastily lowered his head, shivering involuntarily. He dared not look around any longer.

Xiao Yichen directed his gaze towards You Luan and uttered icily, “Inform the old man that I won’t be present today.”

He held no interest in Muyang’s engagement ceremony.

Yet, in comparison to the morning’s brief incident, he found himself more intrigued by the woman nestled in his embrace.

“Yes, I’ll do it immediately.” You Luan promptly turned around and hastened his departure.

The entire presidential suite fell into an eerie silence, with only the two individuals on the bed.

Lin Wan remained ensconced within Xiao Yichen’s arms, her sorrow unresolved. She remained immersed in the whirlwind of abrupt changes that had befallen her life.

“I’ll be waiting for you in the living room,” Xiao Yichen declared impassively. With that, he rose from the bed, retrieved his robe, and swiftly draped it around himself before exiting the room.

It took a while for Lin Wan to regain her composure. When she absentmindedly glanced around, her gaze first fell upon the crimson stain on the bed. Instantly, her emotions overwhelmed her, and tears streamed down her face.

“Boohoo…” Lin Wan buried her head in the blanket and broke into tears.

Why? Why did such misfortune have to befall her?

Minute by minute passed by. In the other bedroom of the presidential suite, Xiao Yichen was showering in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Lin Wan had cried and vented her anger. Despite the pain in her body, she struggled step by step towards the bathroom.

Tears mixed with the water from the shower. Lin Wan stayed in the bathroom for a long time until she finally calmed down. She then put on her bathrobe and walked out to the living room.

Upon entering the living room, Lin Wan’s gaze met a pair of deep eyes. It was in that moment that she truly saw the man before her.

His features were sharply defined and exquisitely chiseled, as if crafted by a master sculptor. His face possessed a perfect symmetry and his eyebrows were beautifully shaped. There was an aura about him that conveyed both a demonic allure and peerless handsomeness. Currently, he sat on the sofa, his long legs crossed. If he were to stand, he would undoubtedly be a tall man.

Lin Wan stared at him, her mind momentarily lost in admiration of his visage. Though she remained unmoved, she couldn’t deny his captivating appearance. In all honesty, she had never encountered such a flawlessly handsome man before.

Yet, his face seemed oddly familiar. She felt as if she had glimpsed him in newspapers, magazines, or on television.

“Have you seen enough?” a soft voice broke the silence.

Startled, Lin Wan snapped out of her thoughts and averted her gaze, no longer daring to look at the man.

“Please sit,” the woman’s bashful expression was somewhat… endearing.

Lin Wan seated herself on the sofa opposite the man. The television in the living room continued playing.

“What is your name?” Xiao Yichen inquired.

“Huh?” Lin Wan felt a bit bewildered. She met the man’s gaze and quickly replied, “Lin Wan.”

“Lin Wan…” Xiao Yichen repeated, his uncertainty apparent as he asked, “Did you hear what I said earlier?”

“What?” Lin Wan’s confusion deepened. Why did this man sound so bewildered? It seemed like he didn’t understand at all.

But upon reflection, his previous words… were they meant for the reporters?

Realizing this, Lin Wan grew slightly angry. What did he mean by her being his woman? Yes, she had been taken advantage of by him, but she wasn’t his woman. How could she marry someone she didn’t even know? She had been betrayed by a scoundrel—marriage was out of the question.

Just as Lin Wan mustered the courage to respond to the man, a voice suddenly emanated from the television, interrupting her train of thought. It had been broadcasting an advertisement until then.

“Hello, everyone. We are now live broadcasting the engagement ceremony between the CEO of Li Corporation, Li Muyang, and Miss Lin Qingqing.”

Lin Wan turned her head and gazed at the television screen. Her attention was completely captivated by what unfolded before her.

Even after the engagement ceremony concluded, Lin Wan remained in a daze.

Such a splendid engagement ceremony should have been hers, but… only she knew the pain that gnawed at her heart upon witnessing it.

Lin Wan gradually regained her composure. With gritted teeth, she pondered whether she should silently observe that unfaithful couple bask in happiness, while she suffered alone in a corner.

No, I refuse to live like this!

Within her heart, a resolute anger, a flicker of reason, and a hint of impulsiveness stirred.

Raising her gaze, Lin Wan addressed the man before her, “Did you just say that you want to marry me?”

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