A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 2

Lucky Star

Lin Wan was left even more stunned. Plagiarism? She had dedicated three sleepless nights to designing that piece. How could she be accused of such a thing?

As her colleague continued speaking on the other end of the line, Lin Wan’s mind drifted away. After hanging up, she found herself surrounded by a world that seemed filled with bitter irony.

What a joke it all was!

Love had crumbled. Her career was in ruins. Was her entire life about to be destroyed?


It was around eight o’clock in the evening when the basement bar of Zunhuang Mansion started buzzing with activity. Lin Wan sat alone in a corner, nursing her drink.

Zunhuang Mansion, situated at the heart of Ancheng City, housed a complex of bars, restaurants, and hotels, all managed by the Eastern Empire, a prominent business entity in the city.

In another corner of the bar, two middle-aged men eyed Lin Wan intently. They exchanged glances, their eyes holding an unusual expression. Then, they nodded at each other and approached her.

Lin Wan vaguely noticed two men taking seats beside her. They mentioned something about making a new acquaintance and proposed a toast. Without giving it much thought, she accepted the drink they offered.

After that, Lin Wan’s head began to spin even more. Her memories grew hazy, and she couldn’t recall anything else.

At the entrance of the top-floor presidential suite at Zunhuang Mansion, the two men carried the unconscious Lin Wan, exchanging a glance.

“Are you certain Xiao Yichen is in the shower?” one of them inquired.

“Absolutely. The boss instructed us to send a woman inside. We’ll be rewarded 100,000 yuan each,” the other man, with a fierce appearance, confirmed.

“Damn it, it’s 100,000 yuan. Let’s proceed and deliver her,” the man responded, producing a pre-prepared master control card for the hotel and swiping it to open the door of the presidential suite.


In the bathroom of the presidential suite, the shower was running. A tall, muscular man stood beneath the cascading water, the droplets streaming down his head and back…

After ten minutes, the man switched off the shower and dried his face with a towel. Wrapping another towel around his waist, he stepped out of the bathroom.

Just as Xiao Yichen was about to head for a glass of water, a woman’s voice caught his attention. He halted, furrowing his brows, and turned to look at the bed.

There lay a woman, her hands flailing and struggling.

“Sob… sob…”

Xiao Yichen’s frown deepened. He knew in his heart that this woman must have been deceived.

Curiosity piqued, Xiao Yichen approached the bed. As he got a clearer view of the woman lying there, his body began to heat up, and he gradually lost control.

Damn it, he had always turned away women who came knocking on his door, but tonight… an inexplicable reaction stirred within him.

Her fair complexion and delicate face, untouched by makeup, possessed a natural beauty. Her slender figure captivated him, and he couldn’t help but indulge in fantasies.


In that moment, Xiao Yichen’s impulses overpowered reason.

“You asked for it,” Xiao Yichen said coldly, inching closer.

“Climbing into my bed, you should have known the consequences, woman. Tonight, you’re my lucky star.”


As the new day dawned, in the top-floor presidential suite, the two individuals on the bed remained in deep slumber. The woman’s garments, strewn across the floor, bore the marks of being forcefully torn off by the man the previous night.

Downstairs, the reporters began to ascend in batches, riding the elevator to the top floor.

In the early hours of the morning, word had spread that the esteemed president of the Eastern Empire, known for his impeccable reputation, had engaged in intimate relations with an inebriated woman at the Emperor Hotel the previous night.

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