A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 21

The List

“Madam, Mister bought these clothes according to your size yesterday. They were just sent over this morning. I’ll tidy them up later and put them in the cloakroom in the master bedroom,” Auntie Li respectfully replied.

“Oh…” Lin Wan replied. It was only then that she understood why Xiao Yichen had asked about her size yesterday.

However, it seemed that Xiao Yichen was quite considerate. This could be considered as him treating her well?

After breakfast, Lin Wan drove to Dream Phil to work. After she left home, Xiao Yichen also drove to the Eastern Empire.

The Eastern Empire stood in the center of Ancheng City. The tall and majestic building was the symbol of the entire city and represented the leaders of the business community. The employees working in this building were all top talents who had undergone rigorous selection. Their intelligence, emotional intelligence, and work abilities were first-rate and outstanding.

The orange Lamborghini stopped at the entrance of the Oriental Building. You Luan quickly went forward to welcome the boss. At that moment, two rows of suit-clad employees were already standing at the entrance of the first floor, ready to welcome the CEO.

Xiao Yichen got out of the car, handed the car keys to the director of the security department, and walked towards the door with graceful steps.

“President Xiao,” You Luan walked up and greeted him.

“Good morning, President Xiao…”

As the two rows of employees greeted him, they bowed and straightened their backs once the president entered the building.

Xiao Yichen took the exclusive elevator to his office on the top floor. He remained silent until he entered the office.

“Go to Wing in ten minutes,” Xiao Yichen ordered in a cold tone.

“…” When You Luan heard the boss’s instructions, he was a little puzzled. Wing was just a jewelry company, and they hadn’t had any recent dealings with them. Why did they have to go there?

“You don’t understand?” Xiao Yichen expressed his strong dissatisfaction with You Luan’s bewildered expression.

“No, I understand. I’ll make the arrangements now.” You Luan nodded immediately and exited the CEO’s office.

Ten minutes later, You Luan drove the boss to Wing Jewelry.

Upon hearing that the headquarters’ CEO was present, everyone at Wing Jewelry, from leaders to employees, worked diligently. Female colleagues would occasionally visit the restroom to freshen up their makeup, hoping to seize an opportunity to be noticed by the CEO.

Xiao Yichen and You Luan arrived at Wing Jewelry. Xiao Yichen proceeded directly to the Human Resources Department, accompanied by senior management.

Inside the Wing’s Human Resources Department office, Xiao Yichen took a seat on the sofa with You Luan by his side. In front of them, the senior management and all the employees of the Human Resources Department stood in three neat rows, awaiting their superior’s instructions.

“President Xiao requires a list of all the employees in the Wing Design Department,” You Luan conveyed. During their journey, he had already grasped the situation. Apparently, someone from the Wing Design Department had accused Madam of plagiarizing their design. How could anyone be so blind?

“…” The HR director was momentarily stunned. Once he regained his composure, he promptly replied, “Okay, please wait a moment. I’ll retrieve it for you.”

Three minutes later, the HR director returned with a document, respectfully handing it over to You Luan. He was well aware that he didn’t have the authority to personally engage with President Xiao.

You Luan passed the document to the boss. As he observed him perusing its contents, he turned to the Wing Jewelry staff and inquired, “I heard that someone from the Wing Design Department filed a complaint against a designer from Dream Phil’s design department, alleging plagiarism. Is this true?”

You Luan deliberately refrained from mentioning Madam’s name. Deep down, he knew that ever since the boss had issued the order regarding the hotel photos, he preferred to keep Madam’s identity undisclosed.

The HR director seemed to grasp her intention but dared not probe further in the presence of the president. Instead, he turned to the design department director, seeking her assistance.

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