A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 20

Perhaps… I Will Agree

After comprehending what Lin Wan meant, her face flushed, and she lowered her gaze.

Xiao Yichen was quite satisfied with Lin Wan’s reaction. It seemed she understood.

“So, how do you plan to thank me?” Xiao Yichen asked, his cold tone tinged with a hint of tenderness.

“Th-that…” Lin Wan stammered nervously, “Can we… just rest for tonight?”

Xiao Yichen’s expression grew dark, and he stared at Lin Wan without uttering a word.

From his silence, Lin Wan already knew the answer. It seemed she was fated to not escape tonight.

Xiao Yichen swiftly lifted Lin Wan and headed towards the bed. He couldn’t wait any longer.

Just as Xiao Yichen was about to make a move, Lin Wan suddenly remembered something and hastily halted him.

“Wait, I have something to say,” Lin Wan hurriedly interjected.

A thought had struck her, and she believed it was crucial to address it tonight.

Xiao Yichen gazed at Lin Wan in frustration. His restless heart was already roaring, yet he managed to squeeze out a single word. “Speak.”

“Can… can we keep our marriage a secret?” Lin Wan pleaded with her eyes.

Before she discovered his true identity and married him, she had no idea he was such an influential figure. Now that she knew, she didn’t want to be exposed and become the target of public scrutiny among the women in Ancheng City. Hence… the only option she had was to keep their marriage under wraps.

If this man agreed, then her true identity wouldn’t be revealed, right?

Xiao Yichen appeared taken aback.

A secret marriage. What was she afraid of?

Lin Wan gazed into Xiao Yichen’s eyes and explained, “I only discovered today that you’re the CEO of the Eastern Empire. Being Mrs. Xiao is… a bit overwhelming, so I’d rather keep it private. I want to live a simple life.”

Though Lin Wan’s explanation wasn’t explicit, she believed that Xiao Yichen understood her intentions.

She was well aware of the attention and gossip that would come with being Mrs. Xiao. And she knew that Xiao Yichen understood it too.

Upon hearing Lin Wan’s words, Xiao Yichen appeared somewhat less angry.

Drawing closer to Lin Wan, he whispered into her ear without directly answering her request. “Perform well tonight. Perhaps… I will consider it.”


The next morning, Xiao Yichen woke up early, a smile forming on his lips as he looked at the woman beside him.

Recalling her plea from the previous night, he realized that he wouldn’t have allowed her to be subjected to public scrutiny even if she hadn’t voiced her concerns. He had already taken measures to handle the hotel photos due to her.

When the alarm sounded, Lin Wan rubbed her sleepy eyes and got out of bed. As she made her way to the bathroom, she muttered under her breath.

“You heartless demon, you’re inhuman. All you know is how to bully me…”

Xiao Yichen could roughly guess what the little woman was muttering, but it didn’t anger him in the slightest.

After freshening up, the two of them descended the stairs. As soon as Lin Wan entered the living room, she was taken aback by the pile of high-end women’s clothing on the sofa.

“This… this… What is all this?” Lin Wan couldn’t fathom what was happening.

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