A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 22


The director of the design department understood and took a step forward, bowing to greet President Xiao and Assistant You. He introduced himself as the director of the design department and addressed the issue at hand. In the latest jewelry design competition, Li Zizi from their department claimed that a participant from Dream Phil Jewelry had plagiarized her work. After hearing Li Zizi’s description, the director agreed to support her lawsuit against the participant from Dream Phil.

Upon finishing his report, the room fell silent as You Luan looked towards President Xiao, awaiting his response. The atmosphere in the office grew tense, with everyone anxiously anticipating President Xiao’s reaction.

President Xiao broke the silence by uttering three words, “Li Zizi,” while his gaze fixed on her information form in the document. The simplicity of his words sent a shiver down everyone’s spine, as they could sense his anger radiating through his gaze.

Suddenly, President Xiao shifted his attention to the director of the design department, who had just spoken. Curious, he asked for the director’s name. Startled, the director met the CEO’s gaze, stumbling backward before regaining his balance.

With a shaky voice, the director replied, “My name is Ge Ying.”

Xiao Yichen’s tone was unwavering as he declared, “You’re fired.” There was no room for doubt in his words.

The director of the design department widened her eyes, unable to comprehend what had just transpired. The fact was undeniable, though, as the CEO’s words were crystal clear.

The other members of the Wing’s team kept their heads lowered, not daring to look up during this intense moment.

Xiao Yichen handed the document to You Luan, who swiftly skimmed through Li Zizi’s information. It revealed that Li Zizi had graduated from a third-rate undergraduate design program. While she had designed a few works during her internship and official tenure, she had not produced any designs for over a year. Now, she claimed that someone had plagiarized her work.

You Luan couldn’t help but find the situation amusing. Was Li Zizi overestimating herself? And how did the design department director usually handle her employees? You Luan was not well-versed in the specifics of Wing’s system, but the fact that Li Zizi hadn’t produced any designs in a year and yet the design department still endorsed her was puzzling. Shouldn’t that be the responsibility of the design department director?

Xiao Yichen rose from his seat and headed towards the door, his steps light.

You Luan quickly placed the documents on the table and followed the boss out of the room.

After Xiao Yichen and You Luan left, the tension in the Human Resources Department’s office gradually dissipated.

Meanwhile, the director of the design department sat on the floor, overcome with tears.

During their journey back to the East Mansion, Xiao Yichen dialed his friend Luo Ziyan’s number.

“It’s unusual for Young Master Xiao to call me!” a playful voice greeted him from the other end of the line.

“I need to discuss something with you,” Xiao Yichen spoke calmly.

“Hmm?” Luo Ziyan responded with curiosity.

“It’s regarding the Luo Group’s subsidiary company,” Xiao Yichen explained.

Upon hearing the mention of the Luo Corporation, Luo Ziyan chuckled lightly. “Brother, you know I’m just a doctor. I’m not involved in the business wars of the Luo Corporation, so…”

Before Luo Ziyan could finish his sentence, Xiao Yichen interrupted him. “I only need you to do one thing in your name. It has nothing to do with the business war.”


That night, Lin Wan returned home feeling exhausted. It was another chaotic evening, as she had to endure her husband’s relentless demands. The next day, despite feeling physically and emotionally uncomfortable, she had no choice but to gather herself and head to work.

Upon reaching the company, Lin Wan was immediately approached by the department director, who had an assignment for her.

“Lin Wan, you have a task outside the office today,” the director informed her, handing over a note with a license plate number. “Find the car with this license plate number in parking level B2. The owner of the vehicle is Mr. Luo Ziyan, the younger brother of President Luo from our headquarters. Follow his instructions for the day.”

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