A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 14

My Woman

Xiao Yichen glanced at his mother and calmly replied, “She’s at Blue Bay.”

Observing the disappointment on his parents’ faces, Xiao Yichen understood their thoughts. He added, “Next time, I’ll bring her to meet you.”

“Sigh…” Xiao Shengdong let out a sigh and turned to enter the mansion with his walking stick.

Though Ning Yan was also disappointed, her love for her son prevailed. She took his hand and smiled, saying, “Come on, let’s go inside. Don’t stay outside.”

In the morning, Xiao Yichen accompanied his parents and engaged in conversations with his father about work.

During lunchtime, Xiao Yichen stayed at the mansion to have a meal with his parents.

“Yichen, Muyang got engaged on Friday too. You didn’t attend,” Xiao Shengdong remarked, looking at his son. “Bring that girl named Lin Wan with you next weekend. I’ll inform your eldest sister that the whole family will be coming back. Ask Muyang to bring Qingqing as well. We can have a gathering.”

Now that Xiao Shengdong knew his daughter-in-law’s name was Lin Wan, he looked forward to meeting her even more.

“Yes, it’s time for the family to reunite,” Ning Yan chimed in. “Yichen, make sure to bring Lin Wan next time. Don’t let me down again.”

“Okay, I understand,” Xiao Yichen replied. Since his father had made such arrangements, he would naturally bring Lin Wan back the following weekend.

After dinner, Xiao Yichen bid farewell to his parents and left the mansion.

That night, after Xiao Yichen and Lin Wan finished their meal, they settled in the living room to watch TV.

“Come here,” Xiao Yichen suddenly called out to Lin Wan.

“Huh?” Lin Wan didn’t quite comprehend at first. She turned around and saw Xiao Yichen extending his hand towards her.

Lin Wan grasped the underlying meaning and got up, making her way towards Xiao Yichen.

Just as Lin Wan approached Xiao Yichen, she felt unsure of what to do. In a swift motion, Xiao Yichen gripped her arm and pulled her into his embrace.

An immediate sense of discomfort washed over Lin Wan, but she resisted the impulse to break free.

“Don’t move,” his cold voice commanded from above.

Lin Wan promptly halted her movements, afraid to defy his words. His presence always exuded a commanding aura, and she dared not go against his wishes.

However, she couldn’t help but recall how different he had been during their intimate encounter. His demeanor and expressions were starkly contrasting.

“I’m visiting my parents next weekend,” Xiao Yichen informed her, his gaze fixed on the woman nestled in his arms.

Observing her timid appearance, he found a peculiar satisfaction in it. The memories of their passionate night flashed in his mind once again—the sensation of having a delicate woman in his embrace was unexpectedly enjoyable.

“…” Lin Wan was taken aback. The news caught her off guard.

Nevertheless, she realized that meeting her in-laws was an inevitable step for any daughter-in-law. As the newest member of the Xiao family, it was only natural.

“Okay, I understand,” Lin Wan obediently replied, her eyes cautiously meeting Xiao Yichen’s gaze.

Desiring to maintain some distance between them, Lin Wan cautiously requested, “Can I go upstairs to rest for a while? I still have work tomorrow.”

“Work?” Xiao Yichen repeated, his brows furrowing.

His woman had a job?

“Yes, I work at Dream Phil Jewelry. I’m part of the design department,” Lin Wan explained.

Xiao Yichen’s frown deepened. Dream Phil Jewelry was a subsidiary of the Luo Group, which happened to be the family business of his close friend, Luo Ziyan.

So, his wife was working for his good friend?

“Quit it,” Xiao Yichen said directly. He stared into Lin Wan’s eyes and said word by word, “I’ll take care of you.”

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