A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 13


“I’m not learning,” Lin Wan protested.

“Just watch and learn…” Xiao Yichen began to make his move.

Instantly, water splashed around the bathroom as the woman resisted, but her efforts were futile.

Blushing, the woman felt embarrassed.


The following day, Lin Wan woke up naturally. As she opened her eyes, she realized that Xiao Yichen was no longer beside her.

Did this man, who seemed like a devil, have no idea how to be gentle with women?

After taking a shower, Lin Wan chose a more modest outfit and put it on. Before heading downstairs, she made sure to pull the collar higher to conceal the marks on her neck.

“Good morning, Madam,” Auntie Li greeted Madam as she came downstairs, taking the initiative to offer her greetings. “Breakfast is ready.”

“Yes, thank you,” Lin Wan politely replied to Auntie Li.

Following breakfast, Lin Wan found herself with nothing to do and decided to take a stroll in the villa’s courtyard.

Seated on a wooden chair in the courtyard, Lin Wan’s expression gradually grew troubled, and her thoughts became consumed by distress.

Today was Sunday, and tomorrow would be Monday. She wondered what would happen when she returned to work and faced suspicions of her jewelry design being plagiarized. Since she had taken leave on Friday and was absent from the company, she wondered if the legal department had informed her about it.

The thought left Lin Wan with a headache. She didn’t know how to confront the allegations of design plagiarism. She remained clueless about the whole situation.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yichen was on his way to the Xiao family mansion.

Early in the morning, the old man had called and “commanded” her to return to the mansion. Seeing that Lin Wan was still soundly asleep beside her and hadn’t been awakened by the phone, he chose not to disturb her. After getting ready and freshening up, he drove to the mansion.

The car phone rang, catching Xiao Yichen’s attention. Glancing at the caller ID, he immediately picked up the call.

“President Xiao,” You Luan’s voice came through the phone.

“Go ahead,” Xiao Yichen knew that You Luan had something to report.

“The news of your marriage will be announced on Monday. As per your instructions, our team has already handled all the photos taken by the media reporters at the hotel. Madam’s identity will remain undisclosed,” You Luan reported, focusing on relaying the information. This was the expertise he had developed over his time with the Boss.

“Good,” Xiao Yichen replied, a slight smile forming at the corners of his mouth.

Tomorrow, when the news was released, and the results didn’t align with what their opponent had anticipated, would this game become even more entertaining?

After ending the call, Xiao Yichen firmly held the steering wheel with both hands and slowly maneuvered the car into the courtyard of the Xiao family mansion.

The Xiao family mansion exuded opulence. It resembled a palace, complete with a garden, open-air swimming pool, golf course, and more. The mansion spanned four stories, with uniquely luxurious exterior structures and intricate interior decorations.

Xiao Shengdong and Ning Yan were already waiting at the entrance of the mansion. They observed as their son stepped out of the car and approached them. However, after waiting for a while, the daughter-in-law they had eagerly anticipated… was nowhere to be seen.

“Shengdong, am I imagining things? Why can’t I see our daughter-in-law?” Ning Yan asked the elderly man beside her.

“This kid didn’t bring her back,” Xiao Shengdong said, his anger evident.

Just yesterday, he had learned that his son had officially registered his marriage with a girl. This morning, he had called for his son to return, but to his dismay, his son came back alone, without his wife.

He and his wife had eagerly stood here since early morning, awaiting their arrival, but in the end, only their son had returned.

“Dad, Mom.” Xiao Yichen walked up to his parents and greeted them.

“Yichen, where’s your wife?” Ning Yan asked in confusion.

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