A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 12

Nothing Lingering

“…” Lin Wan was taken aback by Xiao Yichen’s words.

Was he trying to protect her? Was he implying that he would support her?

A warm sensation spread through her heart, leaving Lin Wan at a loss for words.

“Remember?” Xiao Yichen sounded displeased as the woman beside him remained silent.

“Oh, yes.” Lin Wan’s reaction was slow. She gazed at Xiao Yichen’s handsome face up close and said, “I will remember.”

Even though this man held no affection for her, he was now her legal husband, and they would share their lives together. So, perhaps he was saying all this merely because they were husband and wife, right?

After having dinner, Lin Wan went upstairs to rest.

Before ascending, she overheard Xiao Yichen’s emphasis.

“The master bedroom.”

Lin Wan felt helpless. She understood that as husband and wife, they were expected to sleep in the same room. Besides, Xiao Yichen had already done this for the past two nights, so she supposed it was fine—she belonged to him now.

Thus, Lin Wan made her way to the master bedroom after going upstairs.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Xiao Yichen retrieved his phone and dialed You Luan’s number.

“President Xiao,” You Luan answered the call.

“Remove the people from the Lin family’s small courtyard within the next three days,” Xiao Yichen ordered.

If his woman was unwilling to retaliate, he would make sure the person who had slapped her paid a different price!

“…” On the other end, You Luan quickly grasped the situation. She realized that the boss was referring to Lin Wan’s family. Could it be that Lin Wan had encountered a conflict with her own relatives?

“Yes, I understand,” You Luan replied. He would personally carry out the boss’s instructions and report the results within three days.


In the master bedroom upstairs, Lin Wan found herself standing on the balcony, dialing her mother’s number. Her mother, who was studying in another country, picked up the call. Lin Wan informed her about her recent marriage but chose not to disclose what had occurred at home that day.

“Wan’er, it’s crucial to see through someone like Li Muyang clearly. There’s nothing worth missing,” Qiao Yujuan expressed her concern and attempted to persuade her daughter.

“Yes, I understand, Mom,” Lin Wan responded. Perhaps witnessing the scene between Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing with her own eyes had diminished the sadness she had anticipated.

“Good girl. I’ll be back next month. When that time comes, bring that person named Yichen over for a meal. I’ll personally cook. It’ll be my way of entertaining my son-in-law,” Qiao Yujuan said, struggling to recall her son-in-law’s name since her daughter had just mentioned it.

“Yes, sure,” Lin Wan replied joyfully, tears welling up in her eyes. Her mother’s love filled her heart with warmth. She felt incredibly happy.

“Alright, it’s getting late in Ancheng City. Get some rest. Sleep well,” Qiao Yujuan’s voice remained gentle. “Wan’er, live a good life in the future. Trust your mom. The more effort you put in, the happier you’ll be.”

“Yes, Mom. I believe in you,” Lin Wan’s emotions fluctuated intensely, but she felt a deep sense of happiness and contentment.

After ending the call, Lin Wan lingered on the balcony for a while before returning to her bedroom. She grabbed her nightgown and proceeded to the bathroom for a shower.

In the meantime, Xiao Yichen entered the bedroom and glanced around, finding it empty.

However, he heard the sound of running water coming from the bathroom.

Quickly changing into his sleeping robe, Xiao Yichen made his way to the bathroom.

After a few moments, a woman’s scream echoed from the bathroom.

“Xiao Yichen, don’t come any closer!” Lin Wan yelled. “Stay there and don’t move! Don’t come over!”

How could Xiao Yichen resist listening to Lin Wan? Both of them stood in the spacious bathtub, and Xiao Yichen took two large steps forward, extending his hand to pull Lin Wan closer to him.

“In the bathroom for the first time. Why don’t you give it a try?” Xiao Yichen said mischievously. He found the fierce expression on this little woman’s face surprisingly… adorable.

“I won’t,” Lin Wan firmly rejected him. When she noticed Xiao Yichen’s displeased gaze, she quickly added, “I won’t be able to…”

Being inexperienced and clueless, she had allowed Xiao Yichen to take advantage of her in a dazed state on two occasions.

“I’ll teach you,” Xiao Yichen said patiently. He suddenly realized that this little woman was quite amusing. He felt satisfied with her innocent demeanor.

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