A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 15

No Resigning

“No, no, no,” Lin Wan hastily waved her hand, refusing his suggestion. “I can’t resign.”

She hadn’t yet resolved the plagiarism incident her colleague had mentioned earlier. Resigning was out of the question. She needed to prove her innocence and find the person responsible for framing her.

Moreover, she didn’t want Xiao Yichen to provide for her. Despite his apparent wealth, with a lavish villa and tailored suits, it was expected for him to support his wife. However, she desired independence and freedom—financial independence to pursue her dreams.

Jewelry design was her passion, and becoming a chief designer was her goal. She didn’t want to give up on her dreams just because she was married.

“Are you worried that I can’t afford it?” Xiao Yichen sneered.

“No, no,” Lin Wan hurriedly clarified. “I genuinely love this job and don’t want to quit.”

Xiao Yichen gazed into Lin Wan’s beautiful eyes but remained silent about her explanation.

Concerned that Xiao Yichen wouldn’t agree, Lin Wan pondered for a moment and softened her voice. With a touch of coquettishness, she ingratiatingly pleaded, “Ah-Chen, we’ll be living together in the future. I promise to fulfill my duties as Mrs. Xiao and not do anything that would affect you.”

Pausing briefly, Lin Wan continued, “I have a deep passion for my job and career. Could you… grant me this freedom?”

Xiao Yichen’s heart softened as he witnessed the little woman begging before him for the first time. She wasn’t as vulnerable as she had been when begging for mercy in bed.

“Sure,” Xiao Yichen agreed, but he had more to add. “However…”

Perplexed, Lin Wan was taken aback by his words. “However, what?”

“The first duty of Mrs. Xiao is to please me every night until… I’m fully satisfied,” he declared, and with that statement, Xiao Yichen lifted Lin Wan in his arms and carried her upstairs.

Tomorrow was Monday, and since everyone had to go to work, they might as well begin their passionate encounter early tonight.

“…” Lin Wan was speechless.

This man was refined outside the bed and beastly on it. To put it simply, he was truly… beastly.


On Monday, as a new day began, Lin Wan was roused from her slumber by the alarm. Despite feeling extremely sleepy, having only fallen asleep at three in the morning, she reluctantly rose from bed and sluggishly made her way towards the bathroom.

After freshening up, Lin Wan headed to the walk-in closet to change her clothes. However, she encountered Xiao Yichen inside the closet.

“You, please leave. I need to change,” Lin Wan requested, her face instantly turning red as she recalled the events of the previous night.

Xiao Yichen didn’t respond to Lin Wan’s plea. He took a few steps forward, positioning himself in front of her. Then, he extended his long arm, hooking her and pressing her against his chest.

Lowering her gaze, Lin Wan’s lips curved into a mischievous smile. “Is there any part of you I haven’t seen yet?”

Lin Wan’s face flushed even deeper in an instant.

“You… you… you pervert,” Lin Wan exclaimed, exasperated.

The smile on Xiao Yichen’s lips deepened. This little woman was rather adorable when she was angry.

“It’s true, I am…” Xiao Yichen replied, reaching his other hand into Lin Wan’s pajamas.

“No,” Lin Wan shifted her body, attempting to prevent Xiao Yichen’s hand from proceeding.

After a few nights of experience, Lin Wan had become acquainted with this man’s “strength.” Consequently, she concluded that she should feign vulnerability when necessary.

“Chen, we’re running out of time. Can we leave first?” Lin Wan pretended to be obedient, appealing to Xiao Yichen.

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