Mystical Journey

Chapter 1281 - Talent 1

Chapter 1281: Talent 1

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Garen flew at a high speed up above in the white snowy mountain as he was moving toward the perimeter outside of the snowy mountain. He recalled his feelings and sensation back in the day when he flew about casually as he tried to find the magical place once more.

Both the Suffering Knights were in tight pursuit from behind and they were clearly enraged by him. They had tried countless of time to corner him by splitting up so that Garen would move to a certain direction. However, Garen had completely ignored them since his speed was faster than theirs. Hence he would fly about in his own path.

As he was flying around, he vaguely noticed that some of the Elder Giant Iguanas that he passed by were very respectful toward the Suffering Knights. Since they seemed to be allies, Garen did not dare to fly deeper in. Instead, he decided to fly toward the outskirts.

The sky gradually turned dark as the night approached. The three of them were still flying in the sky at high speed. The mountain ranged below them seemed to be endless as they flew into an unknown area.

Garen soon gradually realized that the snowflakes started appearing more and more as they danced chaotically with the strong gale.

A tornado-like blizzard had started forming.

Garen flew into the tornado blizzard that had yet to fully form and felt a familiar sensation welcoming him.

“This is it!” He was slightly delighted. He was extremely familiar with the blizzard which lasted for days as he was chased by a Suffering Knight in the same condition for a few days last time.

He was able to hold up against a Suffering Knight for a long period of time. It was way easier than before now that he was twice as fast. However, Garen did not wish to simply get rid of the Suffering Knights’ pursuit, so he would occasionally reduce his speed to kite them along to prevent them from losing sight of him.

“Damn it! Where is this guy trying to escape to!? We’re in a blizzard! We’ll be taken to a place that isn’t worthwhile at all!” The Suffering Knight who was holding a Knight’s Spear could not help but curse out.

“I feel that he is kiting us.” The Suffering Knight with the sword pondered as he spoke softly. “We have to find a way to inform the higher up. Perhaps he’s planning to lure us to a stronger being that is backing him. Didn’t he… do that the last time?”

“Be careful.”

“Don’t worry… I will use what the superior gave me when it’s necessary.”


The more Garen flew, the more familiar it became. It was the same circumstances as before, where he could not see anything in front but a pure white blizzard. Garen could not have differentiated up and down if not for the gravity pulling him down.

However, he was familiar with this sensation.

“This feels really strange…” Garen’s Soul Ring felt a very slight vibration that he had not experienced before. It felt like the air around him was trembling.

He tried to fly straight on, fighting against the blizzard’s resistance and paying close attention toward two of the Suffering Knights tailing behind him.

Two days had passed in a blink of an eye.

Garen had no idea how long he had been flying and estimated that he had been doing so for the past two days and nights. However, the blizzard did not seem to have an end, as it kept blowing strong at him.

However, he felt that he was approaching closer towards the eye of the blizzard.

At last, the blizzard’s pull became stronger as Garen flew towards where its strength was at its peak.


In a blink of an eye, everything was clear in front of him.

He had, once again, flown out of the blizzard.

What appeared before his eyes was a pure and serene azure lake. The calm lake water mirrored the huge snowy mountain in front of him. The sky was completely blue; it did not feel like he was at the Fiery Blaze Mountain Range at all.

The air was so clean to the point where bacteria were seemingly unable to sustain in such a condition.

Garen once again felt the strange ubiquitous presence.

He turned around to look at the humongous blizzard cyclone which connected the sky and earth as two Suffering Knights clumsily flew out from it. However, they did not seem to be tired at all as they recovered the moment the got out from it.

“The Undead live up to their name. They really don’t know what exhaustion means.” Garen laughed coldly. He then turned his head around and ignored them as he flew directly towards the snowy mountain.

He started searching for the crevice that he found last time.

Soon, he found the crevice that he found on the side of the snowy mountain and went inside it.

“It’s too dangerous here!” The Suffering Knight holding the Knight’s Spear said softly as he flew to the entrance of the crevice Garen had entered.

“We have lost contact with our superior. It seems that he uses this method to kill our comrade.” The Suffering Knight with the sword said sternly. “Should we pursue?”

“Can we catch up?” The Suffering Knight with Knight’s Spear questioned back. “I feel like he’s kiting us.”

“Should we start setting up here? The superior will solve this incident if he arrives.”

“No. It’s unwise to do so without knowing our opponent’s background. It will bring a lot of trouble to our superior.”

“They can’t do anything to us as long as we don’t enter it.” The analysis of the Suffering Knight with the sword was very spot on.

“Very well.”

Both of them were once warriors who had survived hundreds of battles. Although a portion of their soul and mind had degraded after turning into an Undead, they were still equipped with a very high awareness and trait.

They did not follow Garen into the crevice. Instead, they started flying around slowly as they analyzed the surrounding.


Garen followed the path as he kept flying downwards.

He did not care if the other two were tailing him as he kept flying downward with his curiosity fully filled up in his heart.

The crevice became larger and darker as the end of the abyss was too dark to be seen.

The crevice gradually turned into an abyss in which darkness swallowed everything, be it living or the other.

Garen dismissed it as he flew straight down to the very bottom.

He did not know how long he had been flying, as the concept of time did not seem to be applicable inside. Ultimately, he could see a faint white light at the bottom of the abyss.

“This is it!” He was excited as he hastened up and flew towards the white light.

Black smokes with countless human faces started appearing again as they surrounded him. They were sighing in such a manner that it felt like they were either crying or chuckling at the same time.

Garen ignored the black smoke. Although they were rather terrifying, he had nothing to fear as they were unable to harm any living beings.

He flew directly toward the light source, and soon the transparent sphere appeared before his eyes once again.

“I’ve come to repay you, the one who saved my life!” Garen floated in the air as he shouted loudly in Draconic Language.

His voice traveled towards the ball, scaring the black smoke faces away like terrified fishes.

The light source did not respond. It was completely quiet as if there were no living creatures within it at all.

Garen did not panic as he waited patiently.

After ten minutes or so…

A movement started to appear at the bottom.

The light ball became half transparent, revealing a woman in a black tunic skirt.

She widened her eyes, but it gave off a sensation that she was not focusing her sight at all.

“Why have you returned?” Her lips did not move but her deep and hoarse voice had transmitted into Garen’s ears through a special method. Although she was speaking in Draconic Language as well, she had an ancient accent when she spoke.

“I’ve saved you last time, but that doesn’t mean I am in the same mood to do so again…” The woman’s voice sounded like a man’s. It did not fit along with her physical beauty at all.

“I come to this place because I want to know how my life savior looks like. My name is Garen and I am from the White Dragon Clan. I’ll definitely repay you in the future when the opportunity arises!”

Garen said with a serious look on his face.

“I don’t need you to repay me back.” The woman responded. “You can’t repay me, to begin with.”

“Whether you accept my gratitude is your concern, and it’s my decision to repay you, whether you like it or not!” Garen said straightforwardly. “I just want to do what I believe is needed!”

His words were so decisive that it seemed to have caught the woman’s interest as she looked at him with her senseless gaze. Her eyes were like a torchlight as a blinding light instantly beamed out from it, causing Garen’s eyes to turn red. He was on the verge of tearing up even though he was hundreds of meters away from her. He felt that It was as if he was shot by a laser beam.

“Interesting…” The woman’s deep tone had a hint of laughter. “A little kid from another plane… Your soul… is quite special.”

Garen was shocked but he immediately calmed down. It was very normal of her to be able to see through him since she was able to casually fix his Soul Ring when it exploded.

“Special?” He lowered his head in an attempt to avoid directly into her eyes as he said sincerely. “I know my soul is special, but I don’t know which part of it is special at all.”

“Anguru Byron, the God of Pharmacy, once created a multi-dimensional medicine and released a total amount of sixteen million five hundred and fourteen hundred thousands of them… I didn’t expect to be able to see a successful sample here.” The information which the woman gave out in a deep tone had greatly shocked Garen.

“The God of Pharmacy?!” He was astonished.

“You’re in a very interesting situation and possess a very high research value.” The woman revealed a smile on her perfectly calmed face.

“What you’re saying is that the reason my soul is special is due to the multi-dimensional medicine created by the God of Pharmacy?!” This was the very first time that someone was able to determine the origin of his soul’s deepest and darkest secret.

If she was not lying to Garen, then her existence is way much higher than Garen’s…

A lot of thought went pass his mind in an instant, but he managed to suppress all of these thoughts in an instant as well. All of his thoughts could be under strict surveillance as he faced against such a powerful existence. Any of his ill thoughts would be observed just like a bacteria under a microscope.

“The quality of your soul has reached to a certain strength as you trained on your own. I am interested in your process of enhancing your soul as it may be beneficial to my own training,” The woman continued speaking with a weird male’s voice.

“What you’re suggesting is…?” Garen trembled.

“I will make a deal with you.” The woman said in a deep tone.

“A deal?”

“You have two choices.” The woman said softly. “First, you’ll cooperate with me with my experiments until I fully understand the reasoning behind the change in your soul’s quality. As a reward, I will give you a prized item you wanted, which will be able to strengthen your soul. Its effect will be ten times more compared to the one you currently have on you.”

“Ten times more…” Garen understood that she was referring to the Suffering Core he had picked up. The core was able to increase his potential points twice as fast as before.

If he were to obtain a treasure that was ten times stronger…

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