Mystical Journey

Chapter 1282 - Talent 2

Chapter 1282: Talent 2

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Now, Garen wrapped the Suffering Core with a leaf and hanged it at the back of his hind leg so that he could enhance his Soul Energy whenever he wished.

He would be able to obtain thirty Potential Points in a month if it was ten times stronger. This would greatly reduce the time required for his progression!

He only required a maximum of ten years! He would then be able to recover back to his strongest form where he would be able to destroy an entire planet!

It was an incredible temptation as he did not have to search for resources high and low in the future and potentially put himself at risk. All he had to do was to cooperate with her in her experiments.

“Second. You’ll cooperate with me to finish my experiment and I shall adjust your soul and give you a similarly-powerful ability.”

The woman explained calmly.

“You. Which one will you choose?”

The abyss fell into silence as a subtle matter had subtly seeped into Garen’s conscious to tempt and shake his ideals. These matters seemed to be released from the woman’s body. They were colorless, odorless and shapeless, similar to a worm.

Garen did not respond instantly. It was as though the woman did not have any concept of time at all as she remained still, waiting for his response.

Perhaps time was counted in terms of years to these beings and a year would be equivalent to an afternoon nap for them.

“I…” Garen finally spoke up. Half an hour had passed before he finally opened his mouth.

“I don’t want anything.” He blurted as it ached his heart. He felt rather unfortunate as it was an ultimate temptation to him, regardless of the first or second option. The temptation was similar to putting a scrumptious meal in front of you when you were hungry or placing a clear water in front of you when you were thirsty.

“To repay you for saving my life, I don’t want anything and will cooperate with your experiments unconditionally!”

Garen suppressed the temptation and the dilemma in his heart as he felt that his Soul Ring had become purer than before. He withstood the temptation in his mind and made a decision which resonated with his desire without being influenced by external factors. This was considered a training to him as well.

“You don’t want anything?” The woman was shocked.

She pondered for a moment before revealing her understanding gaze.

“I see…” She seemed to have noticed the small change in Garen’s soul and finally revealed an expression on her face for the very first time.

“You were able to withstand the temptation and make a decision based on your belief. Impressive. Since you’ve already decided, how about you come to this place every year on this day to help me with my experiment? Are you fine with that?”

Garen nodded.

“I understand!”

“You have to understand that this is your own decision. I will not give you any reward,” the woman repeated.

The woman looked at him in silence for a while before the surface of the light shook.

The black smoke resembling countless of faces gathered swiftly and fused together on Garen’s neck, condensing themselves into a long, thin and exquisite black gemstone necklace.

“This is the pass for you to enter here so that you don’t have to spend so much energy rushing in. No living being can enter this place without my permission,” the woman said calmly.

“Understood.” Garen lowered his head and touched the necklace. It was cold and had an unexplainable clear sensation; it was as though he was touching some extremely clear water. The sensation was extremely weird as he was clearly touching an actual item.

“My name is Garen. You are…”

“You can call me Ann.” The woman shut her eyes as the light membrane returned to its muddy state where no one could see clearly what’s inside.

“Ann…?” Garen repeated.

Ann did not respond; it was obvious that she no longer wished to converse with him.

Garen pondered for a moment before flying out of the abyss as he flew towards the crevice.

What surprised him was that these black smoke faces did not dare to fly around him after the black gemstone necklace was placed on him. Instead, they avoided him out of fear.

Ann had given him the most important piece of information. If she did not lie to him, then Garen finally knew that his gifted ability was one of the accidental successful products from the medicine that was created by Anguru Byron, the God of Pharmacy who produced tens of millions of them.

Garen believed that Ann had no reason to lie to him, so her words were very believable.

He kept pondering as he flew his way back to the outside world.

If the abnormality of his soul was really caused by this world’s medicine, that meant that this world’s God was able to communicate with his original world where Earth was located.

His heart was brimming with excitement as he thought of this. It had been so many years. It was his deepest desire to return back to Earth and live the day before he transmigrated. His exhaustion grew each day as he wandered outside again and again as he transmigrated.

He had been trying to go back all these while but he could not find any information related to his world.

As Garen flew out of the crevice, the first thing he saw floating outside were the two Suffering Knights waiting for him.

“You’ve finally come out. I thought you’d already died inside,” the Suffering Knight holding the Knight’s Spear sneered.

“I thought I could have taken you down in an instant but we almost messed up instead. Let’s see how you’re going to escape from us this time,” the opponent spoke in an extremely confident tone.

Garen tried to sense behind him to realize that Ann wasn’t responding at all. It seemed she had decided not to meddle in. She was definitely in the better mood last time when she assisted him.

He could no longer hope that Ann would help him once more.

Two Level Seven Suffering Knights… Tsk tsk. Their existences were considered a high-level undead even among the undead beings, second only to the strongest Level Nine Horrifying Knights. They were considered as the upper-class beings among the knights. If they were to be placed in the human civilization, a Level Seven being could become the lord of a remote country and be awarded by the title of Earl.

On the other hand, the Deladia Empire which was located in the north was an empire with an incredible strength. Two beings of this level could simply appear in the wild and Garen only had himself to thank for his incredible luck.

“Although Ann will not help me, I have promised her that I will assist her in completing her experiment. If I were to be in a life-threatening situation, doesn’t that mean her experiments will never see its end? That means…” Garen had made up his mind. Although it was rather impudent of him, it was necessary for him to achieve victory so he was willing to look past this shamelessness.

He sneered in his mind as he looked at both of the Level Seven Suffering Knights with malicious intent. He decided to use them to test Ann’s attitude towards the experiment.

“Both of you.” Garen reached out his dragon claw. “Come at me at once.”

He gave them a scornful look.

As expected, both the Suffering Knights were not easily irritated by his gesture and decided to attack him at once.

The steam of black light rushed toward him as red symbols appeared on both the sword and spear at the same time. The symbol’s light which resembled the color of a fire suddenly exploded and instantly sucked the three of them inside, disappearing instantly in mid-air.

“The Final Death Match!” Both Suffering Knights and Garen appeared inside a narrow red dimension at the same time. They seemed to be trapped inside a spherical dimension.

Both Suffering Knights yelled as they rushed towards Garen at the same time. He was not able to avoid in such a narrow space and there seemed to be a law that prevented him from evading at all. The only thing he could do was to face them head on!

The two Suffering Knights had managed to create a dimensional rule which completely favored them. The dimensional rule was based on the real world and stood above the real world at the same time. It was the first time Garen witnessed such a strength.

However, Garen had never feared to fight against others head on! It was a good opportunity to test his limits as well.

Garen mustered all of his strength and as he was about to release them, an excruciating pain could be felt by his waist! This pain took him by surprise and he had lost all of the strength that he mustered a while ago. With this instant delay, he had no choice but to stare at both of the Suffering Knights’ weapons that were quickly approaching him.

The scales on his body stood up as he felt an intense danger fast approaching him.

Draconic Aura!


Garen instantly gathered a Level Three Draconic Aura and exploded it in front of his chest instead of the fast approaching weapon in front of him.


His body was instantly pushed back by a small distance due to the explosion, allowing him to avoid both of the incoming weapons.

As Garen avoided the crisis, he diverted the flow of his entire body’s strength and crawled up into a white ball.


Then, he widened his body and attacked with his dragon claws while using his Ice Pressure Blade and Vibration Technique. At the same time, the wings on his back started vibrating at a high frequency. The 47 points of his Agility was instantly pushed to its limits as he focused all of his strength onto his dragon claws.

This was the absolutely invincible Unrivaled Dragon Claw! It focused on attacking the chest areas of its opponents!

Garen did not know why he recalled the line of a certain movie he had seen in the past. However, his current posture could be considered as an extremely authentic dragon claw attack, right?

As he recalled this strange idea, what was considered an extremely mighty posture had become a dreadful posture.

His claws were heading directly toward the Suffering Knights’ chest…

“How dare you!” What surprised him was that the Suffering Knight with the Knight’s Spear was actually a female. She was embarrassed and angry at the same time. She, who already had pushed her strength to its very limits, had decided to even squeeze every ounce of her strength out as her anger engulfed her.

The dragon claws, knight’s spear, and black swords clashed against each other within the red dimension.

The incredibly tough dragon claws cracked before it shattered into millions of pieces. Both of his hands were almost amputated as well. His claws were not amputated because of his incredibly high defense and 40 points of Vitality. Even so, he had suffered tremendously.

The white dragon blood spilled everywhere as he was pushed to the inner wall of the red spherical dimension.

Ultimately, he was only a Level Six. His strength would have been shocking to everyone since he was not instantly killed when faced with two Level Seven beings.

However, he was surprised as both the Suffering Knights in front of him had suddenly lost their defenses as they did not pursue after him immediately. They stood still as they took out a small yellow scroll each from their pauldron’s crevice. The scroll, which was tied with a red thread, had its thread pulled open as both of them were about to open up the scroll.

“How dare you!”

Suddenly, the entire red dimensional space started trembling.

The space shattered, revealing the snowy mountain and blue lake outside of the red dimension.

Ann’s voice traveled instantly from an unknown location as an invisible power and landed on both Suffering Knights.


Both the Suffering Knights were instantly lighted with a black fire. The fire did not possess a high temperature, and it gave off an extremely shrilling aura.

“Have mercy!” Both Suffering Knights cried out.


The black light flashed in front of Garen and blinded him in the process. Both the Suffering Knights who were on fire vanished instantly as if they had never existed.

He looked at the sky in front of him shockingly…

“It ended just like that?”

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