Mystical Journey

Chapter 1280 - Outing 2

Chapter 1280: Outing 2

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With a large slam, the Giant Iguana took a few steps back. The ice armor on its frontal head had a huge crack. Its quake was destroyed and his Level Five ice armor was almost broken apart.

The powerful effects of Garen’s 47 points of Strength had finally made an appearance.

This was the strength of an adult dragon and an adult dragon was the peak of a Level Six being.

Hence, Garen relied on this advantage to combat against a Level Five Giant Iguana. A Strength of 47 points entered the range of Level Six, meaning collision was equivalent to an adult dragon ramming into the Giant Iguana. The result went without saying.

The Giant Iguana was knocked out of senses and shook its head violently. Its eyes reeked of hesitation and fear.

Garen was done testing the levels of his strength. He was without reserve as he took large strides forward to claw the back of the Giant Iguana.


The ice armor cracked open, so did its skin. In the end, the crackle was the breaking of its bones.

The Giant Iguana was on its knees by Garen’s claw. Its limbs were torn apart neatly.


The Giant Iguana cried out in pain.

Garen could quickly hear footsteps of surrounding Giant Iguanas rushing over.

“It was the same the last time. It seems Level Five Giant Iguanas travel in groups. Now that it’s happening again, it’s not a coincidence.”

He did not leave. He wanted to see the extent his combat abilities had reached.

At a similar disposition, he was confident no one could take him face on.


Two dark figures were shooting past the snowy mountain range like two black swords, sharp and conspicuous. All the Giant Iguana Elders bowed down in respect when they saw them from below.

They were the God from deep within the snow mountain. The subordinates of the mysterious existence of the Fiery Blaze Mountain Range.

It wasn’t just an Undead Wizard behind these Suffering Knights. If it was just a Suffering Knight or an indeed master, the ultimate Giant Iguana Elders would show no fear. They were great in numbers after all.

However, behind the undead master, stood that existence that they dared not offend.

The Undead Wizard was also the last straw in the dark, protecting the Fiery Blaze Mountain Range from outsiders, plundering and killing at will.

As long as they did not proactively offend the Suffering Knights, everybody was safe.

The two Suffering Knights soared high and headed towards outside the mountain range.


One of the Suffering Knights landed on the ground and looked at the messy blood stains and the carcass of a Level Four Giant Iguana that had been killed not a long time ago.

“He isn’t far.”

The other Suffering Knight landed and nodded at him.

“His powers have grown fast. He’s grown a lot in a year.”

“You said so yourself. It’s only a year. How much can he grow?” The other didn’t take it to heart. “The person we need to take precautions of is not him, but the existence that may appear behind him.”

“You’re right.”

Both of them investigated the scene. Its Demon Core was dug out, but it was the same for its eyes. There was nothing that could be salvaged.

They carefully inspected the possible direction to which Garen had left.

The two Suffering Knights soared into the sky and flew towards the direction of Garen.



Four Level Five Giant Iguanas gnashed their fangs at Garen but they were shook off by Garen at the same time. They scattered away.

He was surrounded by four Giant Iguanas. All of them were Level Five Giant Iguanas. Instantly, the Level Five Giant Iguanas coordinated well with each other to encircle him and set off an earthquake.

Yet they were flipped over by Garen, a dragon.

The four Giant Iguanas somersaulted in the air like bowling pins, rolling far off and crashing onto the ground heavily, whimpering out with pain.

Garen stood in the middle unscathed.

If these Giant Iguanas were to come forth one by one, it may perhaps exhaust him out. However, all of them coming out at once gave him enough leverage and opportunity to spot their weak point. Moreover, his strength matched up with his speed to immediately erupt in action, creating a sort of explosive effect.

Four Level Five Giant Iguanas were all pushed away to the sky.

“Too weak!” Garen stood in the center without a scratch. With a minute difference in disposition, he was well-seasoned in combat skill which completely made up the difference in disposition. He burst out an ability that was well past his actual data and this created this over-exaggerated phenomenon.

The four Giant Iguanas fell onto the ground everywhere. Two of them knocked onto a nearby cliff and rock, rolling a few rounds. For a moment, they still didn’t even get up.

They were shaken by Garen’s strength mixed with a high-level skill. The shock was enough to injure their insides.

Garen slow paced toward one of the Giant Iguanas. He was prepared to dig out his Demon Core.

Suddenly, he lifted his head and stared at the faraway sky.

Two enormously strong sources of aura were shooting toward him at a high speed.

“That again?” Garen was familiar with this aura because he still carried with him the core that that being that hunted him.

The black figures flashed before him like the descending of two flashes of lightning. Two Suffering Knights dripping in black oil instantly appeared in front of Garen.

“You guys…” Garen narrowed his eyes and asked.


He quickly left the place. The snow beneath his feet now had two snow pits.

The party wasted no time as they made a move. One knight took out a black knight’s spear in shape of an umbrella and swiftly maneuvered at him with sturdy yet accurate precision. It was as though he had predicted all of Garen’s evading position.

The other knight appeared at the side like a bat and drew a peculiar semicircle arc. A long black sword appeared in his hands. The exquisite long blade was as fine as a finger. He could flick five six blade lights in a matter of a second. At the same time, he flew to the side of Garen’s waist.

The two were so well-coordination with each other. One of them took the front while the other at the side, as though they had done so many times.


Garen opened his mouth and spewed a mouth of cold dragon breath but stronger, was the sound waves of the huge dragon howl.

He unleashed a terrifying dragon howl. With a 47 point Strength and 40 point Vitality, this formed a powerful sound wave weapon and exploding to the front and his sides.

The humongous sound wave compressed the air and violently rammed face-on onto the two knights.


The actions of the duo paused. They didn’t think that Garen’s explosive roar was this powerful. They must have miscalculated that they lacked in energy, causing their movement to slow down for a moment.

Taking the delay of this very moment, Garen did not retreat. Instead, he plunged on and pounced forward.

His claw viciously grabbed onto the knight’s spear of the Suffering Knight, adding his high-level skill shock as well as the Ice Pressure Blade he was proficient with into the mix. His claw snarled at the weakest point at the side of the knight’s spear.

The Suffering Knight didn’t think he was this quick and was abruptly raised up that his knight’s spear slanted away and stabbed to the top of Garen’s head.

However, the strength of a Level Five professional was revering. The Suffering Knight was also an expert in hand-to-hand combat, so this Suffering Knight followed the flow to stab upwards. A sharp knife jumped out of the handle of the spear and cut towards Garen.

Garen’s tail whipped the side of the knife, knocking away the direction of the attack.

Yet, at that moment came the attack of the other.

The black fine blade pricked at Garen’s waist like needles, drawing five six sharp blade lights as if they were sufficient to penetrate anything, as they made contact on the scales by Garen’s waist.

At the slightest distance, Garen contorted the muscles of his waist and pierced through an impossible space between the blade lights.

“Suffering Eye!”

The Suffering Knight at the side shouted out. His black fine sword fired a black light, sinking into Garen’s scales.


Energy from Garen’s entire body fired up, taking the Suffering Knight by the spear and ferociously smashing at it.

The combustion of his energy was so vast that the two Suffering Knights thought they were battling with an adult White Dragon.

Not only did he appear to be like an adult White Dragon, Garen’s disposition was similar to an adult White Dragon. If his actual battle experience was factored in, perhaps only the most experienced Dragon Guards could face him.


He couldn’t retrieve his spear fast enough that it hit violently onto the Suffering Knight’s helmet.

The heavy sturdy knight’s spear had a huge indent from the shock of Garen’s terrifying power.

The Suffering Knight flew backward and a large amount of black oil and black smoke from his body splattered out.

“You have a death wish!”

The Suffering Knight in front of him was furious as his knight’s spear lit up a red symbol.

Once Garen saw the symbol lit up in red light, alarms were blazing in him. He quickly retreated and flew away without hesitation. His speed was faster from the time he attacked.

Out of the sudden, the red symbol on the spear of the Suffering Knight instantly dimmed without a locked-in target. The speed of his opponent was simply too fast.

With a joint attack of two Level Seven professionals, he could still continuously tried many attack and defense.

If this fight of Garen’s was to be spread, it would definitely create a great stir in the White Dragon Clan.

“It’s that thing again from the last time? Too bad, without locking in, it is meaningless.” Garen smiled as he flapped both wings and erected to the sky, flying far.

In a short time frame of close combat, he managed to catch them by surprise. However, if he were to stall, then the red symbol locking technique was something scary. Immediately getting away was the best choice.

“He’s trying to escape! Seize him!!” The wounded Suffering Knight got up in embarrassment. He had been smashed tens of meters away that his helmet sunk in. This was the most humiliating moment in the history of his countless battles.

His helmet was crushed in by a little White Dragon that was only a few years old. If words were to travel, then he would be a laughingstock in presence of their master!

He didn’t need to stay more as the Suffering Knight with the knight’s spear soared into the sky and sought after Garen.

The two Suffering Knights could not halt a White Dragon whelp. This was a definite blot in their fame as knights.

Two black lights, one on the front and one at the back, pursued closely behind Garen.

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