Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Chapter 049 – To Come One After Another

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While they were staring each other down, Zhang Che suddenly realized that there was a black dot flying in circles in the skies above the grasslands, before flying off to the distance.

However, Zhang Che didn’t take it to mind, treating it as an exotic beast that just happened to pass by. After shooting a glance at it, he continued his staring contest against the Golden Elephorse King.

The Golden Elephorse King looked at Zhang Che in disdain for some time. In the end, it still couldn’t bear to part with the mysterious energy emitting from his body. It let out a few snorts, and walked up to Zhang Che once more with short steps.

“Heh, I’m only afraid that you wouldn’t come!”

Although he just fell flat on the ground, Zhang Che didn’t mind that little setback. As long as this beast still dared to come to him, he still had a chance to jump on its back.

Moreover, the Golden Elephorse King’s Lightning Charge skill was used. He didn’t have to worry about its near-instantaneous movement for the next half an hour, and his chance of succeeding in his quest increased a tad bit.

After getting closer once more, the Golden Elephorse King continued approaching Zhang Che with a look of enjoyment, its expression remarkably similar to an addict.


Finding an opportunity, Zhang Che harnessed his strength and placed his hands on the Golden Elephorse King’s back once more, successfully mounting it. He was so happy he nearly laughed out.

“Haha, I’m finally on your back now— Oww!…”

Alas, before Zhang Che could celebrate his success, the Golden Elephorse King suddenly accelerated, charging out like a racecar. Zhang Che didn’t manage to hold onto the beast’s neck and was thrown off, falling on the grass once more.

“This freaking… hurts!”

He landed flat on his back on the ground. Zhang Che was disoriented from the fall, his vision nearly went dark.

“Huier huier…”

The Golden Elephorse King stood still several dozen meters away, turning its head around to look at Zhang Che crawling himself up pitifully, as it let out several mocking neighs.

Obviously, this beast knew that Zhang Che couldn’t do a thing to it and was toying with him.

Zhang Che was angry. Very angry!

Due to his reluctance to directly kill this beast, he was suddenly left helpless against it. How infuriating!

He struggled to sit himself up, his eyes staring at the Golden Elephorse King once more, taunting, “Come again, I don’t believe this!”

The Golden Elephorse King seemed to have fell in love with this game too, and cried out happily, running up to Zhang Che.

After flipping himself up onto the Golden Elephorse King’s back again, the well-prepared Zhang Che immediately hugged its neck tightly, his legs locked tightly to its stomach, like the roots of an aged tree.

Sure enough, the Golden Elephorse King resorted to its old tricks once more, suddenly accelerating and ran out dozens of meters away. That explosive strength wasn’t just for show, indeed.

However, it made a miscalculation this time. Despite the sudden burst in speed, Zhang Che hugged on tightly onto the Golden Elephorse King’s neck, not letting go of it.

Seeing as it didn’t throw Zhang Che off this time, this beast thought of another plan. Its body stopped galloping abruptly, stopping in place and raised its front limbs high, standing on its hind legs.

That sudden shift in motion caused a huge inertia, nearly causing Zhang Che to lose his control and falling off.

Currently, Zhang Che was already using all the strength he could muster. Green veins could be seen on his neck, his face was flushed bright red from exertion. He stabilized himself with much difficulty, grinding his teeth, yelling, “Go on, run, jump, see if you can throw me off any more!”

The Golden Elephorse King seemed to be enraged as well, and started galloping thru the vast grasslands. It would run left and right, stopping abruptly and going back into motion, causing Zhang Che to feel as if he was riding on a roller coaster, the kind without any safety belts!


At the foot of the tall mountain range, in one of the ordinary ravines…

Old Lu, who had a savage scar on his chin, revealed an excited smile as he watched a black dot in the sky quickly fly down, turning into his subdued beast with scouting abilities, a White-Headed Falcon.

“How is it, Old Lu?”

Seeing as Old Lu recalled his White-Headed Falcon, the others looked towards him impatiently, wanting to know the situation.

“I looked into it, Sister Mei. Behind this canyon is a vast area of grasslands. My White-Headed Falcon followed that guy all the way here and discovered a huge herd of up to a thousand elephorses!”

Sister Mei couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows, “Are you sure?”

Old Lu nodded, “I’m sure. Since when has my White-Headed Falcon made a mistake?”

“Haha, that’s really great. Let’s get in there quickly, before those from Ding Feng Corporation arrives, and obtain some elephorse cards. Those things are worth over 300k each in the market. We’ll strike it rich if we could get ten or twenty of them!” the shamate man yelled out impatiently.

The few of them exchanged looks with one another and saw the frenzy in their eyes. They immediately got Old Lu to quickly lead the way towards the basin located in the ravine behind the mountain range.


At the same time, Zhang Yujie also came into the beast world once more, bringing with him several dozen beastmasters.

They had the same idea as Zhang Che. Zhang Yujie guessed that there were definitely more Elephorse herds in the grasslands behind that mountain range. Thus, after he returned to Qian Wei City, he immediately gathered his men and returned to the beast world immediately, ready for a huge operation.

Due to some reasons, recently Ding Feng Corporation happened to be in need of a batch of standardized mount-type beasts. With their long-lasting endurance, the elephorses were the perfect fit!

As the successor of Ding Feng Corporation, Zhang Yujie naturally wouldn’t miss such an opportunity.

Zhang Che didn’t expect them, either. Just as he was returning to that bountiful land, there were two groups of people right on his tail, one stronger than the other.

Of course, even if he knew, Zhang Che wouldn’t care.

He was alone; how could he possibly gain all the benefits by himself?

Zhang Yujie’s party walked out of the safety zone and called out their respective subdued mounts. With Zhang Yujie and Xiaoru leading the way, riding their elephorses, they rode off towards the mountain range.

Of the party riding their beasts, only a fraction of them were riding mount-type beasts. The others were all riding on Original Combat Body-type beasts, and the comfort level of riding those was much worse in comparison.

Even so, despite the bumpy experience of riding on non-mount type beast, none of the beastmasters were showing any discomfort in their expressions. All of them were tenacious in nature.

With so many people riding off to the wild in a group, naturally they drew the attention of those in the safety zone, discussing about them.

“Eh? Isn’t that Ding Feng Corporation’s young master, Zhang Yujie? What are they rushing off in such a hurry for?”

“Che, do you still have to ask? Surely the Ding Feng Corporation’s men discovered a powerful exotic beast again, and is going to hunt the boss monster.”

“Tsk, these people from large corporations and companies have it good. With the advantage in numbers, they can hunt many powerful exotic beasts, unlike losers like us. We don’t even dare to go far away from the safety zone.”

Between the sounds of discussion, Zhang Yujie’s party was already went off far, leaving only a trail of dust behind them…

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