Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Chapter 050 – Exposed Whereabouts

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In the open grasslands, the herd of elephorses were walking around leisurely, occasionally munching on the tender, verdant leaves, giving off a peaceful feeling.

The scarlet red, jade white-tusked Golden Elephorse King, taller and bigger than ordinary elephorses, was currently walking slowly on the grass plain.

On the back of the Golden Elephorse King, a fatigued-looking Zhang Che revealed a deeply surprised look in his eyes. Sitting on the horseback, the corners of his lips were curled up into a smile.

“The elephorses really can be tamed, as I thought! It’s as good as me owning a supercar from now on. If those students from my class were to learn of this, they’d probably be so surprised that their jaws would become dislocated.”

Thinking of his classmates, Zhang Che couldn’t help but remember his short-lived student life after transcending into this world, feeling a plethora of emotions in his heart.

Truthfully speaking, although he was a little unaccustomed to reliving the campus life, if it wasn’t for his mother’s condition worsening, he would have been like the rest of his peers, finishing his high school life and applying to an university.

However, Zhang Che didn’t have any regrets about his decision at all.

If he hadn’t made this decision, wouldn’t he have missed out on seeing this vast world so early, nor would he be riding on this excellent mount!?

After about half an hour of contesting, the Golden Elephorse King was still unable to throw Zhang Che off his back again. In the end, it could only submit to him tamely, and let Zhang Che sit on his back, acknowledging him as his master.

Of course, the energy emitted from the seven-colored crystal played a huge part in this as well. Zhang Che knew this very well.

He was very aware of his limits. If it wasn’t for the seven-colored crystal helping him at the key moment, drawing the Golden Elephorse King out from his herd, he wouldn’t have had a chance of getting close to this horse king.

If it wasn’t for the Golden Elephorse King’s extreme greed towards the seven-colored crystal’s energy, he wouldn’t have submitted so easily, either. Not to mention putting up a stronger resistance, he might even have charged into the herd and let Zhang Che have a taste of countless tusks piercing through him.

All in all, these two got together willingly.

According to the usual practice, after taming a fierce foe, he should give it a flashy name. This guy wasn’t his subdued beast, after all. He had its own feelings, unlike those subdued beasts who would only obey his orders unconditionally, like robots.

“My home, the Earth, has the Ferghana horse.¹ Although you don’t sweat blood, the fur on your body is all red, untainted by any mix. Let’s call you Hanxue from now on.”

Zhang Che caressed the Golden Elephorse King’s mane tenderly as he gave it a special name.

“Huier huier…”

As if responding to Zhang Che, the Golden Elephorse King made a few cries excitedly. It seemed like it didn’t feel any ire towards the name ‘Hanxue’.

Zhang Che couldn’t help but smile. “Very well. It seems like you’re satisfied with this name, too. Then, let’s have a discussion. Can you contribute about two hundred of your people to me? Your master, I, is about to advance into a Tier Three beastmaster.”

Who would’ve thought that the Golden Elephorse King would suddenly stand on its hind legs, directly throwing the unprepared Zhang Che on the ground. After which, it grunted unhappily, obviously not willing to let Zhang Che kill its ex-comrades.

“You beast, you’re really asking for a beating!”

Zhang Che stood up, cursing jokingly, patting his hurting bum. Looking at the upset Golden Elephorse King, he was immediately at a loss, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“I know you cherish old friendships. Didn’t I say that it was only a discussion? Just say it directly if you’re not willing to. You don’t have to give such a strong reaction!”

Golden Elephorse King: -I have some greetings for you, but a pity that I can’t speak…²-

Since Hanxue was unwilling to let him massacre its once-underlings, Zhang Che dropped any and all ideas about those elephorses.

In any case, this world was so vast, with uncountable exotic beasts. He’d just go find other exotic beasts to kill.

Now that he had Hanxue, it was no problem to travel fifteen hundred km a day!

If it wasn’t for Zhang Che’s low Tier and being stuck without a powerful subdued beast, he would nearly be unstoppable, no matter where he wished to go.

However, he should be able to check out what was deeper in these highland plains, right?

Thinking up until here, Zhang Che prepared to mount Hanxue and set off towards deeper into the plains.

Suddenly, just as Zhang Che flipped himself over, he saw a black dot circling around in the skies above him. He couldn’t help but furrow his brow.

-Could it be that some powerful exotic beast has set its eyes upon the elephorse herd?-

It seemed unlikely. If it really was some powerful exotic beast, why would they be apprehensive of the weak elephorse? They could directly swoop down to catch one to fill their stomachs, and didn’t have to loiter around in the sky.

-It seems like this flying beast has already appeared in the sky above me previously?-

Zhang Che grew even more doubtful in his heart, feeling that there was some anomaly hidden among all this, yet he couldn’t put his finger on what exactly was wrong.

After pondering for a few seconds, Zhang Che resorted to his old trick, ‘asking’ the seven-colored crystal in his spiritual sea to open a path of energy towards the flying beast in the sky.


Several tens of li away, the group of five were hurrying on their way when Old Lu suddenly paused for a moment. From the feeling in his spiritual sea, his White-Headed Falcon seemed to have sensed something good and was asking for permission to go check it out.

-Heh, do you still need to ask? Go ahead!-

One had to know that in the beast world, there were many good things to be found aside from exotic beasts. Many unique plants could be used as ingredients to manufacture beast card cultivation fluids, increasing the level, or even the quality, of beasts!

Not only that, some precious treasures could be directly consumed by beasts, disregarding the limits of their attributes and allowing the beast to increase in level or quality.

Since the White-Head Falcon discovered something, Old Lu would naturally not stop it.



[White-Headed Falcon]

Level: Three Star (Level 26)

Quality: Bronze

Type: Original Combat Body

Characteristics: Adept in Detection, Able to Provide Beastmaster with Relatively Detailed Information via Spiritual Link

Weakness: Ice Elemental Attacks

Potential: D Rank

Cultivating Directions: …


When that flying beast flew down as expected, attracted by the energy emitted from the seven-colored crystal, Zhang Che’s expression suddenly changed.

This was no freaking exotic beast, but a beastmaster’s subdued beast!

-Was it Zhang Yujie who sent someone to follow me, or someone else who saw me entering deep into the mountain range by chance and is scouting me out of curiosity?-

No matter which outcome it was, every move he made after entering this grassland was scouted out. His whereabouts were already exposed to others, with unknown intentions!

This made Zhang Che very upset!

Thus, when that White-Headed Falcon came within a certain distance, Zhang Che suddenly summoned the Mutated Puffersword and directly activated the Sonic Wave attack on this incoming flying beast.

Caught with its guard down, the White-Headed Falcon immediately slammed right into the invisible sound waves. Its wings stiffened, falling straight down, and it was cut in two by Zhang Che, riding Hanxue to charge towards it.


Translator’s Note:

1: A Ferghana horse is known as Han Xue Bao Ma in Chinese, literally ‘bloody sweat precious horse’. They are fabled warhorses in China.

2: Hanxue was trying to swear at Zhang Che in Chinese slang.

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