Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Chapter 048 – The Correct Method to Unlock The Seven Colored Crystal

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[Golden Elephorse King]

Level: Three Star (Level 25)

Quality: Gold

Characteristics: Strong Explosive Strength, Long Lasting Endurance, Able to Traverse 1500 km per Day

Weakness: Below Average Defense

Innate Attribute: Increased Speed, Able to Reach Three Times the Speed of Ordinary Elephorses When Running at Maximum Speed

Skill: Lightning Charge, Able to Run at 10x Speed Momentarily, For Up to 300 m. Cooldown: 30 minutes

Potential: D Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times

Cultivating Directions: …


“It actually turned out to be a three-star, gold-quality Elephorse King!” After the casual glance, Zhang Che was stunned, his eyes wide.

Among these Elephorses with such useless attributes, there would actually be such a powerful king. As expected, it was easier to give birth to a monster within a huge herd of exotic beasts!

Zhang Che was tempted in just an instant.

If he could kill this Golden Elephorse King, and was lucky enough to obtain a beast card, that would truly be a beautiful sight, even if it was only him imagining it.

Immediately after, Zhang Che’s expression turned into one of dismay.

-It’s impossible…-

The matter of whether he was able to kill the Golden Elephorse King aside, even if he was lucky enough to kill it, it was not guaranteed to drop a beast card.

Moreover, this fellow is surrounded by at least a thousand ordinary elephorses, like a general sitting within its army. How was it possible for him to get near it?

That densely packed herd of ordinary elephorses would probably stampede in his direction the moment he revealed any hint of aggression. Even if he had a body of steel, he’d be flattened by those innumerable hooves.

The sonic wave attack couldn’t be used in such a situation, either. After all, the Mutated Puffersword’s effective range was limited. It was impossible to catch nearly a thousand of them in the attack.

“What should I do, what should I do? Such a fantastic mount-type beast, I really can’t bear to give up just like that!”

Zhang Che nearly pulled his hair out from frustration. His brain worked at maximum capacity, trying to think of a feasible solution.

After pondering for a long time, his eyes suddenly lit up, mumbling, “Perhaps, I can give this method a try?”

In order to validate whether his idea is feasible, Zhang Che immediately focused on his inner world, locking his mind onto the seven-colored crystal that was silently floating high up in the air in his spiritual sea, trying to take it out.

That’s right; Zhang Che’s idea was to take out the seven-colored crystal and make use of its attractiveness towards exotic beasts to lure the Golden Elephorse King over.

When the seven-colored crystal was just exposed to the world, it was able to lure that unfathomably powerful ink-black flying beast over in search of it. There shouldn’t be any problem using it to attract a measly Golden Elephorse King, right?

Even so, Zhang Che discovered, much to his sorrow, that the seven-colored crystal in his spiritual sea only remained there silently. No matter what he tried, the crystal had no reaction at all.

“The heck, you have no intention of leaving after settling in here, do you?”

Zhang Che was so frustrated that he nearly turned cross-eyed. This thing seeped into his spiritual sea out of the blue, and now it was not even listening to his command. What an unreasonable tenant!

Now, it was totally impossible to hunt that Golden Elephorse King!

Zhang Che sighed, his head drooped. He decided to continue going further into the grassland, planning on finding a small herd to hunt to raise his beastmaster tier up to tier 3 as soon as possible.

This kind of unrealistic idea really must be done away with.

Suddenly, the seven-colored crystal in his spiritual sea seemed to tremble for a moment. A strand of energy transformed from the seven colored fog opened an invisible path, extending towards the Golden Elephorse King.

Zhang Che was thoroughly stunned. -This thing still has such a function?-

So, this was the correct method to unlock the seven-colored crystal!

In the next moment, within the herd, the scarlet-bodied Golden Elephorse King, which was a head taller than ordinary elephorses, suddenly stopped in place, seemingly having sensed something, and turned its head to look in Zhang Che’s direction.

“This way, baby. What you want is right here. Just let me kill you obediently and offer a beast card as tribute. You can eat as much of the seven-colored mist as you want!”

Zhang Che’s entire body shook in excitement, his eyes fixed on the elephorse king. It suddenly let out a loud neigh, and the elephorses in front of it immediately opened up a path for it.

“It’s coming, it’s coming!”

Zhang Che forcefully suppressed the excitement in his heart, nearly bursting out in laughter.

After the Elephorses opened up a path, the Golden Elephorse King’s limbs widened their strides, quickly galloping towards Zhang Che like a bear attracted to honey.

As the Golden Elephorse King drew closer, Zhang Che’s heart suddenly started feeling complicated.

-Should I kill this freaking elephorse king?-

Beast cards weren’t guaranteed to drop. What if he got unlucky later on and didn’t get the Golden Elephorse King’s beast card?

In the blink of an eye, the Golden Elephorse King was already less than fifty meters away from Zhang Che. A shiny golden card appeared between Zhang Che’s fingers. Once the Golden Elephorse King closed in, he would decapitate it with a slash.

No matter if it dropped a beast card or not, Zhang Che decided that he had to kill this fellow. There was still a chance of obtaining its beast card after killing it. Otherwise, the possibility was non-existent.

As the two’s distance shrank, the Golden Elephorse King quickly decelerated. In the end, it came up to Zhang Che with quick, small steps, enjoying the energy released by the seven colored crystal immensely as it sized Zhang Che up with a curious gaze.

Its simple brain could never understand why this two-legged life form in front of it would emit such mesmerizing energy. That was energy that could allow it to grow stronger!

Elephorses were, after all, a fairly peaceful herbivore-type exotic beast. If it were any other carnivorous exotic beasts, they would probably swallow Zhang Che whole into their stomach. Not only would they obtain that mysterious energy, they would also enjoy a delicious meal at the same time.

Seeing as the Golden Elephorse King wasn’t showing any signs of aggression, Zhang Che suddenly felt his heart soften. In the end, he didn’t summon the Mutated Puffersword and end the life of this adorable exotic beast in front of him.

“Elephorse contains the word ‘horse’ in its name as well… I wonder if it can be tamed?”

Just as the Golden Elephorse King brought its intoxicated-looking face closer to Zhang Che, he suddenly moved his feet, his hands grabbing onto its back and flipping himself over it.

However, Zhang Che directly fell on the grass in the next moment, looking like he had just stuffed a mouthful of dog feces on his face.

In the instant Zhang Che placed his hands on the Golden Elephorse King, the scarlet stallion suddenly disappeared on the spot, as if it teleported to several dozen meters away, looking at him vigilantly.

“Is this the freaking Lightning Charge skill? Its as fast as lightning indeed… Tsk, my handsome little face was almost ruined from the fall.”

Zhang Che crawled back up to his feet with a bitter smile, patting the bits of grass and dirt off his body as he looked toward the Golden Elephorse King. It seemed like that fellow’s gaze towards him contained a hint of contempt.

“What the heck, you dare to look down on me? Come on, if I don’t tame you today, I won’t kill a single elephorse from now on!” Zhang Che flared up in anger, staring at the Golden Elephorse King tauntingly.

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