Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 203 - It’s Time For Revenge

Chapter 203: It’s Time For Revenge

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-Sure enough, it worked!-

A hint of joy showed in Zhang Che’s eyes. He waved his hand at the Scarlet Flame Drake and Cold Abyss Flood Dragon at his side, and they immediately ran a few dozen meters forward.

The Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword seemed to sense an unknown danger and started struggling madly, trying to break its mutated limb free. It wanted to swing its dark-scarlet huge sword and cut the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus in half.

Alas, the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus was a huge beast with godly strength. It wasn’t inferior to the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword in any way, be it level or quality. Its jaw strength was also frighteningly strong.

At this moment, the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s mutated front limb was held tightly in place by his jaws. How could it possibly break free?

On the contrary, the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus wanted to achieve some merits. He swung his head violently, flinging the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword around and smashed it on the hard ground.

A loud sound rang out, raising a dust cloud.

“Hehehehe…” The Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword let out a sharp, cheap laugh. Although it was slammed violently on the ground, it wasn’t hurt in the slightest. It continued struggling to break free.

The Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ temper flared. He shook his head violently, flinging the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword about like a ragdoll, smashing it on the ground again and again.

“Stop playing!” Zhang Che shouted, stopping the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus.

-The Scarlet Flame Drake and Cold Abyss Flood Dragon won’t be able to get close if you keep playing like this. How am I supposed to kill that boss?-

The Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus could only stop reluctantly, thinking, -If I continue smashing it like this, even if it won’t die from the impact, it should die from the shock, right?-

Even so, he couldn’t defy his master daddy’s orders.

The Scarlet Flame Drake and Cold Abyss Flood Dragon hurriedly rushed up, and under Zhang Che’s orders, the Scarlet Flame Drake directly aimed at the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s head and breathed fire at it. Afterwards, the Cold Abyss Flood Dragon immediately followed up, breathing a breath of cold air at the same area.

“Hehehehe!…” The Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword immediately panicked, emitting a wave of cheap laughter sounds.

The Scarlet Flame Drake and Cold Abyss Flood Dragon worked in tandem all the way until the former’s vital energy was exhausted, completing over ten cycles of ice and fire elemental attacks on the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s head.

“Try smashing it!” Zhang Che ordered. The Scarlet Flame Drake reached for the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s head with its claws, and a crisp clang rang out.

Although the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s carapace didn’t shatter from the impact, Zhang Che, who walked up close to it, saw clearly that there was a faint crack on its head!

-It’s effective!-

“Continue smashing!”

As such, the Scarlet Flame Drake took up the job of a dismantler this time, smashing its claw at the place where the cracks formed, producing a string of metal striking sounds.

However, the results were negligible.

Zhang Che frowned. He had the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus continue locking the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s mutated limb in place, and recalled the Scarlet Flame Drake into his spiritual sea, letting it recover its exhausted vital energy.

A minute later, the Scarlet Flame Drake returned in its perfect state. Together with the Cold Abyss Flood Dragon, they began another round of inhumane torture on the damaged carapace of the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword.

“Hehehehe…” The Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword was flustered. It hurriedly twisted its body about, its thin legs moving around frantically. Alas, its mutated front limb was held in place by the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus with his jaws. How could it escape from the hot and cold treatment?

Another round of ice and fire attacks ended. The area of the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s carapace that was continuously subjected to the alternating temperatures was now obviously a different color from the other areas.

This time, without needing Zhang Che to give the order, the Scarlet Flame Drake smashed at it with its claw.

A crisp cracking rang out. Countless large cracks appeared on the carapace.


After one more smash, a face basin-sized area of the carapace cracked and shattered like glass.

Ferocity shone in the Scarlet Flame Drake’s eyes. It directly stabbed its claw into the opening, stirring it up violently.

“Hehehehe… hehe, he…”

The cheap laughter sound stopped. Afterwards, the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s body suddenly glowed, then condensed into a five-colored beast card with five hexagrams on it.

“Hah, a beast card really dropped!” Zhang Che went wild with joy. He almost lost control and roared out in laughter.

Such a troublesome exotic beast was actually slain by his subdued beasts and pets almost effortlessly with their teamwork. It truly was worth celebrating!

Zhang Che had also noticed that it seemed like exotic beasts were sure to drop a beast card once they were above a certain level and quality. Although he wasn’t certain of it, he guessed that it was most likely the truth.

Otherwise, how would he explain all the dark gold-quality and above exotic beasts he killed dropping beast cards?


[Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword]

Level: Five Star (Level 49)

Quality: Legend

Type: Weapon Type

Characteristics: Contains Large Amount of Scarlet Meteorite Essence, Its Attacking Strength and Sharpness Shockingly High

Skill: Unparalleled Sharpness. Greatly Improves The Sharpness of The Huge Sword After Activation, Able to Penetrate All Non-Divine-Tier Defense. Lasts 10 Seconds, Cooldown Time: 20 Minutes

Halo: Increased Sharpness

Potential: D Rank


However, a wave of sadness struck him after the initial happiness died down as he looked at the weapon-type beast card with shockingly great attributes in his hand.

He had no idea how many more exotic beasts he had to hunt before he rose to Tier Five. Gods knew how long he had to wait before he could wield the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword.

Shaking his head, he stuffed this beast card into the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s spatial pocket regretfully. Zhang Che had his subdued beasts and pets open the way ahead, walking deeper into the dark cave with quick strides.

With the Scarlet Flame Drake around, he didn’t even have to prepare anything for a light source. Although the flames dancing around this fellow weren’t very obvious in open areas, it was like a bright lamp in such a narrow and dark cave.

Zhang Che explored about a hundred meters deeper into the cave after making a few twists and turns, before arriving at a cavern about the size of a mini warehouse. The surrounding marks were obviously dug out by the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword, and not formed naturally.

“Go, see whether there is any remaining scarlet meteorite metal within the mountain body,” Zhang Che ordered, waving his hand at the Purple Crystal Tortoise. This fellow immediately sank into the ground of the cave.

“Hopefully there’ll be some gains. It would be impossible for the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword to eat up all of the scarlet meteorite. It only dug out this much space; could it have harvested all of it?”

Time slowly trickled away. A hint of an excited smile started to show on Zhang Che’s face.

Since the Purple Crystal Tortoise had been gone for some time, there must be more scarlet meteorite metal in the mountain!

Zhang Che waited in the cavern for two whole hours before the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s figure appeared silently from the wall of the cave. It came up to Zhang Che, grovelling, and opened its mouth, spitting out a pile of metal bits with scarlet spots.

“Heh, this fellow even comes with an ore purifying ability!” Zhang Che couldn’t help but rejoice. If, in the future, they discovered those minerals that were hard to purify, having the Purple Crystal Tortoise was simply even better than the best ore purifier machines!

After lamenting, Zhang Che took a good look at this small pile of scarlet meteorite before him. He estimated the pile to be slightly more than a cubic meter.

According to the knowledge left in his previous self’s memory, the density of scarlet meteorite was 14.794 gram per cubic centimeter. It was denser than lead, but less dense than gold.

This meant that this pile of scarlet meteorite weighed close to fifteen tons.

In the high-end market, the price of scarlet meteorite was valued at about sixteen to eighteen thousand Alliance dollars per gram. Averaging it out, we’d take it as seventeen thousand dollars per gram. How much was fifteen tons of it worth?

Zhang Che couldn’t get an answer, but he knew there were countless zeroes in that number!

“I’m finally a rich man again! But why do I still feel that dull ache in my heart whenever I think of that pile of purple-gold crystals…”

It could be said that he had a huge harvest this time. Zhang Che couldn’t help but shift his gaze upwards.

If his expectations were right, the two Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons’ nest would be on top of this mountain.

Then, it was time for revenge!

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