Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 202 - Scarlet Meteorite Metal

Chapter 202: Scarlet Meteorite Metal

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Zhang Che felt very conflicted.

He hoped that the Huge Sword boss was at legend-quality, or even higher, but was afraid that it would be too strong, and that his subdued beasts and pets wouldn’t be able to take it down.

Now, he finally understood why the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon didn’t chase him into the valley. It was most likely because of this Huge Sword boss’s existence, which left it trembling in fear.

A small purple figure suddenly ran out of the cave.

Immediately after, a wave of metal scraping sounds rang out from deep in the cave. A huge black shadow came chasing closely behind the tortoise.

When that black shadow came to the front of the cave, Zhang Che couldn’t help but suck in a deep breath of cold air after seeing it.

The Huge Sword boss’s body was over four meters long, the black carapace covering it giving off a faint red glow.

This didn’t count for anything, however. Zhang Che’s gaze was completely drawn to the huge sword on its mutated limb.

The huge sword was over two meters long, its widest part about twenty centimeters across. The black sword body was dotted with scarlet star patterns, giving off a faint scarlet luster. One look and you knew it was a dangerous weapon.


[Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword]

Level: Five Star (Level 49)

Quality: Legend

Characteristics: Devoured Large Amounts of Scarlet Meteorite Metal. Its Right Front Limb Has Mutated Into a Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword With Astonishing Sharpness.

Weakness: Its Carapace is Fully Metallic. Being Subjected to Alternating Ice and Fire Elemental Attacks Would Cause Its Carapace to Become Brittle.

Skill: Unparalleled Sharpness. Greatly Improves the Sharpness of the Huge Sword After Activation, Able to Penetrate All Non-Divine-Tier Defense. Lasts 10 Seconds, Cooldown Time: 20 Minutes

Halo: Increased Sharpness

Potential: D Rank


“Scarlet Meteorite Metal!” Zhang Che’s eyes nearly popped out from their sockets. He never expected this Huge Sword boss had devoured a large amount of scarlet meteorite metal.

It was a metal ore even rarer than purple-gold crystal, with only a single application. When mixed into weapons, their sharpness would increase greatly, improving its armor-breaking ability. As scarlet meteorite metal was too rare, its price was even higher than purple-gold crystals.

He didn’t expect there to be scarlet meteorite metal in this cave!

In an instant, Zhang Che’s eyes were shining with gold.

However, to obtain the scarlet meteorite metal in the cave, first he had to get rid of this Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword!

That fellow wasn’t easy to deal with. It was a five-star legend-quality beast which excelled in attacking. Even the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus was no match for it.

However, this fellow’s weakness was actually the combined elemental attack of ice and fire?

-Hmm, I wonder if the Scarlet Flame Drake and Cold Abyss Flood Dragon could turn its carapace brittle? If yes, it’ll be a piece of cake with deal with it.-

No matter if they could or could not, this was the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s only weakness. Zhang Che had to give it a try no matter what. Thus, he summoned the Cold Abyss Flood Dragon with a wave of his hand.

Of course, having the Scarlet Flame Drake and Cold Abyss Flood Dragon rush forward directly was an act of suicide.

Zhang Che wouldn’t be so silly.

As such, his brain worked at maximum capacity, and quickly cooked up an extremely detailed plan.

Zhang Che first gave an order to the Purple Crystal Tortoise, stopping it from running and face the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword, “Stop running, little tortoise. Continue harassing it!”

In any case, this boss beast was successfully lured out of its cave. The Purple Crystal Tortoise no longer had to feign running away in fear.

Of course, it couldn’t defeat its foe originally, but the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword was similarly unable to do a thing to it.

The Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword was immediately filled with joy when it saw this little thing crawling back. The huge black sword on its mutated front limb was raised up high, drawing a black-scarlet arc and slashing down on the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s shell.

Kuang! A loud sound rang out. The Purple Crystal Tortoise’s body was smashed into the ground. Afterwards, it quickly crawled back up and continued swaying back and forth before the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword.

It truly was an unkillable cockroach!

Kuang! Kuang! Kuang!

It was an insect, after all. No matter how strong it was, it was still a simpleton. The Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword was thoroughly intent on destroying the Purple Crystal Tortoise. It kept swinging the dreadful huge sword at the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s shell, producing an unending wave of loud impacts.

A hint of smiling intent was revealed in Zhang Che’s eyes. He looked towards the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus at the side, -You’re up now!-

The Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus, who couldn’t hold himself back anymore, raised his head and let out a loud roar. In the next moment, Zhang Che’s leg flew up, sending a kick to his butt.

“What are you crying out for! Enter the village silently and don’t open fire. Understand?” {TLN: Reference to a classic line in a 1965 Chinese film, Tunnel War.}

The Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus showed a wronged expression. -You didn’t say so earlier…-

Afterwards, this large fellow strode forward with small steps, running towards the battlefield, each step causing a loud thump.

Zhang Che almost covered his face, -With your weight, how do you enter the village silently, huh…-

As expected, the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s attention was immediately drawn to the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus. It turned its head, facing him.

The Purple Crystal Tortoise was displeased. -I let you strike me for so long, you actually don’t put me to mind at all?- It widened its mouth and shot out a rock spear, aiming at the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s mouth.

A crisp sound rang out. The rock spear exploded into countless bits, scattering in all directions. However, the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s mouth was unwounded.

“Tsk, tsk. It seems like it’s impossible to injure this fellow with physical attacks.” Zhang Che was shocked inwardly after watching this. Logically speaking, shouldn’t an insect’s mouth be where its defense was extremely thin? The Purple Crystal Tortoise’s supersonic rock spear attack was actually ineffective against it. It truly was even tougher than a tortoise’s shell.

Fortunately, although the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s attack didn’t hurt the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword, it managed to draw back its attention.

Kuang! Kuang! Kuang! Another round of smashing ensued…

On the other front, the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus finally closed in on the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword. Following then order from Zhang Che, he picked up speed and charged at the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword at a hundred-meter-dash pace.

The big guy was so heavy that when he started running at full speed, and it seemed like the entire valley was trembling.

Seeing the Purple Crystal Tortoise continue running back and forth uninjured despite its attacks, the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword finally stopped its meaningless beating, and turned its head to the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus.

The great dinosaur saw a massive black shadow arcing towards it.

A dark-scarlet sword light flashed in the air, like an opening was torn apart in space. The Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword slashed at the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus without hesitation.

-Absolute Defense! – At Zhang Che’s command, a deep black glow suddenly shone on the surface of the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ body.

A loud clang rang out. The dark-scarlet huge sword was deflected, bouncing high up into the air.

The Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ momentum wasn’t impeded at all. He opened his jaws, and bit down at the Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s exposed right front limb.

A wave of ear-piercing creaking and grating sounds rang out, like metal grinding against metal. The Scarlet Meteorite Huge Sword’s limb-sword was held tightly in place by the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ sharp teeth. Although his terrifyingly strong biting strength was still unable to tear it apart, he could lock it in place, leaving it unable to budge.

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