Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 204 - The Egg Pays For The Dragon’s Debts

Chapter 204: The Egg Pays For The Dragon’s Debts

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The combined strength of two Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragon was definitely not as simple as one plus one equals two. Zhang Che had to plan his moves deliberately if he wanted revenge.

However, he thought of a perfect solution as he looked upwards in the cave he was in right now.

That was to rely on the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s strength and continue digging upwards, all the way to just below the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons’ nest. Then, he’d go with a “celestial troops descending from the heavens”… ugh, not right, it should be celestial troops rising from the earth…

At that time, how beautiful would the looks on those Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons’ faces be?

Zhang Che’s lips curled up into a faint smile, almost shocking himself with his genius…

However, if he wanted to dig his way up, he had to investigate in detail where the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons’ nest was located. Otherwise, if he was too far off, he wouldn’t be able to catch them by surprise.

Naturally, the Purple Crystal Tortoise was most suited for the job.

Of course, before he went ahead with this, Zhang Che had the Purple Crystal Tortoise spit out a large pile of exotic fruits. It was already noon. He was shaking from hunger!

Waving his hand, the Purple Crystal Tortoise melded into the wall, and Zhang Che began feasting on the large pile of fruits before him.

Less than half an hour later, the few dozen kilograms worth of fruits were all inside Zhang Che’s stomach. His expression, however, was one of helplessness.

“I haven’t had any freaking meat for days. There aren’t even any compressed biscuits, either. How can I continue on with just fruits? They are so tasteless in my mouth that a bird could hatch from it!”

{TLN: Another pun similar to the dull/egg and bird hatching some chapters back. Tasteless is also pronounced dan.}

However, after thinking for a little, he surmised that there shouldn’t be any more powerful exotic beasts in this area after he eliminated the two Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons above. At that time, naturally he could have the Cold Abyss Flood Dragon and Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus go hunt a few exotic beasts for food.

Mmm, there’d be milk, bread, and delicious exotic beast meat! Surely!

“I want to eat meat… Will anyone give me some meat… I’ll even gift that pile of scarlet meteorite to them!” Thinking of some fragrant roasted exotic beast meat, Zhang Che felt even more anguish.

After wailing for a bit, Zhang Che laid down on the ground to rest, his eyes still open.


After a short while, the Purple Crystal Tortoise appeared from the ground at Zhang Che’s side silently.

“How is it? Did you find out where they are?”

The Purple Crystal Tortoise nodded quickly.

Zhang Che immediately sat up, “Alright then, let’s start to work immediately!”

The Purple Crystal Tortoise nodded again. It opened its jaws, facing a side of the wall. Afterwards, Zhang Che saw the rocks on the wall seemingly being cut by an invisible sharp blade, directly reduced to countless rock bits and flying into the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s mouth.

A one-meter-wide tunnel was quickly formed just like that, the speed simply left him in disbelief.

“Were you a miner in your past life?” Zhang Che stared blankly, unable to speak a word for some time.

If they maintained this speed, a tunnel connecting to the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons’ nest at the top of the mountain would be dug out in less than an hour!

This was still because the space in the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s dimension was a little too small, requiring that it exit the cave from time to time to spit out the rocks. Otherwise, the time needed would be at least halved!

Even so, this tunnel digging speed was sufficient to leave most machines crying!


An hour later, Zhang Che followed the Purple Crystal Tortoise up the spiraling tunnel, arriving less than a meter under where the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons’ nest was, still hidden underground.

Zhang Che took two deep breaths, then nodded at the Purple Crystal Tortoise at his side. It immediately widened its mouth and suddenly sucked in. The layer of rocks was directly turned into shattered rocks and swallowed into its stomach.

At the same time, two streaks of light, one dark gold, and the other five-colored, shot upwards from between his brow. The Scarlet Flame Drake and Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus made their surprising entrance.

Following closely behind was the Purple Crystal Tortoise, quickly crawling its way up.

In the next second, a column of flames shot out from the Scarlet Flame Drake’s mouth, shrouding towards the two Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons in their nest.

Alas, Zhang Che had underestimated the wariness of a six-star dark gold-quality beast.

In the instant the Scarlet Flame Drake made its attack, the two Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons sensed a great danger approaching, and they activated their skills at the same time. Two black columns of flames clashed against the Scarlet Flame Drake’s Liquifying Scarlet Flames at the same time.

The two differently attributed flames cancelled out one another at the same time. However, the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s Rock Spear Gatling attack made it in time, acting as a second wave of attack.

A violent storm of rocks swept over, swallowing the two Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons within.

Bam bam bam bam… A wave of concentrated smashing sounds rang out. The Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons, caught unprepared, were smacked senseless. Countless wounds appeared on their bodies, their black scales fell off, fresh blood flowing out.

The Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons’ simple nest was also destroyed beyond recognition.

What confused Zhang Che was why didn’t the two Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons dodge?

When the Scarlet Flame Drake launched its attack, they totally had time to escape into the sky. There was no need for them to take the attack head on at all.

“Hmm? What’s that? Eggs!” Zhang Che, whose head was peeking out from the tunnel, suddenly noticed two large eggs behind the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons, each over a meter tall, laying on the nest safely. They were protected by the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons, and weren’t damaged at all during the storm of rocks earlier.

“Oh, so they’re protecting their young!”

Zhang Che’s eyes rolled around, and he immediately ordered the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus to rush up.

-The eggs shall pay for the dragon’s debt. Since I have no way of killing you, I’ll destroy your eggs. Let’s see if you’ll feel the pain!-

The Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ large figure posed a huge threat to the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons. Although they tried their hardest to protect their young, the flames and poison mist they spat out were unable to cause any harm to the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus at all.

Seeing the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ open jaws was biting towards them, the Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons could only let out roars filled with sorrow and anger, spreading their wings and flying up in the sky, circling around and mourning.

“Hmm? Don’t smash them yet!” Zhang Che suddenly thought of something. He hurriedly stopped the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ destructive actions. Afterwards, he ordered the Purple Crystal Tortoise to rush over and opened its mouth, facing the two large eggs over a meter tall.

However, nothing happened next.

The Purple Crystal Tortoise’s storage ability were unable to absorb the two eggs into its unique dimension.

-Damn it, is it unable to absorb living creatures?- Zhang Che cursed inwardly. He didn’t expect the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s spatial pocket to be unable to store the eggs. Left without a choice, he instructed the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus, “Bring me those two eggs. Be careful not to break them.”

The indignant Poison Fire Twin-Headed Dragons shot fireballs and poison mist at the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus continuously, but such ordinary elemental attacks weren’t able to cause any substantial damage to him, and were directly ignored.

The Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus opened its huge jaws, and holding the two eggs in its mouth carefully as instructed by Zhang Che, it immediately turned and walked back to him with long strides.

-Oh shit!- , Zhang Che cursed inwardly and ducked his head back into the tunnel.

Immediately after, two fireballs came flying and struck the tunnel’s exit. A large area of fire splashed around. Luckily, Zhang Che had the Scarlet Flame Drake’s fire resistance halo in effect. The fireball didn’t strike him directly and didn’t hurt him at all.

At this moment, the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus finally came to the tunnel exit and sat on it, his huge body sealing the whole exit.

Two clouds of poison mist came crashing down from the sky and scattered on the Steel-Armored Tyrannosaurus’ back, with no chance of spreading into the tunnel.

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