Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 48 - Breaking A Big Rock On My Chest  

Chapter 48: Breaking A Big Rock On My Chest

However, since there were too many people during the day, they could easily interfere with the video.

Not only that, Bingbing was a male, so she couldn’t bring him into the female dormitory.

“Stay here and watch over these for a bit. I’ll go and call my roommates down,” Jiang Xun instructed, putting down the stone slab.

“Yes, Boss!” Bingbing patted his chest. “As long as I’m here, no one will take these away!”

Jiang Xun nodded approvingly and returned to the dormitory. After a short while, she came down with her three roommates, along with two chairs.

It was the first time the three of them met Bingbing, so they greeted him.

“Boss, what are you going to do?” Bingbing asked.

“Boss?” Daxin was curious. “They call you the boss, Jiang Xun?”

“Of course. The Boss is the head of our high school!” Bingbing said proudly. “Because of her, all the school bullies in our school turned over a new leaf. Now, they also acknowledge our Boss as theirs.”

Jiajia and the other two were dizzy from listening to him. Haina asked, “Jiang Xun, what do you want us to do?”

“Take a short video.” Jiang Xun stuffed her phone into Daxin’s hands.

“What do you want to shoot?” Daxin was confused. She didn’t expect Jiang Xun to shoot without any hesitation.

“Breaking a big rock on my chest,”Jiang Xun said while arranging the two chairs side by side.

“Wait, come again?” Haina dug her ears, thinking that she might not have heard it clearly.

Jiang Xun said very seriously, “I want to break a big rock on my chest.”

The three roommates gasped in unison. Jiajia quickly ran to the stone slab and patted it. “This is a real rock,” she commented numbly.

“Of course.” Jiang Xun nodded. “How can you lie to the audience?”

“No…” Jiajia’s mouth trembled. “Let’s shoot something safer. Breaking a big rock on your chest won’t work! It could actually kill you!”

“I’ve given it some thought. While I don’t have any special skills, I do have a lot of strength.”Jiang Xun patted her chest. “Believe me, there’s no problem.”

Jiang Xun walked to the stone slab, lifted it up, lay down on the chairs that she’d brought, and put the stone slab on her chest.

“Bingbing, do you want to do it?” she asked.

“…Boss, will it really not hurt you?”Bingbing lifted the hammer hesitantly. “I won’t use any clever tricks.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. I specifically chose this kind of stone tablet because I thought of your strength.” Jiang Xun patted the stone tablet on her body. “Otherwise, a thicker stone would have a better effect.”

“I-If the Boss thinks there’s no problem, then I’ll do it!” Bingbing blindly trusted in Jiang Xun.

Daxin said in horror, “Bingbing, think it through! You’re now a top student at the university. If you really beat Jiang Xun up, you…might be implicated as well.”

Bingbing held the handle of the hammer with both hands. “Boss said there’s no problem, so there’s definitely no problem.”

“There really won’t be a problem,”Jiang Xun said to the three horrified roommates. “I’ll have to trouble you to help me film it.”

The three roommates could only blink. They seriously regretted their actions up till now. If they had known that this would happen earlier, they would not have told Jiang Xun about the video site.

The three of them discussed amongst themselves for a while, after which Daxin held her phone and said, “Jiajia, be prepared to dial 120 at any time.”

“Okay!” She and Haina nodded in unison.

Daxin held Jiang Xun’s phone, turned on the camera, and turned on the camera. “I’m ready.”

Jiang Xun was the one who would have a rock broken on her chest, and Bingbing was the one who would be hitting the rock with the hammer.

Even though the three of them were simply bystanders, they felt an immeasurable weight on their shoulders.

Jiang Xun nodded and said to Bingbing, “Come on.”

Bingbing nervously swallowed. His hands gripped the handle of the hammer tightly, and his palms were clammy with sweat.

“Use your full strength so you can break it in one go,” Jiang Xun reminded him.

As part of her preparation, Jiang Xun had even used 60 MP from the remaining 68 and converted them into attribute points, all of which were added to strength.

In this way, her current strength had a total of 8 points. It was more than enough for her to withstand having a stone slab being broken on her chest.

Worried that Bingbing would not dare use his full strength, Jiang Xun added, “Otherwise, if you have to do it a second time, I might not be able to withstand it.”

Bingbing nodded nervously when he heard that. “Then I’ll use my full strength.”

“Don’t be nervous,” Jiang Xun reassured, asking Bingbing to adjust his breathing.

“I’m ready,” he said after a while, to which she flashed an “OK” gesture to Daxin. “Let’s start shooting.”

Daxin pressed the shoot button. “Begin.”

Bingbing raised the hammer high and used all his strength to smash the stone slab.


The stone slab shattered and fell off Jiang Xun’s body.

There were even some broken pieces of stone at the point of impact.

Bingbing and his roommates stared at Jiang Xun nervously.

“Boss, how are you feeling? Are you okay?” Bingbing wanted to reach out to help Jiang Xun, but he didn’t dare to out of fear that Jiang Xun would have internal injuries that would worsen if she was moved.

Jiang Xun stood up as if she was fine and patted the stone debris off her body. “I’m fine. Very good.”

Daxin returned the phone to Jiang Xun. “Are you really okay? Do you need to go to the hospital just in case?”

“Yeah.” Jiajia nodded and agreed. “What if you have internal injuries?”

“Boss, I think so too. We’ll only feel at ease after going to the hospital for a checkup,” Bingbing chimed in, and so did Haina.

In order to reassure the four of them, Jiang Xun ended up going along with their wishes.

At the hospital, the four of them saw the doctor holding Jiang Xun’s X-ray film with their own eyes. The doctor looked puzzled. “She’s fine. Very healthy, actually. Don’t make such reckless videos if you’re bored.”

The four of them were left speechless.

“As expected of the Boss. She’s so talented!” As Jiang Xun’s brainless yes-man, Bingbing was the first to break the silence as he gave her a thumbs up. “Good!”

The three roommates muttered to themselves. It seemed that Jiang Xun was really confident.

On the way back to her dorm, Jiang Xun downloaded a video editing app and edited her video, which she then uploaded to the video platform.

As soon as she posted it, she received a system message asking if she wanted to pay to promote it on the whole platform.

Jiang Xun took a look and found that it wasn’t expensive, so she decided to pay 100 yuan to promote it. It would be a waste if no one saw her video.

After that, Jiang Xun browsed the likes and comments of the video as well as the status of her fans.

However, after reading through a few of the comments, she saw a system notification under her video: “this video is dangerous, please do not attempt to replicate it.”

Fine, as long as she wasn’t restricted from streaming.

The next day, Jiang Xun’s first class was at 10 o’clock. Since she didn’t have to rush there, she got up early and headed to the cafeteria to eat breakfast.

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