Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 47 - Why Are You Ignoring Me?  

Chapter 47: Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Those voices were usually pleasant to the ear, but the people behind the voices usually looked average at best.

However, when the girls looked towards the source of the voice, they could say that only such a handsome man would be worthy of such a magnetic voice!

But was this man actually here to look for Jiang Xun? Though, even if he was here to look for Jiang Xun, it didn’t mean that he was here to pursue her.

Who knew why he was looking for her?

Jiang Xun looked over and saw Qin Mufeng standing two to three steps away from her. He was dressed in a suit, which was out of place with the attire of the people on campus, making him stand out from the crowd.

She had to admit that no matter where this man was, he was always the center of attention.

Even in the entertainment industry, where the most beautiful and handsome people in the country were gathered, those people probably couldn’t compare with Mufeng. Of course, their temperament and aura were also far inferior to his.

However, this did not change the fact that Mufeng was seriously sick in the head! He actually came to the university to look for her!

Jiang Xun put on a cold face, as if she was facing a stranger. She only glanced at Mufeng indifferently and walked past him mercilessly.

Mufeng paused for a moment and quickly turned around. He caught up with her in a few steps. “Jiang Xun, have you not forgiven me yet?”

In response, Jiang Xun quickened her pace without turning her head. “I forgive you.”

Mufeng pursed his lips and asked again, “Then why are you ignoring me?”

She suddenly stopped, catching Mufeng off guard. He even took a step forward and quickly retreated.

“Mr. Qin, I forgive you. That said, I still don’t want to talk to you again,” she said, her voice colder than ice. “Please don’t come to me like this next time. It’ll be easy for people to misunderstand, which I’m sure you’re very concerned about.”

Jiang Xun paused for a moment. “Please continue to maintain your habit of not liking the opposite sex getting close to you. Also, don’t follow me anymore.”

After saying that, she left.

Mufeng subconsciously took a step forward, but when he recalled what Jiang Xun had said just now, her gaze seemed to carry a warning, so he had no choice but to stop. He watched Jiang Xun’s back disappear before he left.

Everyone was stunned.

Why did it seem like this good-looking man took the initiative, but Jiang Xun didn’t want to talk to him?

After the opening ceremony ended, classes officially began.

During class, Mufeng’s face would appear in Jiang Xun’s mind from time to time, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t shake it off.

The system asked, “Host, why did you choose journalism for your major? I thought you would choose a language major.”

After all, during the apocalypse, different countries had merged into a new federal government. As a soldier, Jiang Xun had mastered many languages to facilitate communication during missions. It would have been easier for her if she’d gone with a language major.

“If I can become a social journalist in the future, I’ll be able to grasp first-hand information about illegal activities and accumulate more merit points,” Jiang Xun replied.

The system could only remain silent.

It was rare to see a host who planned so far ahead into the future.

After a day of classes, Jiang Xun rushed to the cafeteria as soon as it opened, where she polished off two large plates of rice before returning to the dormitory.

As soon as she entered the dorm, she saw Jiajia dancing in the lounge. There was a gray cloth hanging behind her, which looked similar to the gray backdrop in the photography studio.

Daxin was taking photos of Jiajia with her phone.

Haina was standing beside Daxin, telling Jiajia how she should pose.

Jiang Xun carefully avoided the camera and sat to the side.

After they finished filming, Jiajia checked and edited the video.

“What are you guys doing?” Jiang Xun asked curiously.

“Once we finish filming, we’re going to upload this on a video site called Shanpin,” Daxin explained. “The incident with Lin Youyan reminded us that we can also post some videos online!”

Haina nodded. “Jiajia is cute and has a cute voice. We can post more videos that highlight her characteristics. Just now, she was doing a dance from a Japanese anime.”

“Daxin and I can post some imaginative videos,” Haina continued. “Big influencers can make money off their videos, you know? When those influencers are sponsored by a company to advertise something, they can earn up to six figures! People like Lin Youyan will definitely have even more than that.”

“We don’t expect to get such a huge fan base, but even if we only have tens of thousands of fans, we can still earn a few thousand yuan a month. It’s good to be self-sufficient in terms of living expenses,” Daxin continued.

Jiajia blinked her big eyes and nodded repeatedly. “Moreover, we can even start advertising our own goods. We can make a lot of money.”

“It’s that good?” Jiang Xun was also interested. She was also worried about how she would earn money for her own expenses. She had yet to find a suitable part-time job.

Her classes were tightly packed now, and she still had to earn Merit Points, leaving her with little time to find a part time job.

On top of that, she still owed Jiang Jixuan money.

“Not everyone can succeed, though. After all, internet celebrities are a minority.” Jiajia was currently editing a video. She raised her head and said, “However, how do we know if we don’t try? Even if we can’t make it big, at least it’ll be a fun experience.”

“Jiang Xun, why don’t you try it too?” Daxin suggested. “What if you make it big?”

“How do we do it? Do we just need to make an account? Don’t we need to apply for something else?” Jiang Xun asked, quickly downloading the Shanpin video app.

“As long as we register well and comply with the relevant regulations, we can post anything,” Daxin said.

Jiang Xun did some research. If she was going to do this, she would make sure she succeeded. After thinking it over for a while, she stood up and said, “I’m going out for a while.”

With that, she left in a hurry, leaving her three roommates staring after her in dismay.

About two hours later, Jiang Xun returned, holding a big hammer in her left hand and a stone slab half the size of her body in her right.

On the way back, she received all kinds of attention.

Jiang Xun was slim and only 167 centimeters tall, which was the height of an ordinary girl.

What she was holding must be a prop. It had to be!

“Boss!” Yu Bingbing had received a call from Jiang Xun and had been waiting for her downstairs. When he saw her coming over, he ran over and looked at her in shock. She was holding the big hammer and the stone slab as if it was effortless.

“Boss, I… I’ll help you carry one of these.” Bingbing looked at the big stone slab hesitantly. He felt that he definitely wouldn’t be able to carry it.

The Boss was awesome!

Therefore, he took the big hammer, though he was also quite self-conscious of the fact that this hammer was also quite heavy.

“Boss, what are you doing with these?” he asked as he followed Jiang Xun to the small garden behind the dormitory building.

“I’m going to film a short video.” Jiang Xun said, looking around the area. The lights in the garden were still quite bright.

With the light from the phone, the video should be quite clear.

Of course, shooting in the daytime was the best option.

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