Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 45 - Where Did She Get The Money From?  

Chapter 45: Where Did She Get The Money From?

The two of them went to register themselves and go through the procedures together.

“Didn’t your parents come to see you off?” Jiang Xun asked on the way.

“No. Wenping Town is so close to the imperial city, so I didn’t need to bring much luggage. I could take everything by myself.” Bingbing was still immersed in the joy of reuniting with Jiang Xun, and his simple words were filled with joy. “Besides, I’m a boy. It’s time for me to train myself. After settling down, I’ll just tell my parents that I’m safe. What about you, Boss? Did you come here by yourself?”

“I had a falling out with Jiang Chengye,” Jiang Xun said indifferently. “I moved out two days ago and now live by myself, so I’ll have to work to pay my living expenses and tuition.”

“Jiang Chengye is too despicable!” Bingbing said angrily. Jiang Chengye had abandoned Jiang Xun in the countryside for 11 years and had only recently brought her to the capital. Everyone back in high school had all thought that Jiang Xun would be able to enjoy life here.

But who could’ve known that Jiang Xun would end up falling out with Jiang Chengye again?

Of course, Jiang Chengye was the one who had made a mistake.

The Boss could never be wrong. She could never be wrong.

“Boss, don’t worry. We will help you think of a solution,” Bingbing said. “Zhao Dejia, Fang Zhenghui, and Yu Tailai have also come to the capital. They have been admitted to China University of Technology.”

Jiang Xun knew that although Dejia and the other two used to be school bullies, their academic results had been good. It was not surprising that they had been admitted to China University of Technology.

“The four of us came here together. We only arrived today.The three of them went to their university first,” said Bingbing. He took out his cell phone and sent a wechat message to Dejia and the others. “I have to let them know that I’ve met up with you. They’ll definitely be jealous. The three of them came to the imperial capital to meet up with the boss, you see.”

While they were talking, the two of them arrived at the registration office. After completing the admission procedures and paying the tuition fees, they took their luggage and went to their respective dorms.

Jiang Xun carried his bag into the dorms. The other three roommates were already there.

“Hello.” A short-haired girl with glasses saw Jiang Xun and approached her. “My name is Zhou Daxin. I’m from the neighboring Sanshui City.”

The other two girls had just arrived and were still packing their things. They stopped what they were doing and came over to introduce themselves.

“My name Is Huang Jiajia. I’m from Shenzhen City.” A girl with a baby face said. She had a soft southern accent, and her voice was cute and high-pitched, making her sound like a young girl.

“My name is Ma Haina.” The last girl’s voice was as crisp as the impression she gave people. “I’m from Qinhai City.”

“My name is Jiang Xun. I’m from the capital, but I’ve been living in Wenping Village until recently. I took the exam from Wenping High School,”Jiang Xun said.

“Did you come alone? Where’s the rest of your luggage?” Jiajia looked around. “Or is this all you brought with you?”

“This is all I have. It’s enough for me.” In fact, compared to the time she left the Jiang family, Jiang Xun would even say she was carrying more items with her now. There were more sheets, quilts, and pillowcases.

Jiang Xun quickly tidied up her bed. Shortly after she finished up, Bingbing sent her a message. Apparently, Zhao Dejia’s group had arrived at the university.

And so, Jiang Xun met up with Bingbing, after which the both of them headed to the campus gates.

The group of three saw her from afar and shouted excitedly, “Boss!”

They all rushed up to Jiang Xun and surrounded her. “Boss, we missed you so much!”

There were many new students and parents who’d come today, and so there were a lot of people who looked in their direction.

Jiang Xun cleared her throat. “Keep a low profile,” she said, making a lowering motion with her hand.

“Boss, I heard from Bingbing that you left your family.” Dejia said. “Then do you have enough living expenses? I have more here.”

“Yes, yes! We all have some,” the others chimed in.

“There’s no need,” she said. How could she possibly take their money? “Ji… My little brother gave it to me. He’s rich, so he won’t miss the money.”

The group knew that Jiang Xun’s biological mother had only given birth to her. In that case, the brother that Jiang Xun was talking about might be her half-brother.

“As expected of you, Boss. You managed to subdue Lil’Jiang in such a short amount of time.” Zhenghui had a look of admiration on his face.

Jiang Xun blinked at him. She didn’t know how Jixuan would react if he ever heard Zhenghui address him that way.

“Boss, we are all in the capital now. If you have anything to do, feel free to instruct us,” said Tailai.

Dejia scratched his head. “It’s our fault for not studying hard back then. We could only get into China University of Technology. If we’d studied harder and managed to get into Beijing University, we could’ve been even closer to you, Boss.”

Bingbing clicked his tongue. “He’s such a good person, isn’t he.”

Now, the three of them had given up on being school tyrants and stopped bullying Bingbing. Instead, they now had a good relationship with him. Bingbing could now joke with them without any scruples.

“Since we’re all in the same city, it’s convenient for us to meet up.” Jiang Xun nodded.

Jiang Xun’s military training went very smoothly.

The other students were exhausted from the military training. They all felt that their legs were about to fall off, and they couldn’t straighten themselves up properly.

However, for Jiang Xun, this little amount of exercise during the military training was only equivalent to a warm-up.

At the end of the day, since she had nothing to do, she could even continue to run circles around the campus.

Her roommates were all full of admiration for Jiang Xun’s physical strength.

It didn’t stop at just her physical strength, however—it also extended to just how much food Jiang Xun could pack away.

When Jiang Xun had been staying in that small hotel, she couldn’t eat much because she didn’t have much money on her. But now that she had money on hand, and especially since the university cafeteria’s prices were dirt cheap, she simply had to pile her plate full of food until it resembled a small mountain.

At first, the lunch lady who was working in the cafeteria was worried that Jiang Xun wouldn’t be able to finish her food, so she advised her not to waste it.

But even under Jiang Xun’s insistence, she could only give her so much.

When she was preparing the food, the spoon was still shaking non-stop.

In fact, even with so much food on her plate, Jiang Xun still didn’t have enough. She wouldn’t even consider it a single serving, but she was afraid that if she asked for too much at once, the lunch lady really wouldn’t give it to her.

So after she finished eating one serving, she went to get another.

In the end, after a few days, the lunch lady finally seemed to recognize her.

Knowing that this little girl could really eat a lot, the lunch lady would give her an extra helping, so there was no need for Jiang Xun to repeatedly go back for more food.

However, there was still a small incident during the military training.

According to Qin Mufeng, Jiang Xun’s looks were the epitome of pure beauty. However, there were also girls who were more beautiful than most other girls in their academy.

Some nosy person posted Jiang Xun’s photo on the school forum and said that going without makeup during the military training was a powerful way to test one’s looks. Things spiraled from there, and other people started to post pictures of other students regardless of gender as long as they were good-looking.

In this way, it gradually became a competition of looks.

In the end, only Jiang Xun and another girl named Lin Youyan were left in the journalism and communication school.

Unfortunately, the two of them were not only in the same school, but also in the journalism department.

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