Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 44 - Is Mufeng That Apologetic?  

Chapter 44: Is Mufeng That Apologetic?

“I won’t misunderstand you again,” Mufeng quickly explained.

“I’m still not going.” Jiang Xun pursed her lips. “If you still won’t leave, then I’ll leave. I won’t even come back to this small hotel. But I don’t have any money now. If I go out, I’ll sleep on the streets.”

Jiang Xun sneered. “You’ve already let me down. Do you still want to force me to sleep on the streets?”

“Stop fooling around.” Mufeng frowned slightly. “Didn’t Jiang Jixuan just give you 10,000 yuan?”

For a moment, Jiang Xun was silent.

“You eavesdropped on our conversation!” She finally reacted, having felt that there was something off about their conversation just now. “I never told you that I’m going to report to the university tomorrow!”

Mufeng looked up at the ceiling for a short while, then explained with a slight guilty conscience, “It’s because the soundproofing here is really too poor.”

Jiang Xun scoffed.

As if she was going to listen to someone lie!

“It’s true.” Mufeng coughed awkwardly. As someone who rarely spoke, it was hard for him to properly explain himself. “I was going to wait for Jiang Jixuan to leave before talking with you. Who knew that the soundproofing here was so poor? I could hear everything even though I was standing outside the door.”

“Ha.”Jiang Xun sneered. “Even if I do have money, I’d still sleep on the streets. Anyway, if you don’t leave, I’ll sleep on the main road. It’s up to you.”

Mufeng blinked. He really didn’t have much experience with the opposite sex.

His only sister was obedient and smart.

This was the first time he had seen someone like Jiang Xun.

“Fine, fine.” Mufeng suspected that Jiang Xun actually would do such a thing. “I’ll go. Don’t go out. Take care of yourself here.”

Jiang Xun’s eyes fell on Mufeng’s hand that was still holding the door. “Then let go.”

He could only let go quietly, to which Jiang Xun closed the door in his face again.

Mufeng left helplessly.

Even though he knew that Jiang Xun’s door was tightly shut, he couldn’t help but take a few steps forward and turn around to take a look.

When he saw Mufeng get into the car, Chengnan asked, “President, are we going back to the company now?”

“Let’s go back.”Mufeng pinched the space between his brows. “Arrange for two people to guard this place and protect Jiang Xun.”

Mufeng paused, then instructed, “Don’t let her know.”

“Understood.” Chengnan wondered how Mufeng had changed so quickly. First, he’d suspected that Jiang Xun was plotting against him, and now he was worried about Jiang Xun’s safety.

What exactly was he up to?

“Also,” Mufeng suddenly recalled another matter. “Continue to pay attention to Jiang Xun’s affairs and report to me at any time.”


If he had a mirror, Chengnan would have liked to look in it and say to his reflection, “Little friend, do you have a lot of questions right now?

After Jiang Xun closed the door, she started looking for a part-time job. However, she was unable to concentrate. The image of Mufeng apologizing to her kept popping up in her mind.

Eventually, she couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “System, do you think that I shouldn’t have forgiven Mufeng?”

“Have you already forgiven him? Why couldn’t I tell?”

“I mean, I shouldn’t have told him that I’ve forgiven him. If I hadn’t done that, I could’ve gotten him to apologize to me a few more times in the future. Isn’t this a ready-made Merit Point Extraction Machine?”

“…Host, please act like a human being for once. What did Mufeng do wrong to offend you?”

“He misunderstood me. Why are you still asking what he did wrong?”

The system suddenly whirred. “Currently withdrawing. Do not CUE.”

[Merit Points + 30]

Jiang Xun was shocked. “What’s going on?”

“The system has detected that the source of the Merit Points is Mufeng. On the way back, he still feels very sorry for you.”

Jiang Xun nodded slowly. “Good fellow.”

As she spoke, Mufeng sent her another 10 Merit Points.

At this moment, her phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar landline number.

Jiang Xun picked up the call. “Jiang Xun, this is officer Wang,” the person on the other end said.

“Hello, Officer Wang.” Jiang Xun remembered that he was one of the two police officers who had received her report in the early morning. He was also the one who wanted to give her money and asked her to move somewhere else. “Did you find out anything about the person you caught?”

“We have.” Officer Wang’s voice turned solemn. “You guessed it. He does indeed have a criminal record and has two victims. Don’t worry; he must be punished by the law.”

Following that, Jiang Xun received a message from the system.

[Merit Points + 100]

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Xun hurriedly asked the system, “Why did it suddenly increase again? Is Mufeng that apologetic?”

The system replied, “This time, it’s from that criminal. He was sentenced and can’t come out to harm others anymore. Although he was passively corrected, it was also because you caught him that he gave you an additional 100 Merit Points.”

“Then I now have 168 MP.” Jiang Xun was suddenly dizzy from her sudden increase in wealth.

The system said, “It’s only 168 Merit Points; you can afford to be a little more generous when spending them, Host. Moreover, after opening the next mission, you won’t have much left.”

Upon hearing the system’s words, Jiang Xun remembered that she still had one mission to unlock, so she decided to do it immediately.

[ Would you like to spend 100 Merit Points to unlock the mission? ]

Jiang Xun thought that even after spending 100 Merit Points, she would still have 68 MP left. She was rich!

So she decisively clicked on [ Yes ] .

[Mission: obtain 1000 Merit Points. Mission reward: increased lifespan by five years, enhanced ability panel. ]

[Mission Progress: 68/1000]

For a while, Jiang Xun was as still as stone as she processed the mission requirements.

1000 Merit Points?! How many bad guys did she have to catch!

She suddenly deeply regretted not applying for a police academy.

Jiang Xun then thought of something. “System, I keep forgetting to ask, but the mission doesn’t have a time limit, right?”

“In theory, it doesn’t, but your lifespan is limited, so you have to complete it before your lifespan runs out.”

“I won’t take that long.”

Even though that was what she said, Jiang Xun still sighed. She still had to work to pay off her debts, study, and find a way to earn MP.

From the looks of it, she really didn’t have enough time.

Other than working and studying, she would have very little time to earn MP.Even if she couldn’t catch criminals like before, she still had to find another way to earn MP.

Jiang Xun ended up worrying about this until the next day. Before she could find a job, she had to report to Beijing University.

Following the map on her phone, she ran all the way to the university.

When she was about to reach the school gate, she heard a familiar voice call, “Boss!”

When she looked over, she saw Yu Bingbing carrying a large school bag and a 28-inch suitcase with him. He was running toward her excitedly.

“Boss!” Bingbing ran up to her and stopped in front of her. He was panting, and his face was still flushed with excitement. “I was wondering if I could meet you at the door today. If I couldn’t, I would go to the dormitory to look for you.”

Jiang Xun was also very happy to see Wenping High School’s little brother.

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