Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 33 - Work Hard to Improve His Impression Of Her

Chapter 33: Work Hard to Improve His Impression Of Her

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Chengye and Nianzhen also revealed delighted smiles.

Both of them seemed to be very familiar with each other.

“We haven’t seen each other for some time. Jixuan seems to have matured.” The middle-aged man smiled and nodded at Jixuan. “He looks even more dependable.”

“He’s much more sensible now.”Chengye was obviously very happy when he heard the other party praise Jixuan. The wrinkles on his face deepened as he smiled. “However, he still has to learn from you, Xiao Ze. Please take care of Jixuan when you have time.”

Gu Xiaoze smiled modestly and said, “Not at all. Jixuan is smart, so there are many things that I can learn from him. It can be said to be a mutually beneficial relationship.”

“This is Jiang Xun, right?” The middle-aged woman said as she sized up Jiang Xun.

Nianzhen smiled and said, “Yes, she just came back not long ago. Today is Yuexi’s birthday party, so we’re hoping to have her meet some people here.”

“Jiang Xun,” Chengye introduced her, “This is Uncle Gu, and this is your Aunt Hu.”

Jiang Xun nodded lightly. “Uncle Gu, Aunt Hu.”

Nianzhen suddenly smiled proudly and said, “This is Gu Xiaoze. He was Yuexi’s childhood friend. He is four years older than Yuexi and is now studying at Beijing University.”

Gu Xiaoze was handsome and a top student at a top university. Although he was the second son of the Gu family and thus might not be able to become the head of the family, he still held a high position in it.

With his elder brother supporting him, he did not have the pressure of being in charge of the company. He could even get free dividends and live a luxurious life.

It was good to have power in one’s hands, but the circle was only so small. It was difficult to find someone who was the right age, was handsome, had power in one’s hands, had money, had a good personality, had good ability, and so on.

One had to give up some attributes.

Some were not the right age, and some were already married, so it was already rare for someone like Gu Xiaoze to be suitable.

Fortunately, Yuexi and Gu Xiaoze were childhood sweethearts. The two of them had feelings for each other, and their relationship had been acknowledged by both their families. They had a tacit understanding in place.

However, one had to understand that Gu Xiaoze was also very popular, so needless to say, Qin Mufeng was on a whole other level.

If one had to describe Qin Mufeng, it could be said that the man had gathered every single favorable point into his body. He was of a desirable age, and his face was unparalleled when it came to his looks. He was in charge of the entire family business and was also the next head of the Qin family.

With all this in mind, there was no sufficient way to express just how capable the man was. Not only that, he was always reserved and polite, so there were never any negative rumors about him.

Because he did not like women trying to get close to him, there were faint rumors that he did not like women, however, such rumors were only whispered in private. No one dared to really spread them around.

They couldn’t afford to offend Qin Mufeng.

It was also because the Qin family was so powerful that not many people dared get close to him. Therefore, to be able to get Gu Xiaoze as her son-in-law, Nianzhen was already envied by many people. She was also very pleased with herself.

Jiang Xun could forget about ever achieving this much in her life.

“Oh,”Jiang Xun answered faintly.

So this was Yuexi’s boyfriend, the one who was a jerk.

She couldn’t be bothered to treat him well, then.

She looked at Xiaoze lazily.

Xiaoze was indeed a young and talented man. He was also quite good-looking. He was not necessarily worse than those young and handsome celebrities.

But compared to the man whom she had met twice, Xiaoze was like a kitten compared to the man’s tiger.

They were not on the same level at all.

When she thought of that man, Jiang Xun realized that even though she had met him twice, she had never asked him his name. But whatever—she probably wouldn’t be meeting that guy again, anyway.

Seeing her nonchalant attitude, the faces of Xiaoze’s family darkened.

Hu Liwei glanced at Jiang Xun with an ugly expression. This girl was a daughter who had been brought back from the countryside. Obviously, she was not highly regarded in the Jiang family. Who gave her the right to look down on her son?

Xiaoze looked at Jiang Xun coldly. It was just as Yuexi had said: Jiang Xun had always been jealous of her and could not bear to see her doing well.

And now that Jiang Xun knew that he was Yuexi’s boyfriend, she couldn’t hide her jealousy any longer!

He couldn’t utter a single word.

“Uncle Jiang, where’s Yuexi?” Xiaoze turned away from Jiang Xun and smiled at Chengye.

“She’s the star of the night, so she’ll come when the banquet starts,” Chengye explained.

Thus, Xiaoze and his family entered the banquet hall first.

Jiang Xun felt bored as she stood in the reception hall. It was then that she suddenly remembered that her Merit Points could be used to unlock the second mission.

Now that she had accumulated a total of 77 Merit Points, Jiang Xun wanted to enhance her body’s strength, which could only be done by completing the second mission.

Thus, Jiang Xun unlocked the second mission.

[ Do you wish to spend 50 Merit Points to open the mission? ]

Jiang Xun decisively chose [ Yes ] .

Her Merit Points immediately went from 77 to 27, and the grayed out mission button lit up, signaling that it was now available.

[ Beginner mission: Among the following four people, choose one person to increase your favorability by 10 points. Mission reward: increase lifespan by one year, increase ability panel. ]

[ A, Chengye ]

[ b, Nianzhen ]

[ c, Gu Xiaoze ]

[ d, Qin Mufeng ]

“…System, are you serious about this choice?”

There was absolutely no way she would bother gaining Chengye or Nianzhen’s favor, nor would she compete for Gu Xiaoze’s favor. If he liked Yuexi of all people, then in her eyes, he was no better than Chengye or Nianzhen.

Jiang Xun said, “Then wouldn’t I have to fight for Qin Mufeng’s favorability? But I don’t even know him. What should I do?”

Previously, Chengye and Nianzhen had told her not to get close to him. She had even sworn that she didn’t know who the man was, but she couldn’t have known that she would have to work to increase Qin Mufeng’s good impression of her.

She felt as if she’d been slapped in the face and she really didn’t like the feeling.

“Mr. Qin!” Suddenly, Chengye’s excited voice came from beside her.

Jiang Xun came back to her senses and looked up. She realized that it was the man she had seen twice before standing in front of them.

Mr. Qin?

Jiang Xun recalled that the principal had indeed called him that when he was at Wenping High School.

“President Jiang.” Qin Mufeng nodded lightly.

“Mr. Qin, thank you for taking the time to come to my daughter’s birthday banquet today.” Chengye reached out and grasped Mufeng’s hands.

“You’re welcome, President Jiang.” Mufeng only shook Chengye’s hand for two seconds before letting go.

“Mr. Qin, this is my wife,” Chengye introduced excitedly. “And this is my son, Jixuan.”

Putting Jixuan’s face in front of Mufeng for even a little bit would be great for him, Chengye thought.

“Mr. Qin,” Jixuan called out nervously.

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