Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 32 - What Good Could Possibly Come Out Of This?

Chapter 32: What Good Could Possibly Come Out Of This?

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“I only just turned 18 today! I wasn’t old enough before!” Yuexi said angrily.

“Oh, then you’re old enough now,” Jiang Xun said coolly, completely blocking Yuexi’s attempts at fighting back. After holding it in for a few seconds, Yuexi said, “I’ve had a boyfriend since childhood.”

Jiang Xun knew that she must be talking about the one that the original Host had wanted to snatch, but couldn’t.

Even though Jiang Xun had never seen him before, what good could he be if he had taken a liking to Yuexi?

Nianzhen saw that Jiang Xun had actually gotten into Yuexi’s head with just a few words, so she hurriedly said, “I’m just giving you a reminder. Don’t fall for Qin Mufeng just because he’s good-looking, rich, and powerful. You’re only slightly pretty, and there have been many women who are more beautiful than you and have feelings for Mufeng. However, none of them have had a good ending with him.”

Jiang Xun raised her eyebrows. “After saying so much, which one is Qin Mufeng?”

Nianzhen blinked. So Jiang Xun really didn’t know who he was at all.

That was to be expected, she supposed; Jiang Xun had just come from the countryside, so what would she know?

Before now, how could she have had the opportunity to come into contact with such things?

“When we talk about Qin Mufeng, we have to mention the Qin family,”Nianzhen said, “The Qin family is one of the top eight families in China,” Nianzhen explained. “Every family in China has a hierarchy, and the eight families are all the way at the top. There’s a tangible gap between them and all other families. No matter how hard a family tries, there’s no way to bridge the gap between them, not even if they’re only a tier below.”

“The Qin Yang department store that you went to buy clothes from belongs to the Qin family. That department store has a branch in every first-tier city in China. It’s also the most high-end shopping mall in those cities. Second-tier cities lack the requirements for a branch to be opened in them.”

“Many of the middle and high-end shopping malls in the first and second tier cities are also owned by the Qin family. There are already so many first and second tier cities, so you can just imagine just how many stores have been opened in total.”

“Other than that, the family also owns a large-scale supermarket, the Qin Market. It has self-service stores and also houses Huamu Furniture, which all the major cities are vying for. The family also owns Qin Shi Convenience Stores, which are open 24/7, and they also own luxurious five-star hotels, the Mu Feng Hotel Group and Qin Yang Real Estate. The Qin Family has also invested in some businesses that the general public may not be aware of, but they’ve also invested in some of the more well known companies.”

“And Mufeng is the next head of the Qin family. He’s the current president of the Qin Yang Group, so he’s the one who’s in control of everything I just listed down,” Nianzhen said, puffing her chest out proudly. “Mufeng has already done us a huge favor by coming to Yuexi’s birthday party this time.”

“Go ask around. How many people can succeed in inviting Qin Mufeng to their birthday party?” Nianzhen took the opportunity to suck up to Chengye. “Isn’t it because our family has good business relations with him? Speaking of which, how many companies are fighting to cooperate with Qin Yang but are unable to do so? The reason Qin Mufeng is here is because of your father.”

As expected, Chengye couldn’t help but show a smug expression after Nianzhen said that, but it quickly faded as he looked back at Jiang Xun. “In short, stay away from Mufeng. Aunt Feng didn’t tell you all that for you to attach yourself to his side,” he warned.

“Ha!”Jiang Xun sneered.

Nianzhen and Yuexi had a bad feeling when they saw her reaction. They didn’t know what she was going to say this time.

However, it was too late for them to stop her now. “You’d better control Yuexi, then. Nianzhen herself saw how rich you were back then and decided to attach herself to you. It’s hard to say whether she passed this gene down to Yuexi or not.”

“Jiang Xun!” Nianzhen screamed, her eyes red. “Chengye, I… I really didn’t expect to be stabbed like this because I couldn’t control my heart and made a mistake out of love. “If I had known earlier, I… I would have controlled my heart no matter what, even if I had to go far away!”

“I’ve really indulged you too much!” Chengye was so angry that he raised his hand and was about to hit Jiang Xun.

“Dad!” Jixuan didn’t have time to think before he subconsciously blurted out to stop him.

Chengye’s palm moved down, but his wrist was grabbed by Jiang Xun before it could hit her.

“Did I say anything wrong? Why are you trying to hit me?”Jiang Xun looked at Chengye coldly. “You broke my mother’s heart, and now you’re trying to hit me! I wonder what would happen if this were to get out! Does the Qin family know about your character? If they knew, would they still be willing to cooperate with you?”

“Dad, today is Yuexi’s birthday,”Jixuan said hurriedly. “Calm down. We’re going to the banquet in a while. Don’t let the guests see that something is wrong.”

Jiang Xun shook off Chengye’s hand coldly.

Chengye was forced into a corner by Jiang Xun, so he could only take the opening that Jixuan had given him. “I’ll deal with you later!”

Jixuan let out a sigh of relief and pretended to look at his watch. “Dad, it’s almost time. We should go and welcome the guests.”

Chengye nodded heavily and said coldly, “Let’s go.”

Nianzhen looked at Jixuan strangely. After Chengye walked out, she deliberately took a few steps back and asked in a low voice, “Why are you protecting Jiang Xun?”

“I’m not,” Jixuan explained in a low voice. “I just think that since it’s my sister’s birthday in a while, if everyone goes out looking angry, I’m afraid that people will start speculating on us. I don’t want my sister’s 18th birthday party to become a mess.”

Nianzhen thought about it and agreed. She trusted Jixuan and said with relief, “You’ve really grown up.”

Jixuan smiled. This issue was finally dealt with.

As the main character, Yuexi stayed in the room.

Chengye and Nianzhen only brought Jixuan and Jiang Xun to the entrance of the banquet hall on the first floor to welcome the guests.

The guests who had come earlier knew that the rumored eldest daughter of the Jiang family, who had returned from the countryside, would also be present tonight.

When everyone arrived, they couldn’t help but look at Jiang Xun’s face for a long time.

“This is Jiang Xun, right? She looks so much like your father.”

“Director Jiang, you actually have such a beautiful daughter. It must’ve been hard keeping this from us.”

The guests spoke nicely and politely in front of Chengye.

All of them knew Yuexi, so if she had been here in place of Jiang Xun, all of them would have been able to greet her without needing any introductions.

These people were praising Jiang Xun, but from the way they looked at her, there was only disdain and contempt.

Seeing their hypocritical expressions, Jiang Xun couldn’t help but wonder if she could get some merit points from these people.

At this moment, a young man walked over with a middle-aged couple.

The middle-aged man saw Chengye and Nianzhen from afar and called out to them with a smile. “Brother Chengye, sister-in-law.”

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