Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 29 - Not In A Battle Of Brawn, Let Alone Wits

Chapter 29: Not In A Battle Of Brawn, Let Alone Wits

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“Oh, right.” Jixuan had been in a state of shock ever since he saw Jiang Xun, so much so that he had forgotten about such an important matter.

As Jixuan searched for their phones, he thought gloomily that he was probably even more of a fool in her eyes.

He obediently handed the phones he found to Jiang Xun.

“…” Jiang Xun looked at Jixuan with a complicated expression and said, “Do you think their phones are unlocked with fingerprints or facial recognition? If it’s unlocked with fingerprints, use their fingers to unlock it. If It’s for facial recognition, put it in front of them so the phone can scan their faces.”

“… I know how to unlock them,” Jixuan said. Did Jiang Xun really think he was an idiot? SHe’d explained what to do as if he was a toddler!

Jiang Xun glanced at the phone that Jixuan had handed to her. “Hehe.”

When she compared him with the three former bullies in Wenping High School, she could definitely say that those three were much smarter than Jixuan was. They wouldn’t have needed her to tell them what to do.

Jixuan remained silent.

His performance just now was indeed like that of a fool.

He lowered his head and unlocked the gangsters’ phones, all the while inwardly cursing himself. He had to perform well from now on and change Jiang Xun’s impression of him.

After unlocking the phones, Jixuan deleted the videos they had of him without Jiang Xun’s prompting.

“Take a look at their chat records with you, especially the parts that threatened you and the money records. Take a screenshot and send it to your phone. This is all evidence,”Jiang Xun said. “This also goes for the chat records on your end. Keep them.”

Jixuan quickly nodded. “I will.”

He quickly took a screenshot of these chat records and saved them.

“Alright, call the police,”Jiang Xun said. “This is extortion. According to criminal law, if the amount of extortion is large or there are multiple instances of extortion, they will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years and a fine. If the amount extorted is large or if there are other serious circumstances, they will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years, but not more than 10 years and a fine.”

“They’ve been blackmailing you for a while, and not only that, you’re Jiang Chengye’s only son, so they must have been able to extort a lot from you,”Jiang Xun said. “They won’t be getting off with a light sentence.”

The two people who were trampled under Jiang Xun’s feet were already trembling with fear when they heard her words.

“Don’t…Don’t call the police…” the man with the rough voice begged for mercy. He had no choice; he couldn’t beat her in a battle of fists, let alone wits. “We’ll return all the money to him. Don’t call the police.”

The man with the arrogant voice completely dropped his act as he cried and begged for mercy. “Please don’t call the police. We don’t want to go to jail. We’ll return all the money to him. We’ll find a way to return what we’ve spent to him.”

“Yes, yes!” The man with a rough voice cried even as Jiang Xun continued to step on him. He said with difficulty, “We won’t dare to blackmail Jixuan anymore. We know we’re in the wrong.”

“Hurry up and call the police. What are you waiting for?” Jiang Xun said with a dark face, “Even if you don’t blackmail Jixuan here, you’ll still blackmail others. And how else are you going to get back the money you’ve already spent? Wouldn’t it be from even more extortion?!!”

The two of them cried. How did Jiang Xun know so much?

“We’ll work, we’ll earn money, and we won’t extort others,” said the man with a rough voice. “It’s just that…It’s just that the speed of repayment might be slower…”

Jixuan listened to them silently.

It turned out that when they said that they were going to pay him back, they were really planning to extort others.

“We’re in the wrong! Please don’t call the police,” cried the man with a rough voice.

[ Merit Points + 4]

Jiang Xun let out a low hum and said to the system, “They didn’t apologize to me, so why did they give me Merit Points?”

The system explained, “They did apologize to you because you were the one who insisted on calling the police. They could also see that Jixuan would listen to you. If you said that you wouldn’t call the police, Jixuan wouldn’t call the police. Therefore, the person they wanted to apologize to was you.”

“I see.”

She recalled that the two of them had indeed apologized four times.

But was she someone who wouldn’t call the police just because they apologized?

Of course not!

Seeing that Jixuan was actually in a daze, Jiang Xun urged, “What are you still standing there for? Call the police!”

“Oh, okay.” Jixuan had thought that she would let them off because they’d apologized so sincerely. But now, he didn’t ask any more questions and simply did as Jiang Xun bade.

When the two gangsters saw that there was no salvaging their situation, they immediately felt like they were drowning in despair.

Regret. Utter regret.

Why did they blackmail Jixuan?

“Why didn’t you just call the police for such a thing?” Jiang Xun said to Jixuan in disgust. “The chat record on your phone is evidence. The video of them blackmailing you will be investigated and deleted by the police when they arrive. How would they have the chance to spread it in your school?”

Jixuan usually acted like he was smart, but in the end, he was really only smart on a surface level.

Jixuan suddenly froze at her words.

…When she said it like that, it was such a simple matter.

He had been caught off guard by the blackmailing at that time, and had been so arrogant that he didn’t even think of such a simple method.

The police arrived very quickly. One of them knew Jiang Xun.

When he saw that it was Jiang Xun, he immediately smiled. “Recently, the security in the capital has been better than before. Even thieves and perverts don’t dare to come out. I didn’t expect you to catch someone who was actively breaking the law.”

What kind of physique did Jiang Xun have to take down people as burly as these men?

Because of Jiang Xun, they didn’t have to rush out as much recently.

The police took a statement from Jiang Xun and Jixuan as usual. Jixuan submitted all the evidence to the police.

“We will check if they have any other backup videos and wipe them out. Don’t worry,” the police assured him.

Jixuan heaved a sigh of relief and nodded. He felt a sense of security that he had never felt before.

The policethen left with the two gangsters.

“Let’s go,” Jiang Xun said nonchalantly and walked out of the alley by herself.

“Jiang Xun!” He called out to her.

Jiang Xun turned around and saw a complicated expression on his face. “Thank you.”

She waved her hand nonchalantly and left, leaving him behind.

She still had to continue collecting Merit Points—no, to uphold justice.

Jixuan kept looking at Jiang Xun’s back.

He had been blackmailed by those two thugs and did not dare to tell anyone, including Feng Nianzhen and Yuexi.

This matter had been weighing down on his heart all this time until he felt as if he would go mad, and today, he’d been driven into a corner by those two hooligans.

He never expected that just when he was in despair, Jiang Xun would appear and save him.

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