Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 28 - Having Been Pressed Against A Wall

Chapter 28: Having Been Pressed Against A Wall

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Feng Nianzhen placed the bag of ice in Yuexi’s hand and said, her heart aching, “Quick, apply this. It’s already badly swollen.”

For the next few days, Yuexi did not go out because her face was swollen.

Nianzhen told her to endure it for the time being and to not provoke Jiang Xun for now.

Therefore, the house was very quiet for a while, and Jiang Xun did not have any chance to squeeze Merit Points out of Nianzhen or Yuexi.

As for Jixuan, the only thing he dared to do was mock her. He repeatedly tested her on the edge of being beaten, but never had the guts to cross the line.

Therefore, Jiang Xun could only go outside and try to earn more Merit Points there. But for some reason, she found that it was getting harder and harder to find thieves and people with ill intent.

She wasn’t aware that she was already quite well known within the circle of thieves.

A rumor spread amongst them, saying that there was a woman who was very good at fighting and was keeping law and order everywhere in the capital.

For now, the only thing they could do was lay low and hope that she would stop as soon as possible.

Didn’t she have better things to do? She was patrolling outside every day!

They planned to wait and see what happened. Whenever Jiang Xun came out, they would not show their faces.

It was like their industry had suddenly been immersed in a cold winter.

At this moment, Jiang Xun was walking along a street when she heard a rough and hoarse threatening voice coming from a narrow alley next to her. When she peeked inside the alley, she found someone being cornered by two burly men.

“You brat, you’ve been ignoring us for the past two days, huh? I sent you a message, so why didn’t you reply?” a man with a hoarse voice asked.

“You’re really gutsy, ain’t ya!” The other man’s voice was exceptionally arrogant.

When he heard their words, Jixuan’s eyes widened in anger. Heart filled with hatred, he decided right then and there that he would duke it out with them!

The other party saw his ruthless expression and spat, “Whaddya lookin’ at me like that for? How dare you!”

The arrogant-sounding man swung his fist at Jixuan, but suddenly found himself unable to move his fist. No matter how hard he struggled, he simply couldn’t pull free of whatever had blocked him.

His face turned red. As he was about to yell out, something suddenly kicked him behind his knees, causing his legs to give way beneath him. As he tried to take a knee, something kicked his shoulder. His body fell over onto the ground.

“Argh!” The rough-voiced man cursed and swung his fist.

However, he did not see Jiang Xun’s face, only her silhouette.

Jiang Xun ducked out of the way of his fist and slammed her own fist into his stomach in retaliation. The man doubled over in response, and then Jiang Xun took the opportunity to hit his back with her elbow.

The man coughed heavily, now completely disarmed.

Jiang Xun raised her leg again and pressed her knee into his stomach, then kicked him to the ground.

At this moment, Jiang Xun looked at Jixuan.

“You?”Jiang Xun was surprised. She hadn’t expected Jixuan of all people to be accosted for money in an alleyway.

Jixuan also hadn’t expected Jiang Xun to be the one who’d come to his rescue. He also didn’t think that she would be so terrifying in combat.

He himself had been unable to fight back against these people, but Jiang Xun had beat them up with the ease of tearing apart tissue paper!

Jixuan couldn’t help but think of the first night Jiang Xun returned to the Jiang family. He had been subdued by her and pressed against the wall of their villa.

All this time…Jiang Xun had gone easy on him.

Jixuan couldn’t help but tremble at the realization.

“You b*tch!” The arrogant man finally crawled onto his feet and became even angrier when he realized his assailant was actually a thin and small girl.

He was just caught off guard just now and was successfully ambushed by her!

If they were to fight seriously, how could such a thin and small girl be his opponent?

The arrogant man rushed over and swung his fist, but before his fist could reach Jiang, he was sent flying by Jiang Xun’s kick.

Jiang Xun picked up the coarse-sounding man and threw him at the arrogant man, sending his body colliding into the arrogant man.

The arrogant man let out a muffled cry of pain as he fell to the ground. The coarse-voiced man was laying on top of him.

As the two of them lay there, Jiang Xun walked up to them and planted her foot on the coarse-voiced man, eliciting a grunt of pain from him.

“Aren’t you usually arrogant?” she asked, turning to look at Jixuan. “Why are you getting bullied by them?”

Jixuan opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. He lowered his head, feeling ashamed.

“Why are you lowering your head? I’m still asking you a question,” Jiang Xun called.

Jixuan immediately raised his head and heard her ask, “They said that they took a video of you being beaten up?”

“Yes!” His eyes lit up. “They…They have been threatening me with the video, asking me to transfer money to them every day.”

“Don’t you usually have a chauffeur to pick you up? How did they find you?”

“I don’t go home every day after school…” Having seen Jiang Xun’s fighting strength, Jixuan answered all her questions honestly. “That time, I asked the chauffeur to come pick me up later so I could play around nearby. Who knew that I would be targeted by them?”

“It seems that you don’t know how to keep a low profile.” Jiang Xun looked at him meaningfully.

It was because he was too high profile that he was targeted to begin with.

Jixuan lowered his head obediently.

He was indeed quite well-known in school.

“Don’t tell me that the whole school knows that you’re a rich kid?” Jiang Xun asked with a look of disdain.

“…It’s hard to hide my noble aura.”

Jiang Xun smiled contemptuously.

Jixuan behaved himself and didn’t respond to her taunts.

“Look for their cell phones,” she suddenly said. “They tried to beat you up, so we can call the police on them. But in your case, stealing someone’s cell phones is illegal, so don’t even try.”

To think that the police had given her a pennant earlier…

Jiang Xun looked down on him. “… You’re so stupid. You deserve to be beaten up.”


Why was she still scolding him when he was speaking so politely to her?

“They already have a video of you as blackmail, no? Don’t tell me you still want to give them something to hold over you?” Jiang Xun said unhappily.

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