Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 236 - Ji Nuan’s Suppressed Whimpers Were Like That of a Little Kitten, Slowly…

Chapter 236: Ji Nuan’s Suppressed Whimpers Were Like That of a Little Kitten, Slowly…

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Ji Nuan was directly brought out of the bathroom. She was undressed entirely from head to toe.

The man had brought her out from the bathroom just like this.

“What time is it now?” Although Ji Nuan was sleepy, the parts of her skin in contact with him were unreasonably sensitive. She was undressed, and the cool air in the room made her skin even more sensitive.

He planned to bring her back to the bedroom, but Ji Nuan’s state of undress left her arching uncomfortably in his arms. His initially firm grip on his composure immediately weakened. A month of separation did not influence his daily life, but the moment this woman was pressed in his arms, the control Mo Jingshen had once prided himself on instantly disappeared.

The man abruptly leaned down to kiss her; his movements were more urgent that Ji Nuan had expected. They had yet to arrive at the bedroom, and Mo Jingshen had already pressed her down on the long table behind the sofa. Although this seemingly gentle man has never lived up to his appearance in the bed, Ji Nuan was still slightly taken aback: “Mo Jingshen… be gentler…”

He vaguely responded to her with an ‘en’ as he kissed her but showed no signs of slowing down.

She softly protested once more: “Let’s go back to the bedroom…”

His kiss followed her lips as he chuckled huskily, “We can’t. I can’t wait anymore.”

Ji Nuan: “…there’s only a few steps left to the bedroom. Is it really that difficult?”

“Taking the two weeks before your birthday into account, I’ve basically been starving for a month and a half. You say, is it difficult?” The man’s scorching, dark, and husky breath landed by her ear. He nibbled on her earlobe, bringing out her voice as he teased her sensitive spot. “Do you think your husband is a saint? Capable of watching you close the doors and head to bed right after showering?”

“But this place is really cold and hard.” Ji Nuan felt that she was about to combust from the man’s ink-black gaze. She forced herself to maintain a calm and composed expression, but a small flame was already lit in her heart. It burnt brighter and brighter.

The moment she spoke, the man easily shifted his arm, pressing her onto the table. He turned her over, so he was the one leaning against the table as he held her in his arms.

He pinched her chin and kissed her again without holding back, forcing her teeth apart to attack her.

He was much harsher and demanding as he brushed past her teeth, curling their tongues together and bringing her into his mouth. Softly, he kissed every inch of her without leaving any space out.

It had really been a while since they were intimate. Ji Nuan thought she was quite composed when it came to such matters. Although Mo Jingshen always teased her into losing control, after enduring through a long period of being always entangled together and loathing to part, she thought these few months of separation would not affect them much…

However, he was suddenly provoking her so much, in such a spot, in such a… position…

Mo Jingshen had clearly considered that it had been a while since they had last done it and that it would be difficult for her to adjust.

Even though he was ready to attack, he patiently released her. He peppered soft and intimate kisses across her neck and ears; sucking and nibbling on her ears and biting on her collarbone as he gradually moved down.

Ji Nuan eyes reddened from his teasing. Fragmented whimpers spilled out of her lips. She was gradually provoked into shrinking away from the sensations.

The lights in the living room landed on her undressed, smooth, and beautiful skin. She softly whispered: “Don’t… it tickles…”

The man ignored her, running his hands up against the side of her legs.

Ji Nuan cried brokenly: “Mo Jingshen…”

“What do you call me?” The man’s hands paused immediately, his darkened eyes shifting up to her.

Ji Nuan: “Hubby…”

Having not addressed him so in a while, she was unable to react fast enough.

Her softened, delicate voice caused the man’s gaze to darkened further. Ji Nuan noticed his ink-black eyes settled on her; he clearly would not give her further opportunities to move away, nor would he let her off easily tonight.

Mo Jingshen lowered his gaze. The little woman in his embrace and sitting on his lap was teased until she was weak. Her smooth, slender, and white beauty was exposed entirely under the lights, and the veins on her forehead were almost bursting.

“Do you enjoy shouting my full name?” His voice was frighteningly husky as he approached her earlobe once more to softly and unhurriedly whisper, “I’ll let you shout it until you’re satisfied later. Remember not to cry.”

The man’s brazen threat caused Ji Nuan to shrink subconsciously in his embrace. She most likely would not get any sleep tonight.

Before she could speak up, his mischievous fingers directly intruded her. “I won’t let you off even if you cry.”

Ji Nuan whimpered, subconsciously shrinking away. Her white skin was almost completely dyed light rose. She slid her hand up his hand to grab onto his shoulder, pushing him away weakly. “Wait… shall we first discuss a time to stop? If I don’t sleep for the whole night, I really won’t survive…”

“I can’t wait anymore.” Mo Jingshen did not allow her to say more. The movements of his fingers brought her to such a height that she could no longer control herself.

Ji Nuan buried her head into his neck and dug her nails into his back. Her lower lip was bitten sore, and her eyes were misty with desire. Her tears flowed down: “I still have class tomorrow…”

“Your classes are canceled tomorrow.” The man nibbled on her neck; his voice was husky.

“Canceled? Why are they canceled? How did you know? I haven’t heard anything about that…”

“As the investor of T University’s library, who is about to be labeled as an honorary principal, if I say the classes are canceled tomorrow, who dares to go against me?”

Ji Nuan: “…”

Tomorrow was the weekend. There were only several classes under Professor Lin, so they would occasionally receive extra lessons. Even if the classes were canceled, it was unlikely to cause too many problems.

But she never expected that this man, who was always so calm in the company, would display such a tyrannical side to achieve his own desire.

Today, if she did not satiate his appetite, perhaps T University’s classes would be canceled for an entire week…

Ji Nuan was slightly distracted. Mo Jingshen’s hand suddenly moved to the back of her head. He pressed a gentle kiss on her forehead, moving to her hairline, while his other hand unhurriedly explored her inch by inch, drawing faltering whimpers from Ji Nuan’s throat.

Ji Nuan’s suppressed whimpers were like that of a little kitten. Every sound entered his ears, torturing him into almost using up all of the restrain he had forcefully built up to help her adjust.

The rays in the room turned ambiguous with their movements. Ji Nuan could barely hold on anymore. His low and heavy chuckle caused her ears to burn scarlet red.

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