Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 235 - Turning the Shower Knob with One Hand, He Wrapped His Arm Around Her Waist and Lifted Her Up

Chapter 235: Turning the Shower Knob with One Hand, He Wrapped His Arm Around Her Waist and Lifted Her Up

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Although Ji Nuan was already held in Mo Jingshen’s embrace, she silently shifted closer to him.

Although she could not grasp the meaning between their words clearly, she could smell the vague gunpowder scent in the air.

She had already known that Nan Heng’s background wasn’t simple. Someone involved in the ammunition business could never be simple. But this was far more serious than she had imagined.

This incident involved not only ammunitions but various countries and the underground world. The different areas and the many more intertwined issues were all things Ji Nuan had never once been in contact with.

At this moment, the only thing on her mind was if Nan Heng’s background was this complex, what sort of relationship did he really have with Mo Jingshen and Qin Siting?

She vaguely remembered Qin Siting mentioning that he had once saved Feng Ling’s life in America.

What about Mo Jingshen? Among them, what sort of role did Mo Jingshen play?

Compared to the ice in Nan Heng’s gaze and the suspicion in Ji Nuan’s, Mo Jingshen was completely unperturbed. “The death road was their own choice. Bringing you with them on their way down isn’t too big of a price to pay.”

It was clear that Mo Jingshen was giving him a reminder.

Nan Heng naturally knew this as well.

Nan Heng curved his lips upward into a cold edge. “There was no way I would have brought Feng Ling into the country purely for the sake of being your woman’s bodyguard. Since I’ve brought her here, I’ve naturally hidden the necessary ambush. If they wish to come, let them come. I promise that no one will leave alive.”

Mo Jingshen rubbed Ji Nuan’s waist with pauses in between, his expression composed. “Using your own woman as a bait; You, Nan Heng, are truly the only cold-blooded and heartless person who would be able to do this.”

Nan Heng. “…”

“Mr. Mo, I was already informed of the mission and its process when I was at the base. Everything is of my own choice.” Feng Ling spoke up. This was likely the first time Feng Ling had spoken up for Nan Heng before them. However, her tone did not contain much warmth.

“Letting your woman protect you, is this what a man should be doing?” Mo Jingshen did not look at her. As though intentionally provoking Nan Heng, he tossed one harsh knife after another toward him.

Nan Heng: “Look at the both of you echoing after one another. I almost suspect if Feng Ling has been brainwashed by your woman. When did she learn to cooperate so well with you?”

Ji Nuan suddenly spoke up: “Nan Heng, Feng Ling was clearly speaking up for you earlier. Won’t your conscience hurt from saying those words?”

She did not understand the situation well, but Mo Jingshen did, and he was taunting Nan Heng so strongly; he appeared to be having so much fun doing so, that Ji Nuan could not resist the urge to speak up and join in.

Nan Heng did not reply as he coldly and abruptly narrowed his eyes. He glanced toward Feng Ling meaningfully.

Feng Ling did not continue speaking as she stood like a pole in that blood-stained sports jacket.


By the time they stepped out of Nan Heng’s hotel, it was late in the evening. Although they had yet to pass T University’s curfew, Ji Nuan already understood that there was little chance for her to return to the dormitory tonight.

Mo Jingshen brought her back to the condo near T University. On the way back, she asked in the car: “Previously, when you said you’ve resolved everything… did you return to America in the last month?”

“The promises I made to you had to be fulfilled. Without heading there personally, how can I give you a satisfying answer?” The man’s tone was soft and low.

Guessing was one thing, and actually hearing it from his lips was another.

Ji Nuan’s heart was instantly scalded and frantically pounding. “I don’t mean to fuss over small matters. That incident had frightened me too badly. It was normal to become irrational and to doubt and vent. If I hadn’t done so, it would have meant that I don’t care enough about you. But I didn’t mean to force you into doing anything, nor did I wish to make things difficult for you…”

“You haven’t made things difficult for me. There isn’t a need for you to worry further about this incident either. I’ve said that I’ll settle this; that I’ll resolve this. I naturally won’t leave any complications to show up in the future.”

Ji Nuan glanced at him.

Did he mean that the person that wanted to snatch this piece of meat from her lips was already out of the picture?

With Mo Jingshen personally dealing with it, perhaps the problem was really easily and decisively resolved.

The enemy was almost executed before she even met her. Wasn’t this far too boring?


They alighted from the car to head back to the condo. The moment Mo Jingshen stepped out, he immediately held her hand.

The man’s palm completely engulfed hers. She turned to size him up and found that Mo Jingshen was always able to maintain his composure. He never had any abrupt changes. His character, his appearance, and even his way of dressing were always very steady.

“That night, the reason I was able to drink without any worries was because I knew Feng Ling would be by my side. That’s why I wasn’t worried.” Ji Nuan glanced at him once more to say, “Did you really show up at the place we were at to bring me away?”

“Did you not want me to see the way you were a sloppy mess when Feng Ling supported you out or did you not want me to know that you were intoxicated to the point of not recognizing me?” Mo Jingshen had no intention of entertaining her as she brought the matter of her drinking up. As he tugged her into the elevator, he finally tossed her a sharp look.

Ji Nuan: “…”

She was not going to ask anymore. It was clear that he had found her at that pub.

At that time, had she been unable to recognize him?

That wasn’t right. At that time, she had only dismissed it as mistaken identity, as a hallucination. How could she possibly not recognize Mo Jingshen’s face?

After they entered, Mo Jingshen scanned the elevator card and did not pay her any more attention.

Ji Nuan had promised him not to drink, yet she intentionally used alcohol to vent her feelings. She knew Mo Jingshen did not wish to fuss about this right after he had managed to coax her, but he was still clearly dissatisfied that she had touched alcohol.

Ji Nuan stood right by his side, watching their reflection on the elevator door. When he met her gaze, she leaned against his arm. “In the future, even if I drink, I’ll only drink when I’m happy. For celebratory purposes. I’ll never use alcohol to vent my emotions or be angry with you again.”

The man finally raised his brows, tossing another look at her through the reflection. “You completely don’t intend to stay clear of alcohol. Only when you’re happy? You’ve even managed to add several new conditions to your alcohol ban.”

Ji Nuan pursed her lips. When the elevator arrived at the highest floor, she stepped out with him.

Before returning, they had a meal with everyone at Nan Heng’s place. Right now, Ji Nuan was not hungry. After entering through the door, she turned on the lights and changed her shoes.

The man who had disappeared for an entire month was finally back. Her empty heart was instantly filled. She was unable to define the emotions she was experiencing but found herself releasing a breath of relief.

Recently, Ji Nuan’s lifestyle was especially healthy. When the time was appropriate, she naturally became sleepy; after all, it was already nearing eleven. She removed her outerwear and headed into the bathroom. She planned to sleep after washing up.

Because she was too sleepy, she directly took a shower instead of drawing a bath.

However, the bathroom door was abruptly opened. She lifted her tired expression and was unable to react in time. She watched as the man dressed in his shirt and pants stepped on the water-covered ground. He approached through the mist and wrapped his arm around her waist. After turning the shower knob off, he wrapped his arm around her and lifted her up.

Ji Nuan was slightly dazed from the drowsiness: “I’m not done showering. What are you doing?”

“We’ll shower together later.”


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