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Chapter 1245 - The Story of Ling and Heng (508)

Chapter 1245: The Story of Ling and Heng (508)

Feng Ling nodded and felt that he made sense. She asked, “Then what should I do now? There are still several hours before lunch. I don’t have to boil water or cook right now. Can you teach me how to use these tools? Let me help you?”

Li Nanheng stopped what he was doing and glanced at her. He saw Feng Ling sitting on the small stool in the room, looking at him with her chin resting on her hand.

He sighed and smiled. “I don’t need your help. If there’s really nothing to do, why don’t you dance for me?”

Feng Ling: “… ”

The man raised his brows. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Feng Ling put down her hand under her chin and said with a fierce expression, “I won’t.”

He smiled. “Oh, right, you really don’t know how.”

Feng Ling: “… ”

“Then why don’t you practice a set of punches, or the basic movements of close combat in the base? It’ll look good. Why don’t you play a set?”


“If you know this, why not?”

“You were the one who taught me. In front of you, this is called showing off your skills. If I did something wrong, you would scold me. I won’t do it.”

Li Nanheng was amused. “I only scolded you when you first came to the base. At that time, your stamina was indeed no match for others, and some of your basic movements were not standard enough. How many times have I taught you, and you still bear a grudge?”

“I’m just speaking the truth. You used to scold me.” Feng Ling rolled her eyes at him.

Li Nanheng chuckled. He liked the way she was becoming less and less restrained. “Then what should I do? I can’t bear this grudge for the rest of my life. Why don’t I stay here for the next few nights? Let you suppress my arrogance?”

“… ”

Feng Ling ignored him. She didn’t know how to build a house or make a bed, but she could make a small stool. She walked over and picked up a few pieces of wood that had been cut off. She found a few pieces that were neatly arranged as if she had picked up a treasure. She quickly took them to the side and put them together. Then she made some small stools or other simple toys.

Seeing that she had obviously started to like to make small things in the past few days, and then looking at her carefully studying several wooden boards, Li Nanheng chuckled and continued with the unfinished business.

Building a bed is definitely not as huge as building a house. You have to pay attention to various details such as waterproofing and rainproofing when building a house. There were also wooden planks and other supplementary items.

As for the bed, it was relatively faster. As long as it was sturdy, it was sufficient.

After making the bed, Li Nanheng placed it against the wall in the room. Then he noticed that the room was still lacking a set of tables and chairs for eating. This was enough. The tables and chairs were not urgent. Recently, Feng Ling also wanted to make some small things. He could slowly teach her how to cook and accompany her. This way, she could also find some interest.

The two of them had lived in the city for many years. In such a quiet jungle, where they didn’t even need to use their phones, they didn’t feel bored at all. In fact, they felt that this kind of life was so peaceful that they could let go of all the grudges and conflicts outside. In this world, there was nothing to worry about. The result of Feng Ling calming down was that she didn’t care much about the Feng family and Feng Mingzhu.

After all, for the past twenty years, she didn’t have any contact with the Feng family. It seemed that aside from being related by blood, there was nothing else between her and that family.

Although Feng Mingzhu was extremely selfish and narrow-minded, the elders of the Feng family were not heartless people. In this way, when the two sides canceled each other out, Feng Ling did not complain much or hate her, nor did she feel touched.

If she left the jungle one day and returned to the outside world, Feng Ling would follow the circumstances. If the Feng family insisted, she would go to the Feng family to take a look. She would personally remove her mourning hall and tell them that she was still alive. She would thank them for giving birth to her and returning to the Feng family. However, she would only acknowledge them as her ancestors. She would not stay in the Feng family. She would still be the Feng Ling she used to be.

And if the Feng family chose to stay quiet and not disturb her, she would also keep silent and not reveal the truth. It would be best to maintain the status quo.

Feng Ling knew that no matter how peaceful and happy her life in the jungle was, there would come a day when she would have to go back. Both of them had their own responsibilities on their shoulders. This sort of peaceful life could only exist in books and stories.

Feng Ling learned things very quickly. Although Li Nanheng didn’t learn much about carpentry, men like to act, especially when it came to these things, so he helped her build a house bit by bit. After learning how to make wooden planks, she spent a week building tables and chairs with him and other small items.

Their cabin was completely intact, and they didn’t even lack any furniture. Feng Ling opened the wooden cabinet in the room, took out a clean set of clothes belonging to Li Nanheng, and walked out. Before she reached the stream, she heard the sound of water splashing.

She looked over and saw that Li Nanheng was holding a blade of grass in his mouth. The tall, well-built man stood there bare-chested. He lifted the water flowing in the stream with one hand and placed his other hand on his waist. He held a blade of grass in his mouth, looking as though he was a king.

There seemed to be something moving around the man’s feet. When Feng Ling approached, she saw that it was actually a small wild piglet. However, its two front legs were tied to a rock by a rope, and it was struggling hard on the ground.

She then looked at the man who was taking a shower calmly by the side. She didn’t even need to think to know that this little piglet had foolishly bumped into this man’s boots. Otherwise, why would it be tied up here?

She walked over with a smile, squatted down, and placed the clothes in her hands on a clean rock. Then she used her hands to pick up the little pig’s feet, and the little thing struggled even harder.

“There are quite a lot of animals in the jungle every day. The nutrients we have here are not bad. Why did you tie it here? It’s too small. Even if you want to eat it, you have to wait until it grows up,” she suddenly said.

Both of them came from the base and had sharp ears. Furthermore, they had lived here for so long. Before Feng Ling approached, Li Nanheng had already heard that she was here. He did not turn back but stood there and splashed water on himself.

Hearing her words, the man turned back to look at her. If it were any other woman, they would have picked her up and said that they couldn’t bear to eat or kill her. However, when it came to her mouth, it became that even if they wanted to eat, they would have to wait until they grew up.

“Then raise it and let’s eat it when it grows up.”

“Raise? Who?”


“????” Feng Ling pointed at herself and then at the little piglet on the ground. “Li Nanheng, it is not enough to raise you. You want me to raise a pig?”

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