Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1244 - The Story of Ling and Heng (

Chapter 1244: The Story of Ling and Heng (507)

“Even if you put a knife on my neck, I won’t let you go. How can I push you away?” Li Nanheng said.

Feng Ling remembered that the man said he took the initiative and remembered that he had been on the road today and had been busy outside, but still had such amazing stamina. She was really impressed.

Even though her entire body was numb and sore, and she did not want to move, she still turned over by the man’s side. Her eyes were blurred by the tears.

Li Nanheng turned to look at her. He hadn’t had enough and planned to continue after resting for a few minutes. However, when he saw the little woman in his arms and her flushed face, he didn’t even want to rest for a few minutes. He smiled and kissed her cheek. “You make me feel like a gangster who bullies the weak.”

Feng Ling glanced at him. In the next moment, Li Nanheng’s brows abruptly twitched. He was speechless because Feng Ling had pushed him down. He immediately sat up on his abdomen. She panted and said condescendingly, “I’m not weak.”

Li Nanheng stared at her in shock, as if he was trying to confirm if the Feng Ling who had learned to take the initiative today was really her.


Everything happened so crazily that night. Time seemed to pass very quickly. When both of them were exhausted and sleepy, the sky outside the jungle was already bright.

After a night of rain, it was still cold outside. If she went to the stream to shower now, she would definitely catch a cold.

The two of them were really too tired to move. They didn’t even bother to wash up. He bit Feng Ling’s ear and asked vaguely, “Are you going to shower with me after you wake up?”

Feng Ling didn’t answer. She was so tired that she fell asleep.

In this jungle, there was no need to wake up early for morning training. There was no need to abided by the time of the base. She could wake up whenever she wanted.

The two of them fell asleep in each other’s arms. Feng Ling was so tired that she leaned her head against his chest. In the end, Li Nanheng did not sleep on the hay on the ground. Although the stone bed was not wide enough, he was happy to sleep with her in his arms.

Li Nanheng kissed her face again and fell asleep in satisfaction.

For the next four days, aside from being dragged back to the cave by Feng Ling at night to rest, Li Nanheng barely rested during the day. He was busy cutting trees and building houses.

Four days later, the house was fully constructed, and the roof had been set up. There were also several layers of planks stacked on top of each other to prevent the rain from leaking.

For the past few days, Feng Ling had been helping him. She couldn’t build a house, but she could lay the floor of the house and the cave flat with stones. Then she would dig some mud from the jungle to mix the stones and soil together to continue looking for a flat surface. When the stones and soil were dry, the ground was like a cobblestone floor. It was flat, beautiful, and natural.

Feng Ling drew a long line in the cave behind the house to dry her clothes. Previously, it was just a simple wooden frame. Now, she had more space to dry her clothes and store things.

Li Nanheng was really good at surviving in the wild. He even built a stove in the cave with the remaining dirt and stone she dug. This way, when she cooked in the future, she wouldn’t have to use the simple method of lighting a fire. Instead, she could use the stove to cook. It would be more convenient and wouldn’t have so much smoke.

In the past, Feng Ling only wanted to live here to be alone for a while, but she never thought of building a house here or making these things.

Li Nanheng’s arrival caused her life here to take a qualitative leap.

The two of them had personally built a home with stones and logs, filling Feng Ling’s heart.

Feng Ling stood outside the building and saw that Li Nanheng was strengthening the windows. She said, “You’ve made this place so good. Even if I want to leave, I can’t bear to leave. What should I do?”

Li Nanheng didn’t stop. He continued to move the wooden boards on the window and replied, “I’ll stay with you as long as you want to. Even if I go out in the future, I can come back with you when you miss this place. If you can’t bear to leave this place, can you bear to part with me?”

For several days, they lived like this from morning to night. They worked together in the day and slept together at night. Without anyone staring at them, they didn’t have to worry about being shy. Feng Ling no longer hid her feelings and answered with a smile, “I can’t bear to.”

“That’s right.” The man nailed the wooden board to the window frame. He patiently hammered the nails as he spoke: “Wherever I am, that is your home. If you can build a house here, there will also be a place that belongs to us outside. It doesn’t matter where you like it. The important thing is that with me around, you will have a home. Do you understand?”

A person who had never had a home since she was a child had seen her own home being built with her own eyes and heard a man saying that wherever he was, there would be her home.

What could be more satisfying than this?

After another day, Li Nanheng went to cut the trees and cut the planks. Feng Ling helped him and asked, “What are you going to do this time? Isn’t the house ready?”

“Bed,” Li Nanheng said concisely.

Feng Ling’s gaze abruptly fell on the wooden boards in his hands and the wooden boards piled by his feet. Seeing these wooden boards, she knew that he was going to make a large bed. She could not hold back her smile. “I thought you enjoyed hugging me to sleep every day.”

“It is indeed very enjoyable, but it’s not a long-term solution.” Li Nanheng blew on the wooden board in his hand and said lightly, “That stone is more than two meters long, one meter wide, and not low in height. No matter how good my stamina is, I’m not an immortal warrior. Even if a few more Li Nanheng add up, I won’t be able to lift it. I have to put a decent bed in this newly built room.”

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