Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1236 - The Story of Ling and Heng (499)

Chapter 1236: The Story of Ling and Heng (499)

Feng Ling was used to being silent about her own thoughts, especially about things she did not wish to mention, so she did not continue to talk about it.

After a moment of silence, she suddenly glanced at him and said, “So what did you say about marrying a one-year-old baby’s cenotaph?”

Li Nanheng raised his brows. “En?”

Feng Ling also raised her eyebrows coldly. “You want to marry my cenotaph? Are you bullying a dead baby who can’t speak? Did you marry me after I agreed?”

“Do you mean I have to propose to you?”

“… ”

Seeing that the little woman was really going to settle the score with him, Li Nanheng quickly held her in his arms. “The Feng family and the Li family are engaged. In the beginning, they did force Feng Mingzhu to marry me, but I had already fallen for you. It’s impossible for me to marry her. However, the marriage agreement between the two families was still in effect. I can’t get rid of it, but I can’t marry another woman behind your back. The best way is to marry the Feng family’s second daughter’s cenotaph. This so-called marriage is actually to write the second daughter’s name into the Li family’s ancestral hall in name. There isn’t any actual marriage process. You can imagine it. It’s just a few sets of clothes for children. How can I have a simple idea about a baby girl?”

“If I had known that you were the owner of those clothes…” Li Nanheng leaned down to kiss her ear. “Three years ago, I should have made it up to you.”

Feng Ling turned to look at him because of his shameless words, but the man took the opportunity to bite her lips again. He did not bite her hard, but his eyes were full of smiles. “Although it was delayed for three years, it’s not bad. After all, you were still young three years ago. Even if I suffocated to death, I couldn’t bear to sleep with you.”

Feng Ling smiled insincerely. “You slept with me earlier than three years ago. How can you say such words?”

Li Nanheng pressed his lips against hers and said vaguely, “That’s because I was drunk. If I want to sleep with you, I’ll definitely do it openly. Do I need to use alcohol?”

With that, he intertwined his tongue with hers and said hoarsely, “If it weren’t for the fact that I feel sorry for your young age, you would have been punished by me even before you turned seventeen. All my patience has been placed on you. Are you blind or slow?”

Feng Ling thought in her heart, so when she was only in her teens, he had already thought of her like this in his mind, so every time she was on the training ground, he would always think about shameless things.

She bit the man, but Li Nanheng smiled and pecked her on the lips, touching her head. “Little wife, you’re my wife. Be gentle.”

Another month passed. During this month, Feng Ling still did not mention the Feng family and her family background. She did not know if anyone had come to look for her. Anyway, if she did not want to see them, no one could enter the base.

She put all of her energy into the newbies of Team One. After a month of intensive training and intensive combat training, these newbies finally entered the right state of mind. They all performed well in the second assessment. Out of the twenty newbies, thirteen of them were officially recruited into the base. The remaining people also gave the third assessment a chance.

After finishing this task, Feng Ling didn’t tell anyone. She wrote two emails overnight, one to the base hall, and one to Li Nanheng’s email box. Then she left the base before dawn.

The next day, when Ah Feng received the letter of leave from Feng Ling l he was still in a daze. Why did this person suddenly say that she would take a few months of leave and leave without saying goodbye?

Li Nanheng also saw Feng Ling’s email the next day.

There was only a simple message: [Boss, the newbie training mission has been completed. I need to spend some time alone to sort out my life. It’s rare for me to go out to relax. Don’t worry, I’m in good shape. I just want to take a leave. Don’t miss me.]

Feng Ling’s sudden disappearance left many people in the base confused. However, when everyone was puzzled, Boss Li didn’t say that he was looking for her, nor did he show any unhappiness about Feng Ling’s disappearance. He was so calm that it was as if Feng Ling hadn’t left at all. It was as though Feng Ling would come back soon and didn’t need to worry at all.

Boss Li didn’t say anything, nor did he send people out to search. Ah Feng and the others had no choice but to do so.

Four months later.

In the jungle near the Malibu beach in Los Angeles.

In the cave, there were several wolf bones that had already been eroded by the wind.

It had just rained outside the cave. However, the leaves above the jungle were too dense. Even though it was raining heavily, only a few drops of rain fell into the jungle. Outside the cave, there was the refreshing scent of rainwater. It was humid, but it was clean and fragrant. It was the kind of cleanness that could not be smelled in the bustling city.

The cave was very warm. It was the beginning of spring and summer, so it was not very cold. It was raining outside, but there was a fire in the cave. Several charcoal stones were piled with dried branches that had been picked up a long time ago. There were also several simple but clean pots and pans placed by the side. The water in the pot was boiling.

Next to her was a stone platform that was almost two meters long with a simple quilt. This was Feng Ling’s bed.

The rain was still pouring outside. Feng Ling got up and casually moved her arms. She walked over and gently picked up the fire that was about to be extinguished with a long stick. She added a few more sticks into the fire. Within a few seconds, the fire burned brighter.

This was already the third month of her life in this jungle. In the first month after leaving the base, she really went around to relax. She even took the time to visit Ji Nuan several times. Afterward, she returned to the jungle she once lived in before she was five.

However, the wolves here had already been driven away by the intruders. The remaining wolves had all died or died in the past twenty years. The cave had long been empty.

She was fiddling with the firewood and listening to the rain outside when she suddenly heard some noise. It was as though someone’s footsteps were stepping on the grass nearby. She had been here for several months and had not seen anyone. She was not sure if there was someone or some beast in the jungle approaching.

When someone walked into the cave, she suddenly turned around and saw a tall man casually throwing the black travel bag in his hand onto the ground. The man’s body was damp and cold. He raised his brows and looked at her. “My little wife, can two people sleep on this stone bed?”

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