Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1235 - The Story of Ling and Heng (498)

Chapter 1235: The Story of Ling and Heng (498)

“If it weren’t for the Feng family, do you really think your clumsy methods can protect you? Without the protection of the Feng family, I’m afraid you would have already died countless times. Miss Feng, if your IQ isn’t high enough, you should know how to behave yourself and don’t do anything immoral. Otherwise, not only will you not be able to kill me, you’ll even let me witness your stupidity.”

When Feng Ling said this, she stared straight into Feng Mingzhu’s eyes. Her gaze was distant, with a hint of ridicule and deliberate distance.

In the base, when Li Nanheng learned that Feng Ling had gone to see Feng Mingzhu, he frowned coldly, put down his work, and turned to walk out.

When he was about to walk out of the base’s main entrance, she saw Feng Ling and Feng Mingzhu standing at a distance. Feng Ling was still standing straight with her back facing the base. Feng Mingzhu, who was standing in front of her, was so angry that her eyes almost popped out. Li Nanheng saw it clearly.

Feng Ling was a stubborn person, but no matter what she faced, whether she was happy or sad, whether she could hold on or not, she was used to not asking anyone for help. Even if it was him, she would not easily reveal her weak side.

She was not used to it.

“Miss Feng, you have your own grievances, but I don’t seem to be at fault. Even my fate is passive. I passively accept the fact that I am an orphan and passively accept the fact that I am your sister. I don’t remember blocking your path. You said I ruined everything you had and stole everything from you? I, Feng Ling, don’t seem to have anything else besides the XI Base behind me, nor have I stolen anything from you,” Feng Ling said indifferently. “I advise you to guard your own Feng family. Don’t provoke me in the future. I’m not interested in your Feng family.”

Your Feng family.

Feng Ling’s tone and attitude clearly indicated that she had no intention of going back to acknowledge them.

It was as though she wanted to bury the truth in her stomach and not mention it to anyone.

Feng Mingzhu stared at her for a long time before sneering. “Do you think you didn’t steal anything from me?”

She suddenly took a step forward and pressed close to Feng Ling, looking at her face to face. Her voice was full of hatred and unwillingness. “The man I loved the most since I was young has been snatched away by you. What else do you want to snatch from me? I’ve liked Li Nanheng for so many years, but he would rather marry you, the cenotaph of a girl who died early than marry me! How ridiculous! Ha! The great Young Master Li married a woman who died early! The Li family even buried your cenotaph in the ancestral hall! How ridiculous, ah?”

Feng Ling’s eyelids immediately twitched. This was the first time she had looked at Feng Mingzhu with a serious and surprised expression since she met her outside the door.

Seeing Feng Ling’s expression, Feng Mingzhu sneered. “Don’t tell me you don’t know about this?”

Feng Ling didn’t speak. She restrained her emotions in time.

“I was wondering why he suddenly said those words in the Feng family that day. Why didn’t he marry…” Feng Mingzhu paused and then smiled coldly. “So he already knew about it.”

Feng Mingzhu then spat at the side. “Pei! Despicable!”

Feng Ling didn’t speak for a while. On one hand, she was digesting what she had just learned, and on the other hand, she was observing Feng Mingzhu in front of her. She vaguely sensed that Feng Mingzhu’s emotions were unstable. Previously, she had heard from Mrs. Feng that Feng Mingzhu’s emotions were unstable. She would mess around at home every day and was brought abroad by her friends to relax. However, when she came back, she clearly didn’t open up the knot in her heart and even dug her way into it.

Her mentally weak appearance made Feng Ling lose the patience to reason with her. However, Feng Ling did not make this trip in vain.

At least she knew the reason.

So three years ago, the so-called marriage between the Feng and Li families, the marriage that made her drink all night, was actually she eating her own vinegar?

Li Nanheng actually married her own cenotaph?!

“Miss Feng is emotionally unstable. Send her back.” Feng Ling ordered the two base members in front of the door indifferently. She did not waste any more time here and turned to leave.

“I haven’t finished speaking!” Seeing that she was about to leave, Feng Mingzhu rushed forward but was blocked by the two base members in front of the door. She was so angry that she wanted to push her away, but Feng Ling had already entered without looking back.

She had just walked back to the base and had only taken a few steps when a pair of black leather boots appeared in her sight. She paused and looked up, only to see Li Nanheng’s eyes.

She looked at him and suddenly didn’t know what to say. She remained silent.

Li Nanheng raised his handsome brows. “Where is my little wife going?”

Feng Ling: “… ”

In the past, when she heard the words’ little wife,’ she thought that he was just teasing her shamelessly. Now that she suddenly realized that his words were reasonable, her heart instantly pounded violently several times. When she thought about how she had strangely been jealous for so many years, she felt embarrassed. Without saying a word, she walked away.

The man reached out with his long arm and pulled her into his embrace. He lowered his head to look at her embarrassed expression and was immediately amused. “If it were in the past, even if Feng Mingzhu were to die outside, you wouldn’t have come out to see her. This time, you came out first.”

Feng Ling slightly turned her head away because of the man’s approaching breath. “I’m not interested in anything else she wants to say. Before I found out about her background, I didn’t have much to care about. But in the past few days, I just wanted to know what she was thinking To used such a stupid method to deal with me. That’s why I took the time to meet her.”

“So?” The man’s breath brushed against her ear. Seeing her uneasy expression, he guessed that she knew something, but he did not expose her. Instead, he whispered into her ear with a faint smile, “What conclusion did you come up with?”

What other conclusion could there be?

Feng Mingzhu had grown up in the shadow of her dead sister. The hatred and disgust she had for her was too obvious.

She did not answer, but Li Nanheng clearly saw through her. He gently patted her shoulder comfortingly. “We are of the same blood. We grew up in different environments. That’s why we have such a big difference in character. You grew up in a wolf’s den, so you never asked for much, so happiness comes too easily. Some people, even though they have everything they want since they were young, just want too much.”

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