Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1200 - The Story of Ling and Heng (463)

Chapter 1200: The Story of Ling and Heng (463)

The short gun fell off her hand and landed on the table in front of her, and the man turned her around. In the early morning of the weekend, no morning training slogans and footsteps were heard and no one was around. The man’s kiss was gentle and tender, not as deep and rough as usual.

Obviously, the scene where she was standing here practicing shooting also recalled his memories that he almost forgot. Nothing could please him more than seeing his little wife grow up right in front of his eyes. He suddenly hugged her tightly and kissed her hard.

When the woman was kissed to almost collapsing weakly to his arms, Li Nanheng smiled and kissed the corner of her mouth again. Then he pinched her chin and gently rubbed her rosy lips with his finger, looking at her deeply. “Drillmaster Feng is off today and is going to accompany me out of the base. Let’s find a place outside the base to know each other more deeply.”

Feng Ling had completely surrendered to this man’s offense and nodded shyly.

Of course, she understood what he meant.

Li Nanheng was satisfied.

“Hey, what are you two doing?” Han Jin had long heard gunshots here and guessed it must be Feng Ling, so after eating breakfast, he planned to go out of the base for shopping, only to see the two playing lovey-dovey in the shooting range. He teased, “Boss, are you really going to take the lead in completely changing the atmosphere of the base? Now everyone knows Feng Ling is a girl, how can you just kiss her blatantly in the shooting range?”

Li Nanheng said lazily, “Blatantly? So what?”

Han Jin was a bit frightened by his words. “…”

He took a breath. “Although it’s great that Little Feng Ling is back, don’t forget what Ah Feng said especially now there are still some people… who hope that you two quarrel and Feng Ling leave the base again in a rage, giving up the position of the drillmaster.”

Han Jin turned his eyes to Feng Ling. “Although the position of drillmaster for newbies seems insignificant, there are not a few people wanting this job. Do you know how many people are waiting for you to make mistakes? In terms of ability, they can’t find any faults from you, but the members of Team Three, you know… they have already complained privately about your return and often spread gossip about you and Boss. I really don’t understand those people. They act like a bunch of bitches…”

Feng Ling had guessed that the members of Team Three must be very upset about her return, but she hadn’t met them since she came back and she paid very little attention to gossip, so she didn’t know they talked about her behind her back.

Han Jin said this to remind Feng Ling to be careful, lest she would be too angry after hearing the rumors about her.

Feng Ling said calmly, “When I was asked to come back as a drillmaster, I really didn’t think I was qualified for that job, but I think I can be a good drillmaster for new members. I don’t care how they talk about me. If they want me to quit, they can come have a duel with me.”

Han Jin raised his eyebrows and smiled when he heard this.

He didn’t expect that Feng Ling could be so arrogant and defiant, which was really rare.

And then Feng Ling said something even more arrogant and defiant. “They may not be able to beat me together. Why should I care about what losers said?”

Li Nanheng didn’t say anything. He just looked at the calm-looking woman and smiled.

Han Jin told her that in case she would be affected by those rumors.

But now Feng Ling was no longer who she used to be. She used to be cautious, quiet, low-profile and tried not to offend anyone.

Now, although she was not high-profile, she was much tougher than before. Now she was more confident and more proficient in getting along with others. She would no longer blindly flinch but confront them bravely.

If Feng Ling once was a piece of rough jade, she was now a fine jade that had been carved and even emitted light.

She was no longer the little girl who didn’t know how to get along with others and only trained hard every day with the hope to prove herself in every assessment.

She was a mature woman who had her own ideas and outlook on life.

Feng Ling didn’t know what the man was thinking of and only stared at Han Jin. “Drillmaster Han… oh no, Director Han.”

Han Jin had been promoted a long time ago. He used to lead Team One in the base and now was a director of the base.

Han Jin felt that Feng Ling seemed to have something to say, so he raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

Feng Ling did want to say something. She still remembered what Han Jin said to Xiao Xu back then, “She is just an orphan. We all know she can’t be compared with the daughter of the Feng family!” Although he didn’t mean to insult her by saying that, Feng Ling still couldn’t forget it. After so many years, she still wanted to ask Han Jin why he said that.

But before she asked him, Li Nanheng had held her into his arms expressionlessly when he found she kept looking at Han Jin. “Don’t waste time with him. Let’s go about our business.”

Han Jin looked puzzled. “Your business? What is it?”

Li Nanheng turned and walked away with his arms around Feng Ling, waving his hand at Han Jin without looking back. ” Even if I explain to you, you won’t understand it. Go find a girlfriend.”

Han Jin: “?????”

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