Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1199 - The Story of Ling and Heng (462)

Chapter 1199: The Story of Ling and Heng (462)

“Fortunately, although he is young and a bit naive, he didn’t dare to do anything to you.” Li Nanheng’s tone was still cool and his slender fingers rubbed on Feng Ling’s dry lips. “Otherwise… I might really have to do something impulsive.”

Hearing the word “impulsive,” Feng Ling suddenly turned her eyes to the lights and monitors outside the base hall and then said in a low voice, “Even if someone wants to do something to me, he will have to get close to me first. They can’t beat me.”

She could understand Li Nanheng’s feelings of being left out in the cold for so many days after returning to the base. Otherwise, she would have pushed him away and ran back into the base hall.

“Shall we go out tomorrow?” Li Nanheng raised his eyebrows and did not continue to talk about others. Instead, he held the woman in his arms more tightly. “Their first assessment is scheduled next week, and you are only free this weekend. You really should compensate me a bit.”

Feng Ling coughed and she was so shy that she didn’t even know where to put her hands, and she let out a low “um” after a long while.

Seeing that she didn’t refuse, Li Nanheng was very pleased. He pressed this little woman against his chest, kissed her on the back of her neck and the cheek, and whispered something dirty to her with a voice that only she could hear. Feng Ling blushed, quickly pushed him away, and hurried into the base hall.

Although she looked calm, her legs were weak after hearing what the man said. She felt as if there was a fire burning on the top of her head and she was about to fume.

Ah Feng had just come out of the bathroom and his hands were still dripping with water. Seeing Feng Ling’s distracted look, he laughed and joked. “Drillmaster Feng, this is a military base. Don’t go too far.”

Feng Ling went upstairs without saying a word under Ah Feng’s teasing gaze.


“Boom, boom, boom!”

On Saturday morning, there were frequent bursts of gunfire on the shooting range.

This location was on the furthermost side of the base, so only the members who got up early on the weekend could hear the sound.

After Feng Ling went back last night, she took a shower and soon fell asleep. This morning, she got up early, went back to the sniper training camp, and practiced shooting for a while with her old sniper rifle. She hadn’t touched a gun for a long time, so she really enjoyed it and came to the shooting range to practice shooting alone.

K and some other members had a mission today, so they got up early. When they passed by the shooting range, they glimpsed Feng Ling and couldn’t help but exclaim.

Feng Ling looked gallant and energetic when she put on the base’s uniform and took a gun but looked quiet and pretty when she took off the uniform. Fortunately, Boss Li had got her. Otherwise, she would probably cause a big fight among the base members who wanted to date her.

“Oh, she looks so handsome and pretty.” Tam stroked his chin and exclaimed.

“You think so because you haven’t seen how Feng Ling is like when she is applying a facial mask.” K laughed while walking.

“Applying a facial mask? When?” Tam instantly gave him a glance as if he had heard something impossible. “She? She would apply a facial mask? Are you kidding me?”

“It’s true!” K took out the phone from his pocket, opened the photo album, and handed the phone to him. “You see, is it her, right? I saw it with my own eyes in the hospital a few days ago, and she almost killed me because of the photo…”

Tam stared at the phone and looked shocked. “Shit, is the sun rising from the west? I can’t believe Feng Ling will apply a mask…”

“It’s comprehensible. After all, she is Boss Li’s girlfriend now. Women in love will try their best to look prettier. But I’m afraid that no other woman will get up early in the weekend morning to practice shooting instead of hanging out with her boyfriend.”

The two men whispered sneakily, looking at the phone while looking at Feng Ling.

Although Feng Ling had noticed them, she didn’t want to stop. Leaving the base for so many years, she almost had no chance to touch a gun, so she simply ignored them. However, as the two laughed and gossiped more and more loudly, she suddenly stopped, pulled the trigger, and glanced back at them coldly.

Being coldly stared at by her, K shivered and quickly put the phone away for fear that she would snatch it and delete the photo, and then ran away with Tam.

Feng Ling practiced a little longer and suddenly heard footsteps approaching behind her. She was very familiar with Li Nanheng’s footsteps, and without looking back, she knew it was him.

Li Nanheng usually got up early. Even on weekends, he would get out of bed on time. At such an early time, there weren’t many people in the shooting range, so he came over to have a look when he heard the gunshot.

He didn’t bother her, leaving her to practice there alone. After watching her fire a dozen or so bullets, he walked over and put his hands on her waist.

Feng Ling paused but didn’t turn her head back. The man raised his hand to help her adjust the posture of holding the gun. Clasping her waist with one hand and holding her wrist with the other, he said, “Fire.”

“Bang—”! The bullet quickly passed through the twelve overlapping targets and hit the red dot in the center, and a wisp of white smoke rose in the air. This shot was perfect without even the slightest error.

At this moment, Feng Ling felt as if she had returned to many years ago when Li Nanheng used to teach her like this. She felt her blood boil and when she was about to put down the gun and turn her head, the man behind her suddenly held her into his arms and kissed her lips.

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