Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1193 - The Story of Ling and Heng (456)

Chapter 1193: The Story of Ling and Heng (456)

She didn’t look at his expression but turned to look at the light not far away.

“Well, I’ve kissed you, so don’t be angry. When I’m not that busy, we can…”

“Kissed me?” Li Nanheng pinched her chin, forcibly turned her face to him, and made her look at his dissatisfied eyes. “When did you kiss me?”

“I did!” Feng Ling took a look at his chin, reminding him.

Li Nanheng laughed angrily. “You call that a kiss?”


If they were still in that dark place, Feng Ling might satisfy him. After all, she knew she did ignore him these days for those newbies, but work was work and she should be responsible for the new members. Li Nanheng who was both the boss of the base and her boyfriend should be able to understand her.

But he seemed to be very dissatisfied.

Come on, he was the boss of the base!

There were surveillance cameras and lights all around. Seeing the man’s expectant expression, Feng Ling clenched her fists and decided to give him a quick kiss when suddenly Ah Feng’s voice rang. “Guys, this is the base hall. Do you have to do that here?”

Feng Ling, who was just about to kiss Li Nanheng, seemed to be electrocuted all over, pushing Li Nanheng away, turning around, and quickly running away.

Li Nanheng: “…”


He turned to look at Ah Feng who didn’t seem to realize that he had disturbed him at all. Feng Ling ran past Ah Feng and entered the base hall without a word.

The base hall was indeed not a place for them to play lovey-dovey. There were spirit tablets of all the members of the base killed in missions in the base hall.

With a straight face, Li Nanheng silently and slowly walked up the stairs.

Seeing Boss Li’s aggrieved expression, Ah Feng said to him, “Boss, if you really can’t stand it, take Feng Ling out of the base for two days.”

Li Nanheng said indifferently, “No, thanks. She is busy training the new members and if she leaves the base for two days, she will have to work several times harder to pull the newbies back on track again, which means that all her previous hard work will be in vain. But why do you work her so hard? Does she have to work from dawn to night to train those newbies?”

Ah Feng was embarrassed. “It’s not me who makes her work so hard… you know what kind of a person Feng Ling is, she always works hard. I can’t stop her from working from dawn to night.”

“Can’t you arrange her an assistant?” Li Nanheng frowned. “Find her a deputy-drillmaster. I think K is suitable for this job.”

“The sniper team is busy preparing for the military exercises next month. None of the four members is available. K doesn’t have time for the job. If I arrange someone else…” Ah Feng looked at Li Nanheng up and down. “Boss, are you sure you won’t be angry if I arrange her a male assistant?”

Li Nanheng turned around coldly and left.

“I’m serious. If I arrange a deputy drillmaster to help her, there will be another man close to her!” Ah Feng said seriously, “Boss, if you really don’t mind, I’ll start arranging it and Feng Ling will have an assistant tomorrow!”

Li Nanheng suddenly turned his head and said in a cold voice, “Am I dead? Can’t arrange me in?”

The corner of Ah Feng’s mouth twitched. “But you are the boss. You are only supposed to take over either an elite team or a sniper team. How can you serve as a deputy drillmaster in a newbie team? If you do, you will probably be pissed off by these rookies who are not able enough! And, if you and Feng Ling work together, there will be even more gossip about you in the base! And the newbies will feel it unfair too. This is… not going to work…”

Li Nanheng didn’t notice there were so many rules in the base before!

When Feng Ling was a man in everyone’s eyes, there weren’t so many troubles, but now she became a woman, and there were even more restrictions. He was the boss here but couldn’t even approach his woman!

Seeing that Boss Li was very unhappy, Ah Feng hurriedly gave a fawning smile. “How about me giving these newbies one or two days off on the weekend? Then you can take Feng Ling out… I don’t know how far you and Feng Ling have gone, but it’s really inappropriate for you to play lovey-dovey in the base hall…”

Li Nanheng couldn’t even kiss Ling Ling and was blamed for “playing lovey-dovey” in the base hall. Aggrieved, he left with a straight face.

Ah Feng hurriedly explained behind him. “Boss, I’m serious. I’m going to arrange an assistant for her tomorrow…”

Li Nanheng paused, looked back, and sneered.

Ah Feng: “…”

Forget it, if Feng Ling can’t handle it, I will go help her. If I really arrange her a male assistant, Boss Li may swallow me alive.

However, it turned out that Ah Feng overestimated the trust that Boss Li had in him.

In this entire base, apart from K who grew up with Feng Ling, there was no one else who could be trusted by Li Nanheng.

So Boss Li decided to play dirty!

Yes, very dirty! ! !

He decided to pretend to be a newbie drillmaster, conceal his identity from the newbies, and serve as Feng Ling’s assistant. He had done the same thing in that martial arts club, so it was no problem for him.

Hearing his stubborn decision, Ah Feng couldn’t say a word.

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