Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 1192 - The Story of Ling and Heng (455)

Chapter 1192: The Story of Ling and Heng (455)

Feng Ling shivered when she was kissed, but the man hugged her even more tightly from behind.

Because of the hot and humid kiss on the neck, her voice changed when she spoke. “Boss…”

“Do you still know that I am your boss? I thought you didn’t pay attention to this whole base anymore. All you could see is those brats!” The man’s voice came from her neck and his lips did not leave her neck, and even when he was speaking, the man’s dry lips rubbed against her neck, making her itchy and trembling.

Feng Ling couldn’t break free from him. Sensing the dissatisfaction in his voice, she put down her hand that was meant to push him away and touched the hand that was right in front of her abdomen, slowly put her hand on it, and the man immediately held her hand, rubbing her knuckles with her thumb and kissing her neck more fiercely.

If he continued to kiss her, there would be hickeys left. The battle uniform she wore on the base was not high-necked, and she couldn’t wear something around her neck every day to cover those traces.

She quickly gently elbowed his chest, and when the man stopped and just hugged her more tightly, she leaned in his arms and whispered, “Be careful. This is the base hall. Although it’s getting dark, there may be people passing by at any time. There are so many people in the base.. You… you’d better behave yourself…”

“Behave myself?” The man hugged her from behind, pressing his lips against her ears and saying hoarsely, “I tried so hard to coax you back to the base, but when you finally came back, you got further away from me. Those newbies surrounded you in the training camp all day long. I can’t even hug or kiss you, not to mention to do more to you. Now I finally caught you and you want me to behave myself?”

The man said and suddenly lowered his head and took a bite on the tender skin of her shoulders. Of course, he didn’t bite hard, but Feng Ling shivered instinctively.

Her body softened but she still looked around and then secretly squeezed the man’s hand. “I heard footsteps…”

“So what? Whoever dares to take a peek, I will gouge his eyes tomorrow.”


She didn’t know Li Nanheng was this kind of person before…

Feng Ling hurriedly said, “No, I am a drillmaster! If the newcomers get to know the relationship between you and me, how can I continue to train them? They are a bit afraid of me, so they are willing to listen to me and receive the training, but if they see us here now… my image will be completely ruined.”

As she said, she quickly turned around in his arms, then cupped the man’s face with her hands, and tiptoed to kiss him on his chin. After the kiss, she was about to leave as soon as possible, but the man looked at her silently and suddenly hugged her as hard as he could.

“There are really footsteps.” Feng Ling listened again.

Li Nanheng just hugged her waist tightly, looked at her careful and serious expression, and then looked at her soft short hair that stuck to her forehead. Feng Ling always kept short hair, but now her hairstyle was much more feminine. Her hair was so fine and soft that breeze easily whipped her hair around her head, making her look exceptionally gentle and peaceful.

With the woman who had admitted to being his girlfriend in his arms, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

Besides, he had restrained his desire for so many days.

With a word, he bowed his head to kiss her lips. Feng Ling heard the footsteps approaching and hurriedly raised her hand to push him away. Li Nanheng raised his eyebrows and looked at her in displeasure and she looked at him imploringly, whispering, “Next time… OK?… This place is too close to the place where the newcomers live…”

Li Nanheng pulled down her hand unhappily to continue the kiss, and when Feng Ling tried to dodge, two familiar voices suddenly rang not far away. “Huh? There seems to be someone over there?”

“Who is it?”

“Yes, why is anyone here at this time…”

It was the voices of two members of her team! Feng Ling immediately stepped on Li Nanheng’s foot.

Caught off guard, Li Nanheng was suddenly stomped on foot by her, instantly turned green, and stared at her angrily. Feng Ling hurriedly broke free from the man’s arms, and before the two members got closer, she grabbed Li Nanheng’s wrist, turned to the other side, and ran forward quickly.

Li Nanheng fought back the impulse to turn around and shoot the two members and let Feng Ling drag him all the way to the door of the base hall.

There were lights and surveillance cameras in front of the door. Feng Ling took a few deep breaths carefully, still holding Li Nanheng’s wrist and looking back. Then she said softly in relief, “Fortunately, it was too dark over there. They didn’t recognize me. These guys like to sneak out for a smoke at night while everyone is sleeping.”

Feng Ling was very strict with these newbies and didn’t allow them to smoke indoors, so they could only sneak out for smoking at night.

Feng Ling looked relieved and cracked a smile, and under the light in front of the base hall, there seemed to be bright stars in her eyes.

Li Nanheng was displeased at being disturbed, but seeing that she seemed to be really enjoying her new life in the base, he couldn’t help but smile. He felt happy seeing her like this.

Feng Ling hadn’t noticed that the man was smiling, but after running away from the two members, she suddenly realized how embarrassing it was now…

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