Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 5 - I've Saved You and Hit You Today, We Don't Owe Each Other Anything

Chapter 5: I’ve Saved You and Hit You Today, We Don’t Owe Each Other Anything

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The men were now just outside the vehicle. They left again shortly after to search elsewhere, distracted away when they saw the vehicle move suspiciously, accompanied by the sensual moaning of a woman. The pair in the car appeared to be engrossed in intimate activities with no sign of stopping.

Once the men had disappeared from sight, he speedily let go of Tang Mo’er.

Tang Mo’er shifted herself off his thighs and tidied up her appearance, straightening her clothes and combing her hair with her slender fingertips. She lifted her arm, intending to give him a slap.

Noticing her intentions, he grabbed on to her wrist and held onto it tightly, giving her a faint smile. “There should be a valid reason before you’re allowed to hit anyone. Did I do anything unnecessary to you just now?”

Tang Mo’er responded haughtily, “I’m hitting you because… you have a hard-on!”

He raised one eyebrow and stared at her with his deep cold eyes, completely unfazed.

Tang Mo’er shifted somewhat uncomfortably and regretted exposing him, he wasn’t embarrassed about it at all. This was dangerous, he wasn’t someone she was capable of dealing with. She shouldn’t have even raised such a topic and stimulated a man who was still hard, especially given their intimate closeness just minutes ago. The consequence of this would probably be him forcing himself on her.

“Let go of me.” She tried to withdraw her little hand, still held tightly in his firm grip.

“You don’t remember me?”

Tang Mo’er was stunned for a moment. She then sneered at him disdainfully, “Mister, your pickup lines are outdated.”

Looking at her clear and beautiful eyes, his lips quirked up at the edges into a small, hidden smile. She was mesmerizing. He remembered her clearly from that day, even if she didn’t.

She was the girl who he had met at the capital three years ago. She had even reminded him repeatedly to remember to find her.

He had recognized her at first glance through the tinted windows as she walked past the car. Although it had been a number of years, she had left an impression so deep that he couldn’t forget her.

“Mister, would you please let go of me? I’ve saved you and I’ve also hit you. I’ll take it that we won’t owe each other anything from now on. I really need to leave, I have an appointment to go to.”

“Appointment?” He loosened his grip on her wrist, then placed his large palm up to hold her tiny face. Her face was small, about the size of his palm and her skin was fair and smooth. His rough thumb brushed her cheek softly, not wanting to let go. “Didn’t you say that you didn’t know how to moan?”

Tang Mo’er broke away from his grip and turned her face away from him while rebuking him languidly, “You’re such an imbecile. When women say that they don’t know how to moan, they actually mean that they don’t want to have sex with you.”

She opened the door of the car, stepped out and left without turning back.

Tang Mo’er stepped into her apartment after opening the door. As she turned around to close it, a polished black leather shoe stepped into the gap, stopping her.

The man in the car actually had the audacity to follow her up to her apartment.

Now that he was standing there, she was able to get a closer look at him. He was extremely tall and stood by the side of the door, just like a statue.

“Why… why are you following me, what do you want from me?” Tang Mo’er asked him cautiously.

Was it because… he was still hard from earlier and wanted her to do something? She was a stunningly beautiful woman, it seemed that apart from Su Zhe, the men who wanted to be with her could line up all the way to the Huangpu river. It was hard to find someone who wasn’t attracted to her, what if he was one of them? Would he do anything to her?

He didn’t know what was running through her head. He unconsciously raised the corner of his lips and said, “I’m here to see who you do want to have sex with.”


She had merely made up an excuse to get away from him, having the biting sting of betrayal still fresh in her mind. She was still feeling in low spirits and was in not in the mood for his mild bantering. Her nostrils flared as she demanded, “Mister, what exactly do you want from me?”

“I’ll be staying here for two days.”


“You’re going to chase me away?”

“Of course…”

“I’m going to have to remind you then. Those men from before are probably still searching for me. If I get caught, I’ll definitely betray you. You’ll have a lot of trouble to deal with.”

Hold it in, hold it in, hold it in. Tang Mo’er was doing all she could to suppress her anger. She took a deep breath and broke out into an deliberate smile, “… It’s okay, my father is the mayor…”

He shrugged his shoulders indifferently, “Seems like you’re ready to burden your mayor father. How unfilial.”

Tang Mo’er was speechless. She couldn’t help it but feel angry and her pearly white teeth bit down hard on her lower lip in frustration. She glowered at him then stomped her feet in indignation. This bastard was so incredibly shameless it was unbelievable.

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