Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 4 - I Don't Know How to Moan

Chapter 4: I Don’t Know How to Moan

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Now that Tang Mo’er had decided, there was no way she was going to let them off that easily. This was only the beginning.

She still had ten percent of the shares in Prevailing Entertainment. Eighteen years ago, Prevailing had faced a huge financial crisis and was at a risk being completely destroyed. It was only because her father Tang Hai had stepped in and invested heavily in the company back then, that allowed Prevailing to survive and be where they were today.

The Tang and Su families were old friends. When the old master of the Su family was still alive, he had prepared the shares in return for the assistance that had been offered to them in their time of need. The shares were his gift for his future granddaughter-in-law.

The shares were hers from the very beginning. If he wanted to take them away from her, he could keep dreaming. There was not a chance she would let him kick her to the curb after she has outlived her usefulness in his eyes.

Tang Mo’er ended the call and felt numb, her heart throbbing with a dull sort of pain. She had been engaged to Su Zhe ever since they were young and had always imagined that she would eventually become his bride.

She would never have expected Su Zhe to stab her in the back with Han Xiaowan.

Since they had come seeking trouble themselves, she would settle her debts with them once and for all!

The car stopped to park in the basement of the Yanshan community building. Tang Mo’er stepped out and started walking towards her apartment.

As she was walked past a prestigious black car, the back door suddenly opened. Before she had a chance to react, a strong and muscular arm appeared and wrapped around her narrow waist, pulling her straight into the car.

“Piang”, the door shut, isolating her from the outside world.

Tang Mo’er fell onto the backseat in a slightly pathetic fashion, but immediately looked up guardedly, “Who are you?”

The man’s arms reached out to encircle her, then pulled her easily onto his lap.

Tang Mo’er stiffened up immediately. She was in an incredibly embarrassing position; with her legs were straddled against him, she could feel him distinctly, his muscles strong and firm and only a thin layer of clothing between their bodies. Tang Mo’er felt as if her skin was burning.

As she struggled to break free, she unintentionally touched around his waist and felt a strange stickiness in her hand.

She could smell a faint copper-like smell of blood that lingered in the enclosed space.

“Moan.” He had finally spoken, his voice magnetic and at the same time, dominating.

Tang Mo’er lifted her eyes and looked up at him. The dim lighting filtering in from the windows was just enough for her to see the man’s face.

Straight brows, sharp nose and dark, sexy lips. He had facial features that made him extraordinarily handsome. His eyes were deep and cold, just like two whirlpools that could draw humans into it.

This man was definitely the best looking man she had ever met.

She felt a strange sense of familiarity as though she had met him before.

They could hear the urgent footsteps right outside the vehicle, someone shouting, “Hurry up and search this place, we can’t let him escape!”

Tang Mo’er realized that she had gotten herself into some trouble. Who was this man, was he a criminal?

“Hurry up and moan,” the man demanded again.

Tang Mo’er realized his intentions. He wanted to hide from the people who were chasing after him and the best way to do it would be if they pretended to be having sex in the vehicle.

“I don’t know how to.” She tried to contain her nervousness and kept her voice as calm as she could manage.

He suddenly put his hands in front of her collar, pulling the material apart roughly, exposing fair, milky skin and the ample curves of her chest. “Ah!” she hugged herself in an attempt to cover up.

“You know how to moan now? Continue.”

Tang Mo’er could hear the ridicule and a hint of amusement in his tone. Her tiny face flushed an uncomfortable red but she ignored it and asked coldly, “Why do I have to help you?”

“You realise that you’re in my vehicle now. If I’m arrested you won’t be safe either.”

Tang Mo’er pinched her beautiful hands tightly. She hated being burdened by this man, but he wasn’t wrong. These people were bound to associate her as his accomplice.

He held her tightly around the waist with his large palm and started undulating his body to imitate certain actions. Tang Mo’er held his shoulders tightly and moaned.

Her voice was incredibly sensual; a soft, lazy sound in his ears.

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