Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 33 - The Spokesperson of the Gu Corporation

Chapter 33: The Spokesperson of the Gu Corporation

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“Tang Mo’er, you’re so cunning. You’ve really changed,” murmured Su Zhe.

Tang Mo’er glanced up at Su Zhe and smiled, a trace of bitterness in her eyes, “Cunning? You flatter me. It was you who taught me to be this way. If I did not scheme like this, I would have been fooled by you. The recording is in my hands. Please do not try any more tricks.”

Tang Mo’er gave them a final glance before she left with Qi Xi.

On the second level, Gu Mohan stood at the railings, watching the scene below with his hand in his pocket. His deep gaze was fixated on Tang Mo’er’s beautiful figure, recalling her vibrant character as she turned the situation around. He smiled lightly.

This small figure really surprised him.

She had actually thought of Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan’s photos in Las Vegas. She did not have the ability to obtain it. However, her plan to weed out the truth was not bad.

She did not disappoint him.

“Yan Dong, withdraw the rest of the things. Help to expose the ID of those involved.”

“Yes, President.”

“One more thing, this year under the Gu’s, DHA Diamonds needs to select their new spokesperson. I’ll announce to the entertainment industry that we’re looking for someone.”


Yan Dong looked stringently in the direction Tang Mo’er had disappeared to. Having been with the president for so many years, this was his first time seeing the shadow of a woman anywhere near the president.

When DHA Diamond selected their annual spokesperson, it was always the time of the year when the female stars of the entertainment industry would become the most active. They would be scheming to get the position and no one had been determined yet.

At this moment, a ringtone rang out from a mobile. It was Gu Mohan’s phone.

“Hey, Beichen”

“Second Brother, it’s been a long time since you’ve come out to drink with us. Qinglun and I will be at CC Bar tonight, will you be coming?”

“I’ll be there.”

In the office.

Tang Mo’er lay sprawled on the sofa, her mind blissfully blank. Qi Xi peeled an orange and gave it to her. “Mo’er, you must be tired today. We made a beautiful comeback.”

“Duh, do you think I’m that easy to defeat?”

She was not one to be looked down upon.

Qi Xi sighed as she scrolled through her phone looking at the recent news, “If only we had the crucial element at this moment. How great would it be if we could expose the IDs of the people who Su Zhe bribed? Actually, you know what? I know a hacker. Let me ask for his help to see if it can be done…ー Aiya, Mo’er! Grab your phone! Something huge has happened!”

Tang Mo’er almost spat out the orange in her mouth. She immediately sat up and turned around, “What happened?”

“The IDs of the people have been exposed!”

“What? Who did it?”

“I can’t check who exposed them. However, the mysterious person who exposed the IDs must be powerful. I can’t imagine Su Zhe would have left many traces. Mo’er, quickly check your Weibo. Han Xiaowan’s online reputation had gone to the pits!”

Tang Mo’er picked up her phone and scrolled through Weibo,

‘ Oh gosh, take a look. Su Zhe’s Prevailing Entertainment bribed a group of people to talk trash about Tang Mo’er. Those netizens who had threatened and criticised Han Xiaowan were the doings of Su Zhe. Yet he had let Mo’er be the scapegoat, he really knew how to play things up!’

‘The public relations of Prevailing Entertainment are very powerful. They used the opportunity to clear Han Xiaowan’s name when she fell down the stairs. What the heck! Not only did she almost get fooled by this scum and vicious woman, they had already started cheating on Tang Mo’er three years ago!’

‘Han Xiaowan is a pretentious bitch. She must have fallen down the stairs by herself then framed Mo’er. Su Zhe then hired people and used it to threaten Mo’er to hold a press conference.’

‘Mo’er is so pitiful.’

Tang Mo’er admired these netizens. They were… sharp-sighted!

“Mo’er, do you have any idea who could have exposed the IDs of those people? In addition to your wit at the press conference, it’s because of them that Han Xiaowan has fallen from the jade’s altar. She will never be rid of her label as the third party that broke a relationship.”

Who was helping her secretly?

Tang Mo’er racked her brains, yet she could not think of who it could be.

“Whoever it is, Qi Xi, I feel like we should celebrate. It’s been a rough few days.”

“For sure.” replied Qi Xi. She had only just nodded her head when she received a phone call.

“Mo’er, more big news!”

“What news?”

“The Gu Shi Group’s DHA Diamond have issued a convene, they’re going to choose this year’s spokesperson.”

Tang Mo’er eyes lit up. The Gu Shi Group helmed the business world. Its industry reach was expansive, spanning from wineries to real estate, cosmetics, entertainment and other fields. DHA was its international diamond brand. They would select their spokesperson in China every year around this time. Every household and individual would fight at all costs for a chance to become the spokesperson for DHA Diamond.

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