Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 32 - Don’t Create Trouble When You Have No Drama for Yourself

Chapter 32: Don’t Create Trouble When You Have No Drama for Yourself

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“This press conference was called from your own intentions. Why didn’t you say someone had threatened you?”

“This Han Xiaowan seduced your fiancé three years ago, yet you’re here to apologise to her and clear her name? How do you feel now?”

“The Su family is one of the top four wealthy and influential families in Karghalik. As the public knows, the Su family’s business development in recent years has only been possible with the help and support from your father, Mayor Tang. Now that the Su’s have gained success, they’ve decided to cast you to the side. Don’t you feel they are overbearing and evil?”

Su Zhe and Han Xiaowan were stunned. They did not expect the press conference to have such a drastic change, it was far from their original plan.

Su Zhe looked at Tang Mo’er sharply. It must have been her!

He immediately took the opportunity to speak, “Security! Come and take this reporter away. She is spreading rumors and slandering us! These photos are obviously photoshopped!”

“I don’t know what happened. Please do not ask me. Sorry, I have to leave now.” Tang Mo’er bowed at a 90 degree angle to the reporters and left without any further comments.

“Dear all, Tang Mo’er is not feeling well. Hence, the press conference has now come to an end. We will not be answering any more questions. Thank you for your understanding.” Qi Xi held back the reporters to allow Mo’er to leave through the back, then left immediately after.

Although they had left, there were still reporters around. These reporters were hounding Su Zhe and Han Xiaowanー

“Mr Su, did you and Han Xiaowan get together three years ago? Do you feel any guilt towards your ex-fiancée, Tang Mo’er?”

“Han Xiaowan, you’re the third party! How do you feel now that the truth has come out? How do you explain these photos?”

Outside the conference hall, Tang Mo’er heard an angry voice bellowing at her.

“Tang Mo’er, you’d better stop right there!”

Tang Mo’er stopped in her tracks and turned back. Su Zhe came through the doors, pushing Han Xiaowan over on the wheelchair. His face was mottled red in fury and he looked like he wanted to tear her apart. On the contrary, Han Xiaowan was pale and her expression was distraught.

“Sister, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.” said Han Xiaowan as she grasped onto Tang Mo’er and burst into tears, “I know you’re angry because I fell in love with Ah Zhe. I’ve done you wrong.”

This was all part of Han Xiaowan’s plan. Tang Mo’er was tired of playing this charade. Coldly, she pushed Han Xiaowan away, “Han Xiaowan, does that mean you admit that you seduced Su Zhe three years ago?”

“Yes, we were together three years ago. However, we were so happy. Ah Zhe was so talented, I fell deeply in love with him. He is my world. I can’t live without him, sister, I’m so sorry. You can scold me or hit me all you want.”

“Ah, so you’re trying to say it was me who pushed you down the stairs yesterday?”

“No, no. I fell down the stairs myself. It was really me.”

“Enough Tang Mo’er!” Su Zhe interrupted. He pulled Han Xiaowan into his arms, “You actually dared to play dirty tricks during the press conference. If that’s the case, I’ll issue a statement to say that you’re the one who pushed Han Xiaowan down the stairsー”

“Shh.” Tang Mo’er hushed him as she placed two fingers on his lips.

Su Zhe was stunned for a moment and forgot to speak. Tang Mo’er took out a camera from her bag and and opened the recording. The recording played out Han Xiaowan confessing that she had been with Su Zhe three years ago and that she had fallen down the stairs by herself.

Realization struck him hard in the face and he reeled back, as if he got slapped.

“Su Zhe, you were right. Those photos at the press conference were photoshopped. I don’t have the capability to obtain photos of the two of you from back then. However, Han Xiaowan has confessed to everything all by herself. This is the true testimony.”

Han Xiaowan was struck dumb. She had fallen for Tang Mo’er’s trap, hook, line and sinker. Tang Mo’er had deliberately waited for her here.

“Han Xiaowan, once bitten twice shy. Yesterday, you may have fooled me, but trust that it won’t ever happen again. I had no choice but to get back at you. I know exactly that you’re planning in your vindictive little mind. Don’t even try to get rid of your reputation as the ‘other woman’. Also, this is my advice to you. Don’t create trouble when you have no drama for yourself. Otherwise, I’ll have to teach you a lesson if you pull me into your mess.”

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