Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Mr Fu, You Are so Timid in Front of Lu Qi’er but so Fierce When It Comes to Me. Do You Really Think I’m That Easy to Bully?

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“Qinglun, where are you now? I want to see you.” Lu Qi’er’s pleasant voice could be heard at the other end of the phone.

Fu Qinglun held his phone and looked at the woman pinned under him. Moving his thin lips, his voice was emotionless. “Mm, I’ll come around later.”

He hung up.

Lin Shiyu quirked her cherry red lips and chuckled indifferently. “Isn’t Lu Qi’er so mesmerizing? To think you can give up your chance at having sex with another woman, at the drop of a hat, just because she says she wants to meet you.”

Fu Qinglun threw his cell phone onto the bed and grabbed the woman’s long, slender slender legs and wrapping them around his waist. “Who said I’m going down to meet her?”

“You’re not going to meet Lu Qier?”

“I’ll meet her after we’ve had sex.”

Lin Shiyu sneered at him is disdain. Her long legs were straddled around his waist in a tight grip. After glaring at the man, her gaze was otherwise indifferent. “Mr Fu, what do you take me for? A tool for you to vent your emotions? A booty call?”

Fu Qinglun felt goosebumps crawl all over his body. His Adam’s apple was bobbing vigorously, he could not ignore the tightness at his waist, “Mrs Fu, isn’t it your duty to allow your husband to vent his emotions on you?”

Lin Shiyu stared at him coldly, narrowed her eyes and used her long legs to twist his waist forcefully.

Fu Qinglun was defenseless and his muscular body had been overturned on the bed. Their eventual position changed such that Lin Shiyu was now on top of Fu Qinglun.

His cold gaze was akin to poisoned ice as he considered her lithe form. “Lin Shiyu, where did you learn your skills from?”

As she was only 21 years old, she would only be this powerful if she learned some kind of martial arts. But when had she done this?

What did she exactly do in Singapore in those three years? It seemed like she was somehow able to fork out 8 million dollars without too much trouble and now also possessed martial arts skills.

Lin Shiyu straddled his waist, just like how she did on their wedding night three years ago. Stretching out her small hands, she tugged at his tie, then said in a lively manner, “Mr Fu, you are so timid when you’re in front of Lu Qi’er but you’re so fierce when it comes to me. Do you really think I’m that easy to bully?”

Fu Qinglun eyes turned bloodshot, his veins visibly throbbing and pulsing in her firm hold.

Everyone in Karghalik knew that Lin Shiyu was born with a naturally pretty face. However, the prouder she was, the bigger of a taboo she was. As long as she was willing, she could win over any man’s heart.

Two fair-skinned, large palms buckled around her waist and Fu Qinglun leaned forward and kissed her red lips.

However, he did not manage to kiss her. Lin Shiyu loosened his neck-tie and stood up on the bed, towering over him. Stretching out her creamy white feet, she placed her foot over his trousers, stepping on him with some force. “Mr Fu, three years ago, I let you off and didn’t play you to your death. It seems like you’re not even grateful at all. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t crush you with my foot.”

Fu Qinglun clenched his fists. His deep voice was sinister as though he was barely able to control himself, “You dare to step on me?”

He even dared to threaten her?

Very well then. Lin Shiyu raised her beautiful eyebrows and stepped hard on him. Even if she could not crush him entirely, she would step on him till he was in a pathetic state.

However, she changed her plan. She smiled pleasantly and said sarcastically, “Fu Qinglun, I almost fell into your trap. Since you let me step on you, then I’ll gladly do so. But it’ll just dirty my feet! It’s no wonder Lu Qi’er looks down on you!”

After she said her piece, she got off the bed in disgust and left the room.

Five minutes later.

Bei Chuan rushed into the room quickly with a paper bag in his hand. The door was ajar. He walked in only to witness such a scene— Fu Qinglun leaning lazily against the bed frame with his long leg bent and the other hand on his knee. There was a cigarette held between his two fingers as he blew out long puffs of smoke.

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