Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 149 - When He Kissed Her, It Felt like the Dawn of One's First Love

Chapter 149: When He Kissed Her, It Felt like the Dawn of One’s First Love

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Fu Qinglun’s muscles tensed up, his handsome face turning pale. The eyes he had one Lin Shiyu were intense as he focused on her cherry red lips.

Lin Shiyu looked at him. Underneath his pupils, she noticed a tinge of awkwardness, anger and shame beneath the surface.

Her heart skipped a beat. “Mr Fu, don’t tell me… your first kiss was on our wedding night?”

In total, she had kissed him three times. The first time was on their wedding night, while the previous time was earlier that night, when they had played the game of Truth or Dare. At that moment, he had pinned her onto the sofa and held her face before kissing her. It was too intimate, a forceful kiss where he had invaded her with his tongue.

She never let him get his way.

Fu Qinglun’s pupils turned darker. He leaned over and kissed her red lips again.

At the same time, he bit her lips, grazing her softness with a wildness that was missing in his usual self. The way the tip of his tongue caressed her lip line was as if he was consuming the world’s most delicious snack. His messy breathing pattern and accelerated heartbeat clearly passed on to her, though she seemed outwardly unaffected.

Lin Shiyu did not close her eyes and just continued to stare at him. It was almost unnerving.

Raising his eyebrows, he leaned in to kiss her again. The fringe on his forehead that was let down, exuded his honorable and charismatic aura. It was unclear why it felt like the dawn of one’s first love whenever he kissed her. She was addictive like the most potent drug, overloading his senses with unbridled need.

At this moment, Fu Qinglun’s fair-skinned palms slid down, roaming over her body in a heated madness.

Pah! Lin Shiyu slapped his hands away, “Mr Fu, don’t touch me.”

Fu Qinglun opened his bloodshot eyes, “Mrs Fu, since you won’t let me kiss or touch you, are you trying to hint to me that you want to skip ahead and go straight into sex?”

“Mr Fu, have you fallen for me?” asked Lin Shiyu all of a sudden.

Fu Qinglun froze. His cold eyes met her gaze as she observed him from head to toe.

“I’m your first woman. If you gave me your first kiss, then it’s possible that you’d fallen in love with me. 90% of men out there will never forget their first woman, especially the one that they slept with. Mr Fu, would you agree?”

Fu Qinglun became angrier. His voice was sarcastic as he replied back, “What the heirs of reputable families learn is not only limited to professional knowledge and skills for the business and society. Once they reach 18, a virgin is arranged to give them special treatment. So, Mrs Fu, you’re not my first love, nor are you the one I gave my first kiss to. Where did you get this sense of superiority from, hmm?”

Lin Shiyu raised her beautiful eyebrow. It was true, she had momentarily forgotten the unwritten rule. This allowed the heirs of reputable families to have a taste of the opposite gender in their early days, lest they get led on by the other sex in the future.

Does that mean he wasn’t a virgin during our wedding night?

“My sense of superiority was given by you, Mr Fu. You really belong to a different species of man. You’ve been receiving special treatment for so many years, yet you still get so excited each time you get to touch another woman?”


She brought up the incident of him lasting seconds again. It seemed it was something he would never live down.

“Mrs Fu, do you know the consequences of triggering men like me? I’ll let you see how long I can last tonight.”

Pinning her down, his body ground itself onto her as Fu Qinglun pinned her down with his muscular thighs. His hands were steady and focused as he unbuckled his belt.

At this moment, a melodious ringtone sounded on Fu Qinglun’s phone.

Lin Shiyu’s innocent face became instantly impassive. When he unbuckled his belt, he had carelessly thrown his phone on the bed. She turned around and saw the three words flashing on his screenーLu Qi’er.

“Oh? Not answering Lu Qi’er’s phone call?”

Fu Qinglun’s facial expression did not change. He lifted up Lin Shiyu’s dress with one hand while he answered the call using his other. The voice answering the phone was deep and hoarse, carrying no emotion, “Qi’er, what is it?”

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