Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 129 - She Was Crying so Hard She Made No Sound

Chapter 129: She Was Crying so Hard She Made No Sound

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Second Brother and Qinglun had given themselves up to other women. He was the only one left!

Giving one last exasperated sigh, Huo Beichen quickened his step and went off to have some fun.

Lin Ruoxi looked at Lin Shiyu’s disappearing silhouette. The hatred that burned in her was reflected by the disgust in her face. Was Lin Shiyu really pregnant? Was it Fu Qinglun’s or did it belong to another man?

“Sister Qi’er, what happened? Didn’t you go to the bar with Brother Mohan yesterday? Why did Brother Mohan leave with Tang Mo’er?”

Lu Qier’s face was very pale. Gu Mohan did not actually take her to the bar yesterday. He had left the moment she began speaking and did not return.

“In addition, why did CEO Wan say that the Star of the Ocean was given to Tang Mo’er by DHA Official? The three of us didn’t have anything, isn’t that obvious favoritism? How can we even show our faces in the industry anymore?”

“Ruoxi, those words were not said by CEO Wan. It was Brother Mohan who ordered him to say it.”

“What?” Lin Ruoxi was shocked.

Lu Qi’er was standing behind Gu Mohan when Tang Mo’er was attacked by everyone at the scene. She had overheard the words Gu Mohan had discreetly instructed into Wan An’s ear.

The moment Tang Mo’er was met with any danger, he would stretch out his wings and protect her at all costs.

Thinking about Tang Mo’er’s wilful and stubborn attitude towards Gu Mohan when she threw a tantrum at him, it was clearly the result of a woman who had been spoilt by a man. Lu Qier’s heart was in so much pain she felt as if she had been stabbed by a million needles. Where did this put her?

In a luxurious room.

Gu Mohan kicked open the door with his legs and threw Tang Mo’er onto the plush bed. Her body tumbled into the sheets and he pressed his tall and masculine body against hers, his two hands sliding down her womanly curves.

Tang Mo’er was burning in anger and kicked and scratched at him roughly, paying no heed to her strength as she struggled underneath. She’d settle things with him once and for all. Clenching her fists, she finally found an opening and used her foot to kick his toned leg. Her voice was hoarse as she shouted, “You bastard! I detest you. I don’t want to see you!”

Gu Mohan did not avoid her brutal attacks and continued to be beaten and kicked by her. His black trousers had more than a few marks. His face darkened and he finally responded, “Tang Mo’er, you dare to keep hitting me?”

Why wouldn’t I dare?

Tang Mo’er clenched her fists and punched him harder.

However, her small fists only landed in his palms. It was like punching cotton with no effect. Pinning her down on the soft bed, his eyebrows furrowed as his lips covered hers.


Tang Mo’er’s bright eyes widened. Never did she expect that he would suddenly kiss her. His handsome face was magnified in her line of vision and all she could see were two rows of dense and curled eyelashes which caressed her cheeks like delicate brushes. They were even prettier than those of a woman.

This kind of situation really showed her a man’s true colors and just how evil someone could be.

She struggled hard to remove his lips from hers, she didn’t want him to kiss her. “Ah! Gu Mohan, get off me!” Seeing her lips open up, he took the opportunity to slide his tongue into her mouth. The moment he passed her sensual lips, he groaned as he conquered her inside, his tongue wild and ruthless as he tasted her sweetness inside.

She had provoked him last night. He had spent so much effort trying to raise this little wild cat. Not only was she not obedient, she had even bitten him in return. She made him agitated and he was furious.

Even at the bar, he had called Huo Beichen out to drink. However, her small, delicate face kept flashing in his mind like an endless tease. All he wanted to do was hold onto her and kiss her till she knew no more.

At this moment, the tip of his tongue stung in pain and a metallic tang flowed into his mouth. The little wildcat had bitten his tongue so hard that it bled. Gu Mohan did not stop, but instead, he became even more impassioned.

At this moment, he suddenly tasted a hint of bitterness.

His body stiffened and he opened his eyes instinctively, only to find that her delicate face filled with silent tears. She was crying so hard she made no sound.

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