Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 128

Chapter 128: CEO, Young Madam Transferred Eight Million and One Hundred Dollars. The 100 Dollars Is Your Tip

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The incident was resolved just like that. The policemen in uniform left in their police cars, leaving the scene of chaos behind. Han Xiaowan ground her teeth and twisted her hands together in anger. Tang Mo’er had got away again! How was she always so lucky?!

“Ah?” someone called out. “Look at this, there’s a pregnancy testing kit in the plastic bag.”

The scene turned chaotic once again. “Oh god, don’t tell me Beauty Tang is pregnant. Did you hear before, she said if she was unable to seduce President Gu, she would kill his son. Don’t tell me she’s pregnant with… the son of the Young Master?”

Lin Shiyu glanced at the pregnancy testing kit. She reeled back in disgust and made an obvious retching sound. At that moment, all the attention suddenly transferred to Lin Shiyu. “Mrs Fu, are you pregnant? Is this pregnancy testing kit yours?”

Lin Shiyu did not say anything. Ignoring the crowd, she walked to the front and picked up the pregnancy testing kit calmly, before she left the place in an elegant manner.

“Don’t tell me Mrs Fu is really pregnant? Hasn’t it only been a few days since she returned? Young Master Fu has not flown over to Singapore during all these years. Don’t tell me… Young Master Fu has been cuckolded?”

Hearing all the gossip, Huo Beichen whipped out his phone to call Fu Qinglun.

“Hello, Brother Qinglun. Where are you now?”

Fu Qinglun was having a meeting with the higher executives in Los Angeles.The chief financial officer was making a quarterly report. His clean fingers pressed his phone against his ears while he skimmed the report in his other hand.

“Hmm?” he murmured, half listening to the voice on the other end.

“Brother Qinglun, let me tell you something. Are you sitting down? Stay calm. Mrs Fu is pregnant, you’re gonna be a father!”

Fu Qinglun suddenly stopped flipping through the document and his hand gripped the phone tightly. His voice was cold as he demanded, “What did you say?”

Hearing the man’s burst of outrage, the chief financial officer was so shocked that he stopped his report. Those at the meeting table glanced at the man discreetly, only to see his entire countenance shift into one that was both cold and dangerous. He was almost exploding in rage.

The executives did not even dare to let out a breath, in fear they would trigger their big boss.

“Brother Qinglun, you did not hear wrong. I predict that in less than half an hour, the news of you being a cuckold will have spread throughout the streets of Karghalik. Looks like your head will grow grass from all the greenery[1.In Chinese, the phrase “wearing a green hat” refers to a man who has been cuckolded].”

The moment his voice fell, Fu Qinglun ended the call. His face was expressionless.

The entire meeting room was so quiet that the air was stifling, almost suffocating. No one dared to move, or even dared to speak. Even the slightest sound of a needle dropping on the ground would have been heard in the tense atmosphere. The cold aura of Fu Qinglun permeated the room.

After a long period of silence, the financial director mustered up his courage to ask, “C-CEO, do you want me to continue…”

“Get lost!” Fu Qinglun hollered, slamming his fist on the table.

The higher-ups immediately got up from their seats and fled from the meeting room. With that, the quarterly meeting of the executives finished up.

“Bei Chuan, help me check the domestic news.” said Fu Qinglun in a deep voice towards his secretary, Bei Chuan.

“Yes, CEO.”

Bei Chuan took out his tablet and scanned through the recent news. His facial expression changed and he hesitated before he looked towards his boss. “CEO, the internet is saying that Young Madam… is pregnant, they say you…”

Fu Qinglun looked at the tablet. There was a photoshopped photo of him, an evil netizen had changed his hair colour to a vivid green.

The heir of the Fu family had received the most elite education since young. His life and education had been planned to an exact science, Fu Qinglun garnered the envy and respect of many. Yet, he had now encountered the biggest cause of shame in his life.

Stretching out a hand, Fu Qinglun took the notebook and slammed it on the wall. His tall body got up. With a furious kick, his leg attacked the chair nearby and it fell uselessly to the side. As he stormed to the window, one hand loosened his tie, it felt suddenly tight and restrictive. His chest heaved up and down, images of that pretty and delicate face flashed past his mind. She was pregnant?

Ever since their wedding night three years ago, he had not touched her. How on earth did she get pregnant? It looked like she had slept with another man in those three years in Singapore.

Thinking of how he had visited her mother regularly for the past three years, he felt like a kept husband, pining away for his wife while she played around outside. F**k!

He had not settled things with her yet!

“Go and find out who it is. I need to know which scum is screwing around with my woman!”

Bei Chuan had been with Fu Qinglun for many years. This was his first time seeing the man lose control like this. Being the heir of such a reputable family, he knew how to control his emotions. However after meeting Lin Shiyu, he had completely changed.

“Yes, CEO.”

“She still has also not returned the 8 million. If she does not return it by today, throw her mother out of the hospital. Blacklist her and spread the word that all the hospitals in Karghalik cannot take in her mother. If she comes and begs me, I’ll be in the villa—”

“CEO,” Beichen interrupted him, “Young Madam has already returned the eight million.”

Fu Qinglun’s tall body stiffened as he turned around, his dark eyes incredulous. “What did you say?”

It wasn’t possible that Lin Shiyu had the ability to return the eight million. All along, he had sent people to investigate her comings and goings. If she did not borrow money from her best friend, where did she get the money from?

Did the man outside give it to her?

“CEO, Young Madam transferred the money over this morning. Moreover, she transferred eight million and one hundred dollars.

One hundred dollars extra.

“What did you say?”

“Young Madam said that since the both of you have divorced and you want to settle things with her, then it would be best to settle the incident that happened that night. The extra hundred dollars is… is your tip…”

Fu Qinglun’s handsome face spasmed. What the hell was she saying?

A hundred bucks as a tip. Did she think he was a male prostitute?

He chuckled grimly, his thin lips exuding a angry arch and said, “Tell her that a hundred dollars as a tip is too little.”

She had almost killed him from exhaustion that night. How could she have the conscience to give him a mere one hundred dollars?

Bei Chuan looked like he was about to cry. He stuttered, “C-CEO, Young Madam already expected that you would feel it was too little. She left a message to you saying… your skills are really bad.You’re at most worth this hundred dollars. Nothing more.”


The handsome face of Fu Qinglun turned pale. That darned woman.

“Prepare a plane for me, I need to return immediately. Find out where she got the eight million from. I need to know which scum of a man gave it to her!”

Hearing the engaged sound from the other end of the line, Huo Beichen felt a twinge of irritation and shoved his cell phone back into his trouser pocket. He could only imagine the fury on Brother Qinglun’s face.

He suddenly felt bored and restless. Ever since Lin Shiyu had returned, Brother Qinglun would not drink with him anymore. He was so happy when Second Brother finally asked him out to drink yesterday. However, by the time he reached the bar, Second Brother only drank by himself. It was no fun at all. When he had suggested calling a few girls in, Second Brother had only rolled his eyes.

He really did not understand Second Brother. Lu Qier was so devoted towards him, yet he showed no interest in her at all. Instead, he fancied Tang Mo’er, that little wild cat, who only knew how to throw tantrums at him. What was so good about her?

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