Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 115 - Truth or Dare

Chapter 115: Truth or Dare

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Everyone sucked in a cold breath after hearing her unexpected words. Mrs Fu wanted her husband to kiss another woman?!

“Mr Fu, Mrs Fu sure is magnanimous. Mr Fu is lucky to have such a considerate wife.”

Lin Shiyu raised her beautiful brows as she responded to the compliments with an unreadable smile. Her lips lifted and she spoke in a mesmerizing tone, capturing the attention of those in the room, “Yes, China’s best wife is me and I am China’s best wife.”

Fu Qinglun stared at her, he had the best education an heir could ever receive and was too calm for his own good. Nothing could influence him and over the years, he had forgotten his own emotions and desires in life. The entire Karghalik would see his modest and refined manner, but at the same time, many privately addressed him as a cold-blooded creature. A robot with no emotions.

He led an average, peaceful life over the past few years. He had everything under control in his life, but ever since he had met Lin Shiyu, his emotions were greatly influenced by her. He found himself swayed in her mere presence.

Right now, he just wanted to strangle her to death!

Fu Qinglun’s scarlet lips formed a dark, oppressive arch.

Lin Ruoxi felt her heart leap in her throat. She looked at Fu Qinglun with expectation, not able to hide the hope that rose from inside. “Brother-in-law…”

Lin Shiyu instantly felt the goosebumps crawl over her body after hearing Lin Ruoxi call Fu Qinglun ‘Brother-in-law’ in such an ambiguous and revoltingly hopeful manner She looked at Lu Qi’er and Lin Shiyu at the same time. Now that Mo’er was gone, she had a few ideas on how to deal with these two women.

No one would understand the weaknesses of Lu Qi’er and Lin Ruoxi’s more than she did.

Fu Qinglun stood up and walked towards Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi’s heart was almost going to burst out of her throat and she gasped, “Brother-in-law…”

Fu Qinglun didn’t stop beside her, but walked towards Lu Qi’er instead.

Lu Qi’er looked at Fu Qinglun with her clear pupils while he was walking towards her. He was the most distinguished man in Karghalik and treated her well. If it wasn’t for Gu Mohan, she would have married him.

“Qinglun, you…”

Fu Qinglun did not look at Lu Qi’er. Instead, he walked towards Lin Shiyu and brushed a hand through her silky black hair with his large palm. He bent down and kissed Lin Shiyu’s red lips.

Lin Shiyu’s long eyelashes suddenly fluttered, she didn’t expect him to go against the game rules and kiss her instead.

She pushed him away forcefully and let out an elegant laugh, “Mr Fu, you’ve kissed the wrong woman.”

Fu Qinglun held onto the back of her head and placed his other palm on the table. He pulled her into his arms and embraced her delicate body. His body was strong and masculine and she found she couldn’t move. He asked, “Mrs Fu, aren’t you satisfied with my answer? I don’t want to give anyone a French kiss other than you.”


Lin Shiyu’s beautiful eyes glowered at him with an icy gaze.

Fu Qinglun observed her tiny face. She was even more beautiful than she was three years ago. From her body, a soft scent of orchid emanated, drawing him closer to her. Her scent was just like… an aphrodisiac, he was addicted after a single sniff.

A trace of something cold and smooth lingered on his thin lips, it was her kiss from earlier. It felt even better than the kiss they had shared on their wedding night three years ago. He could taste her lips on his and a glint of desire appeared in his dark eyes.

Lin Shiyu instantly frowned, why did he have to kiss her in such a disgusting fashion?

Fu Qinglun was still immersed in his own desires and stepped backwards unconsciously.

“Young Master Fu, Mrs Fu, you two are really here to torture the dogs. Our mouths are full of dog treats now.”

Fu Qinglun glanced at Lin Shiyu with heated eyes before returning to his own seat.

“Okay, the dare portion of the game is over now. Let’s start with the truth portion now and draw the cards. Similar to before, the person with the highest number of points can ask the one who has the least number of points any question. Let’s start!”

The atmosphere heated up again.

Lin Shiyu realized somewhat despondently that after she had been kissed by that disgusting man, even her luck with the cards had gotten worse. She ended up with the least number of points for three rounds consecutively.

The person with the highest number of points turned to her. “Mrs Fu, how long did Young Master Fu last during your first time?”

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