Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 114 - Mr Fu, Choose Between Lu Qi’er and Lin Ruoxi

Chapter 114: Mr Fu, Choose Between Lu Qi’er and Lin Ruoxi

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Everyone could not help but give Lu Qi’er and Lin Ruoxi a discreet glance, Gu Mohan was embarrassing them by putting up such an act, showing a blatant disregard towards them.

“Come on, come on, let’s continue playing.”

Everyone started to engage in the session once again. Lin Ruoxi clenched her teeth and fists and she whispered softly to Lu Qi’er, “Sister Qi’er, Brother Mohan is giving us a hard time. It seems like that vixen Tang Mo’er has seduced him. How dare she, you are his fiancée!”

Lu Qi’er’s tiny face was very pale, she had accepted the judgmental look that everyone cast towards her the moment Gu Mohan left the room. She was the number one socialite in the Capital and had never been humiliated so badly!

Gu Mohan had not kissed her just now.

To others, it seemed like he had kissed her cheek, but only she knew the truth. He had deliberately placed his hand under her hair and he was in fact, kissing his own hand. It was a flawless act staged to perfection and no one saw through the act. Only she knew.

He wasn’t willing to have any physical contact with her, but was willing to flirt with Tang Mo’er in public.

Over the years, the women hanging around Gu Mohan were uncountable. As long as he was willing, women would strip themselves naked and give themselves to him without a second thought. When did he ever have to put up such an act of bullying a woman during a game?

He was trying to chase after a woman.

Gu Mohan was trying to chase after Tang Mo’er.

The game continued and this time, Lin Shiyu had the highest number of points. On the contrary, Fu Qinglun had the lowest number of points.

“Mrs Fu, Young Master Fu has landed in your hands this time. You can deal with him in whatever way you want.”

Lin Ruoxi got anxious and her fingers clenched into balled fists. Her watery eyes looked towards Fu Qinglun, this man originally belonged to her!

Lu Qi’er spent the first ten years of her life at the Lin family’s house. Lu Qi’er, Lin Ruoxi and Fu Qinglun were longtime childhood friends. Lin Ruoxi loved Fu Qinglun deeply, but Fu Qinglun liked Lu Qi’er instead. She had lost all hope then and thought that she would never stand a chance.

But Lu Qi’er was brought back to the Lu family when she was 10 years old. She ended up falling in love with Gu Mohan and abandoned Fu Qinglun. Lin Ruoxi thought that her chance was finally here.

Fu Qinglun was the young master of the Fu family and the most appropriate heir. It was expected that his future wife would be from a respectable family that was on par with the Fu family. It was only fitting that the Fu family turned their attention to the Lin family. As the Lin family’s treasured daughter, she expected the marriage between her and Fu Qinglun to happen accordingly. It was only natural for her to become Mrs Fu.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Fu Qinglun chose Lin Shiyu instead!

Lin Shiyu had been chased out of the Lin family long ago, she was a powerless woman with no backing and even less support. She only had herself and also had to look after her sick mother. Before the marriage, she hadn’t even met Fu Qinglun, yet he had chosen her to be the future Mrs Fu.

Everyone’s jaw had dropped to the ground. They were shocked by the news of Fu Qinglun wanting to marry Lin Shiyu. No one knew the reason behind his choice and her parents tried to discuss in private with the Fu family for Fu Qinglun to marry Lin Ruoxi instead. However, Fu Qinglun was adamant on marrying Lin Shiyu and only responded with one line, ‘If it isn’t Lin Shiyu, I’m not going to marry anyone else.’

Lin Shiyu didn’t want to marry Fu Qinglun, she resisted against the Lin family and finally agreed only when they threatened her with her mother’s medical expenses. Lin Shiyu was forcefully brought to the Fu family villa and taken to be his bride. Despite all of this, Lin Ruoxi did not give up, she knew that Lin Shiyu would divorce Fu Qinglun eventually. However, the day after their marriage, red-hot news from their wedding night hit the top of the headlines.

The rumors were explicit. It was said that on their wedding night, Fu Qinglun and Lin Shiyu had sex from the evening all the way until dawn. Fu Qinglun had almost died.

How could she not hate Lin Shiyu? She hated Lin Shiyu to the core, she had never understood why Fu Qinglun had chosen Lin Shiyu. The entire Karghalik also could not understand his choice.

Lin Shiyu looked at Fu Qinglun who was sitting opposite her, and was calm amongst all the ruckus. She spoke in an indifferent tone, “Mr Fu, between Lu Qi’er and Lin Ruoxi, pick one and give them a French kiss.”

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