You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 37.2 - Subordinate used his brain 2/2

Chapter 37 – Subordinate used his brain 2/2

Looking at the clock that was on the wall, it has been half an hour and the two women have still not yet return. Ye Hua took out a cigarette as he squinted his eyes and looked at the direction towards the door.

8 am…9 am…10 am…11 am…12 am…

Cigarette butts were filled on the floor that was below the bar counter, and on the bar counter, there were countless empty wine bottles. Right now, Ye Hua’s face was gloomy and seemingly on the verge of erupting.

This woman is truly too arrogant! Does she not know that I am still waiting for breakfast? It is already time to eat lunch now!

Outside of the bar, Qing Ya and Qing Yutong got off the car, and carried a bunch of small and big bags. After eating breakfast, both of them passed by a shopping mall, and by accident, they over-shopped. Right now, the porridge was already cold, and the few crispy youtiaos also became soft.

“Big sister, just by standing outside, I am able to feel brother-in-law’s grievance floating out from the bar.” Qing Yutong who was wearing a peaked cap and sunglasses said in a low voice. To speak the truth, she was a bit afraid right now.

Qing Ya snorted, feeling unsure. That fool isn’t really actually still waiting for the breakfast, right? However, with my understanding of him, he is definitely still waiting for the breakfast, and furthermore, the moment I walk in, I will be able to see him flying into a rage.

Forget about it, forget about it, it is counted as my fault this time, at the most, later on when he is scolding, I will not retort, count it as letting him win this round.

Qing Yutong pulled onto her big sister, “I think we better run and let brother-in-law cool down first.”

“That is not called cool down, that is called adding oil on fire.” Right now, Qing Ya was able to more or less grasp Ye Hua’s temper, the more you rebel against him, the angrier Ye Hua would become, but as long as you follow against his thoughts, everything would be fine.

“What do we do then?”

“You still have the cheek to speak? If not for you wanting to go buy some undergarments, leading to us shopping through the entire shopping mall, this matter wouldn’t exist!” Qing Ya felt that her little sister did it on purpose.

Qing Yutong said in grievance, “Big sister, the steering wheel was in your hands, and I was also not able to control it. Furthermore, didn’t you also buy a bunch of things?”


“Alright, alright, I will help plead for forgiveness to brother-in-law later on and strive for him to deal with you more leniently.”

“Alright, you this Qing Yutong, selling me away just like this!”


Even when sitting inside the bar, Ye Hua was able to hear their voice, and his anger became bigger and bigger. When he saw them walked into the bar while carrying a bunch of small and big bags, he almost went berserk. They actually went shopping and completely forgot about me!

When the two sisters walked into the bar, they were still quarreling with one another, but when they saw the gloomy Ye Hua who was sitting at the bar counter, their heart sunk and didn’t dare to even gasp. Adding on with the bar’s dusky atmosphere, it was almost enough to scare them to death.

“Where did you two went!” Ye Hua asked coldly. One of them is my wife, and the other is my sister-in-law, there is no way I can really kill them, the humanity in my heart is rejecting it. But because it was like that, it made Ye Hua felt even angrier. How many years has it been! Other then the two of them, no one would dare to make me wait for so long!

Qing Ya and Qing Yutong took a look at each other and thought to themselves, we sister must definitely work as one, only then would we be able to get through this crisis.

“Brother-in-law, the matter is like this! In order to let brother-in-law be able to eat the best youtiao and porridge, big sister specially drove all the way to Chengdong.” Qing Yutong did not mess around anymore, she felt that her brother-in-law was really angry.

Ye Hua’s cold gaze shifted to Qing Ya, and the latter was startled and lowered her head and groaned. In actuality, going to whatever Chengdong was basically nonsense, but, what to do, she was in the wrong and wasn’t in the position to retort.

Seeing Qing Ya admit it, Ye Hua’s heart felt a little bit better, however, when he saw those big and small bags, he immediately felt angry again, “Even if you went to Chengdong, it only takes 40 minutes to come back and forth. The both of you went out at 7.30 am, look at what time it is now, it is already 12.30 pm! Don’t say that there was a traffic jam, Long’an City is not like a first-tier city!”

“Brother-in-law, we…”

Qing Yutong didn’t even finish speaking and Ye Hua cut her off, “Let your big sister speak!”

“Oh~” Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, big sister, all the best to you.

Qing Ya wished she could bite this fellow to death. What’s the matter, it’s not like I went to find a gigolo, what are you being that angry for.

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